Shiny Living Dex (151-160)

Hey! It’s time for another one of these again. The amount of repeats is starting to really stack up. That’s a future problem I will have to deal with, but let’s get to the shiny Pokémon.

Number 151

Every day I try and remember to hunt in the mountains to see if I get lucky with the Spiritomb spawns. Sometimes when traveling between spawn points I find a shiny Pokémon. Usually, it ends up being a repeat. However, this time I got lucky and found a purple cub. Say hello to shiny Cubchoo.

Number 152

That weird thing happened again later the same day. You know, that thing where the outbreaks all reset for no reason. Well, I checked to see if there was a new one available. It turns out there was one. There was a Glimmet outbreak. This outbreak isn’t that rare, but in the past, I avoided it because I didn’t enjoy doing outbreak hunts in caves. I decided to go for this one though. The reason? When the game resets all the outbreaks it was 11:35 p.m. That means I would only be hunting for twenty-five minutes before they all reset. I decided to take it as a challenge to see if I could manage to find the blue one in twenty-five minutes. It took me six.

Number 153

So, that last hunt was pretty quick. However, the luck wasn’t over just yet. After I caught the blue Glimmet, I decided to exit the cave. I didn’t want to continue staying there and headed out to the closest exit. When I left the cave, right in front of me, was a shiny Rockruff. I can’t be mad about back-to-back blue shiny Pokémon. Especially when he is such a good boy.

Number 154

The next day had some more outbreaks for me. Two of them had Pokémon I need to evolve to add to the collection, and one was just a new Pokémon. So naturally, I went for all three. The one I found first was also the one I visited last. It was a Drakloak outbreak and I needed another to evolve it to its final form Dragapult. It didn’t take very long to find and evolve it. This might honestly be one of the best yellow shinies I have in this game.

Number 155

After that, I went back to one of the other outbreaks to find more shiny Pokémon. The two remaining outbreaks were both in the desert, so I traveled between each one until I got lucky. Turns out Donphan was the one to pay out this time. So, I got myself a shiny bronze elephant. Funnily enough, I would get another shiny Phanpy later that day as if to congratulate me on getting its final form.

Number 156

It was a new day and so I decided to try out the Flareon hunt in a different location this time in hopes of having better luck. I decided to do it on the cliffs near Alfornada and it didn’t work. Like at all. Well, I guess we did at least get something new in form of a red Meditite the Sociable. A marked shiny Pokémon is nice, but now I am at double-digit phases for the Flareon hunt. Yikes.

Number 157

You might have been wondering something when reading that last entry. Whatever happened to that other outbreak he said he was doing? Great question. I did end up finding the shiny actually. It was another shiny Rellor by the way. The thing is, I forgot to evolve it until after I got the Meditite. Whoops. Well, at least I remembered eventually right? Anyways, I have a golden sage beetle. Let’s move on.

Number 158

Now that the unfinished business was taken care of, it was time to resume hunting. Not for Flareon though. I’ll try again later. Instead, I wanted to hunt for a fairy type near Alfornada. Last time I ended up getting a Gothorita using a fairy boost sandwich after getting Florges. The thing is, Florges is not a fairy type. So I went hunting and soon enough I found a brown bread dog. Try saying that five times fast. Oh, you did? Well, here’s a shiny Fidough everybody!

Number 159

After this, I decided to go for one of the best shiny Pokémon. Shiny Hawlucha is black and purple and just looks awesome. I went to the area I was hunting for Flareon and started a picnic. I figured that a fighting-type sandwich might work, but secretly I would have been fine with a Pawmo. The Hawlucha came in less than ten minutes though. Honestly, wasn’t expect that to be so quick. Then again, it seems that my luck is pretty good in that area, as long as it isn’t a Flareon.

Number 160

Now, I still had some time left on that sandwich. It was roughly twenty minutes. A starter man would have probably continued the hunt for Riolu or Heracross. You know, some of the more popular and impressive shinies. Is that what I did? No. For some reason, Crabominable was the first thing to pop into my head. I don’t know why the red-fisted yeti crab was my go-to, but clearly, it worked out. I did find it in about fifteen minutes. I even found another shiny Sneasel. Seriously though, why did I target this one? Whatever.

That’s the end of this installment. See you again whenever I manage to scrounge up more of these guys. Hopefully, it won’t take too long.

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