Becoming the Ultimate Bullet Hell in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a game that came out last year that my friend got me into solely based off of the premise he gave me. He called it ” a game where you are the bullet hell, ” which really stuck with me. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a bullet hell is a type of game in which projectiles fly at you in massive quantities from various directions, so the goal is to defeat enemies while avoiding damage in the most efficient way possible. I have played a few games in this category before, but I have never had the experience of being the bullet hell before, save from a couple of very broken runs in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. What sets this game apart though is that your character doesn’t attack at the click of a button. Instead, your character’s attacks are determined by the weapons that you equip them with during each stage. Killing monsters gets you experience points that you use to strengthen your weapons so you can keep up with the hordes of monsters trying to maim you like your last name is Belmont. I don’t think it is, but coincidences do happen. Your goal is to last as long as you can before the unstoppable horde overwhelms you.

Need to get them before they get me.

The first thing to pay attention to is obviously the weapons, as they are your main way of attacking enemies. There are a bunch of different weapons, but they can be broken down into different categories. The first type of weapons fire at the closest enemy to you. The second type fires in fixed directions. The third type acts in a radius around you. The fourth type fires at random enemies. The last type, at least as far as I’m aware, requires you to move for it to activate. Now the last type is a little difficult to use, so it might be better to focus on the first four. There are six weapon slots available, so personally, I recommend that you use a mix of the first four weapon types. What I tend to use is one of the first and third types, and two of the second and fourth types. I tend to find it gives pretty decent coverage. However, there are two important things to take note of when picking weapons other than types. You also need to consider accessories and synergies.

One of the options shows it has a synergy with one of my existing weapons.

Now in addition to gathering weapons, you can also gather accessories to help boost your specs in battle. They are mainly used to help you damage energy more efficiently or help you tank more hits. Just like with weapons, you can level them up to increase their usefulness. It is important to pick a balance between accessories that goes best with your playstyle and go well with your existing weapons. You see, there is a special feature where items will synergize with specific accessories to become more powerful versions of themselves. Some of them are listed at the beginning, but there are some you will have to find out on your own. To obtain a synergy weapon you need to fulfill three requirements. The first requirement is having the matching weapon and accessory pair. If you have all of the materials for a synergy then you will be able to use it automatically once the other requirements are met. The second requirement is that the weapon has to be at max level, which is usually level eight. The accessory does not have to be leveled up at all, it just has to be present. The final requirement is that you need to pick up an upgrade chest. Some enemies drop chests which can net you some money and increase the levels of your weapons and accessories. However, they can also allow you to upgrade your weapons if both of the previous conditions are met. Do note that some upgrades may act differently from their original forms.

I could talk more about this game, but I won’t because I’d rather be playing it right now instead. I’m not finished unlocking everything at the moment, partially because I don’t feel like looking anything up, but I am still having fun with it because it is so much fun to go from being a weakling to being an absolute menace on the battlefield. So, I’ll sign off for now and get back to it. I hope you consider checking it out though. It’s a pretty cool game for those who want a mixture of real-time strategy (RTS) with bullet hells. It’s not a combination most people would think about, so why not see if you find it fun and fight some monsters. I will say before I go that my preferred setup at the moment is the magic wand, the bible, the holy water, the lightning ring, the dual pistols, and the knife. Who knows if that will change later? For now, though, I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

I almost feel bad. Almost.

Can You Spot the Shiny?

So, I’m currently taking a break from Tunic as there are a few puzzles I just can’t figure out. I could probably find the answers if I wanted to, but that means that the puzzles have beaten me and I refuse to accept defeat. So, most of my week has been spent playing some more Pokémon Violet. Specifically, I have been spending a lot of time shiny hunting after I got the Shiny Charm. For those who aren’t aware, shiny Pokémon are rare Pokémon that have an alternate color scheme than normal. Shiny hunting is simply spending time trying to find them, usually with a target in mind. This game is probably one of the easiest games to shiny hunt in because there are no fixed encounters and shiny Pokémon are visible in the overworld. So you can walk around and continuously despawn and respawn Pokémon until one appears shiny. There are more efficient ways to do this such as by having sandwiches or using outbreaks, but shiny hunting is pretty easy in this game regardless. However, that isn’t true of all Pokémon and today I would like to talk about this. While looking for shiny Pokémon can be relaxing, it can also be anxiety-inducing depending on which one you are going for. So, today I want us to play a little game called can you spot the shiny? The rules are simple. I am going to show you a picture and then you will guess which one is considered shiny. Then you can scroll down for the answer. Feel free to look up what they look like if it helps. Hopefully, it does. Are you ready? Here we go.

One of the Pokémon here is shiny. Can you guess which one?

This one is going to start out easy. This is during an outbreak for a Pokémon known as Arrokuda as you can see from the photo above. It was introduced in Generation VIII and can also be found in the water in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet. However, which one is the shiny? Take your guesses now.

