About the Blog

For those who would like to have a more general idea for what this blog is about, each post will mainly delve into one of three topics that you can find below.

Now I can’t promise that I will have a regular schedule for my posts, but reading the introduction post probably has you feeling as though you have no clue what this blog is about. In awareness of that, at the bottom are some general blurbs that should give a general idea on the types of things I look forward to discussing. I am going to say that even though I can’t promise that my posts will be at a consistent time, I will at least attempt to have the main posts out on Fridays. Again, no promises. Definitely expect something at least once a week though unless I say otherwise.

What To Expect

Thoughts on Anything Gaming that Comes to Mind

A bit of discussion/rambling on certain game mechanics or gaming themes I’ve witnessed in videogames.

Updates on my Previous Ramblings

A segment that has me updating some of my previous posts briefly to shed some more light on a subject I want to discuss.


Every now and then I will do something random that might not quite fit in with the normal scope of topics.

Let’s enjoy gaming together.

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