Answer in 3



Okay, the answer is the one that I am battling with her name over her head is shiny. A little tricky, but I intentionally left a couple of normal brown Arrokuda around for you to see. This one was a little difficult for me during the outbreak because the water can make them seem darker than they really are. However, the alternate color pops a lot more at night than during the day. Moving on to the next one and this time it won’t be as easy as before. See if you can spot it.

Again, one of these is shiny. This time, the shiny is one of a few options so see if you can spot it.

This shiny was actually quite a surprise for me as I was trying to do an outbreak and stumbled across this one. This has happened to me a lot recently where when trying to go for an outbreak shiny I find another one nearby. It is a little unexpected, but you won’t find me complaining. So, which one is shiny? For this one, it might help to know its alternate colors.

Answer in 3



You see that little mushroom-looking thing on the right? Well, that is the shiny Pokémon this time around. It is a Pokémon called Foongus and it is based on a mushroom. It isn’t the most exciting Pokémon, but I will not complain about a shiny. Not even if it was my second one. That’s right all of the shiny Pokémon you see here were found by me today and this happened to be the second one I found. Considering how small this thing is compared to some other Pokémon, I am amazed that I found it twice on the same day.

The difference this shiny has from others is that it has the color purple on its head instead of its normal red. You can see a hint of it in the photo, but it would be hard to spot without knowing that beforehand. That is why I gave the suggestion. I do want you to succeed after all. Even without seeing the purple you could guess through the process of elimination. Although, I do want to say that this next one is difficult even with knowledge of its shiny form. Good luck with the hardest one!

Yep, one of these Slowpokes is shiny. Do your best.

I had to do an outbreak for this one because there was no way I was going to find it in the wild. It has a really garbage shiny because it just looks very slightly different from other Slowpoke. Look it up, then see if you can figure it out. Can you manage to do it? Guess your final guess in and let’s do this.

Answer in 3



Before I say the answer, I just want to say congratulations to you if you managed to spot it immediately after knowing what the shiny looked like. Personally, I almost missed the difference and had to do a double-take to notice it. The shiny one is the one directly to the left of that patch of blue flowers in the photo. If you look closely, you can see that it is ever so slightly paler than the others around it. It was annoying to spot if I am being honest. It is especially annoying since its evolutions have much more noticeable color changes. Well, they can’t all look good. Did you manage to get them all? If you did, nice! I’m glad you did! This was my first time using screenshots from my Switch so I did this as a test run, but this was kind of fun so I might do more of this in the future. We’ll see. Until next time everyone!

Taking My Time With Tunic

This week we will spend some time talking about the videogame I have been playing a lot recently. That game is called Tunic. You have probably heard about it last year when it was announced and thought that it looked like The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls met and had a baby. That’s what I thought when I first heard about it and since I have a friend who is a fan of both of those franchises, earlier this year I got him the game as a gift for his birthday. It seemed to be a big hit with him and so I eventually got it for myself later in the year. Sometimes you just need a friend’s opinion before you commit to doing something. Recently I started playing it and it is so much fun. I’ll get into more of why it is fun in a second, but this game reminds me a bit of Fez. For those who may not be familiar with it, Fez was a 2-D puzzle platformer that came out over ten years ago at time of writing and one of the big parts of the game is that certain puzzles would require you to make sense of patterns and potentially right things down if necessary if you wanted to collect everything. This game has something like that too and it is my favorite thing about this game.

The first page of the instruction manual. See if you can find them all!

At the start of the game, you are given limited instructions other than how to move and fight. To figure out where to go and how to progress, you need to find pieces of the instruction manual. You can find pages scattered throughout the different areas of the game. Each page you collect helps give you information on how to progress and what you need to do. Some of them even contain secrets that can help you find hidden items. The reason I enjoy finding these pages is I won’t usually understand the information on them until much later. Later on, I would piece together the information and I’d feel like I accomplished something. Sure boss fights are fun, but they aren’t nearly as crazy as some of these late-game puzzles. In fact, to give you an idea of what I am talking about, let me demonstrate one of the puzzles I had to do. This is a minor spoiler, but it won’t be anything too crazy.

A bunch of symbols, but what do they mean?

There is a statue that you can find early on in the game that will give you this message when you interact with it. It looks like gibberish, and I had no idea what to do with it. Fast forward to a couple of days prior and the game shows me that this is a puzzle that I am supposed to solve. So I take a closer look at it and realize that there is a pattern here. Each line uses the same four symbols and each one is used only once. Now having late-game knowledge as well as this new information, I felt like I was close to a solution. However, try to guess what all of those symbols meant would take some time. Also, I didn’t feel like trying to brute force an answer. Eventually I figured out that when in doubt I should go to the guide so I opened up the instruction manual and found the last piece I needed to translate it. Then I input the code and I got my prize. It took a couple of attempts to type it in properly, but I did it. Actually, as a quick side note I should warn that for some longer sequences you might have it right when you’ve written it down, but you could easily type it incorrectly. Just try it a few times until you are sure it doesn’t work.

Keep at it and you will be rewarded.

Honestly, exploring this game is just fun. I haven’t explored everything yet, but I find myself constantly finding out new things to test out. You know that it is a good videogame when you actually want to backtrack. I understand that this game might not be for everyone and that the aspect of deciphering how to play might turn some people off. However, if you are a fan of videogames that have lots of secrets hidden for you to find, then it is worth checking out. I personally think it is best experienced knowing as little as possible which is why I tried to keep things vague. Don’t stop yourself if you want to use a guide though. That’s up to you. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to finding the hidden items. Bye for now!

My Thoughts on the Steam Awards 2022

Happy New Year everyone! It’s a new year and that means new things to discuss. In my case, that means playing catch-up since I can never stay on topic. However, I have something relatively recent to talk about this time and that is the Steam Awards 2022, awards that are honestly more worthwhile than anything present at the Oscars. I have a picture detailing this below.

A quick look at all the categories Steam users voted on for this year's Steam Awards. Don't worry, I don't expect you to actually be able to read the winners.

There are eleven categories that people voted on this year and what better way to kick off the year than by reflecting on our mistakes. I’m kidding! Mostly. So, let’s get started with the most standout prize of all: The Game of the Year.

Game of the Year

Now the game of the year is probably the one award everybody pays the most attention to and for good reason. After all, it is a cool title to have. Who wouldn’t want to get the crown of Game of the Year? So, let’s look at who won.

That’s right! The winner this year was the latest FromSoftware game, Elden Ring. Honestly, it was pretty deserved. Not that it had much competition. The only game I could see challenging it is God of War (2018), but that didn’t technically come out this year so I could understand why it didn’t quite make it. I’m not saying the other games weren’t good, but if I’m being honest I forgot that two of those games came out this year. See if you can guess which two.

VR Game of The Year

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this category. I don’t really mess with VR and that’s because while it is an interesting concept, I play videogames to hide my lack of motor skills. Of course, that’s just me, as evidenced by the pick this year for this category. The winner was Hitman 3 which I can only say was a game. I don’t think it is bad or anything, but I don’t know how it plays in VR just like all the other nominations. If you are curious about them go to the listed page on Steam. I’m not going to show every picture.

Labor of Love

Okay, this one I actually have things to say so let’s just put it up real quick and then we’ll discuss.

Now, this one was a shock to me. I remember the release of this game having some mixed reviews for its performance and yet now this game has made a comeback which got it this award. It is surprising, to say the least, but if No Man’s Sky can be redeemed, then why not this game? Although apparently No Man’s Sky wasn’t redeemed enough to get the reward so I guess the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 must have things figured out. I just hope we are giving this award because of their improvements since fixing the game and not before.

Better with Friends

If you have spent time on this blog before you know multiplayer games aren’t my genre. At first, it was because of a lack of gaming friends. Now, it is because I just prefer single-player. Personally, I blame lag. So since Raft won this award, I honestly can only say congratulations and I’m honestly kind of surprised that people are still playing that game. Well, good for them.

Outstanding Visual Style

Okay, this one genuinely baffles me. I have to be honest and say that I have no idea how this game won. In this category we gave it to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Now the description for this award itself says that it is less about graphics and more about its unique presentation. And yet, we gave the award to the game that is literally based off of the engine of an existing game. That just seems a little weird to me. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has outstanding visual style, but this game simply looks nice. You cannot honestly tell me that this was the most visually outstanding game this year. Maybe something’s wrong with my eyes, but I just can’t see it.

Most Innovative Gameplay

I have mixed feelings about this one. I do think this game deserves this award and yet at the same time, I am hesitant to give approval. I’m getting ahead of myself though. First let me show you who won.

That’s right. It’s the game where you don’t just play as a cat. You are the cat. It deserves to be the most innovative game just on how much effort they put into making you feel like a cat. There is honestly no competition here. So why am I hesitant? It is because I don’t want to admit that this is one of the most interesting games to come out this year. It is essentially a cat simulator with a decent storyline and it was one of the best things to come out this year. I just don’t know how to feel about that. Congrats to you cat-lovers though. I mean it, it is a good game.

Best Game You Suck At

It’s Elden Ring. Nothing else I need to say. We’re moving on.

Best Soundtrack

Were there a lot of good soundtracks for videogames this year? Yes. Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade the one that deserved it the most? I don’t know. It is hard to tell if this game actually has a better soundtrack than the others or if there are just a lot of fans of Final Fantasy VII that will die for that game. I won’t know until I play the game. Unfortunately, it is not very high on the backlog.

Outstanding Story-Rich Game

You know, this is one entry I can’t help but agree with. Let’s show who won.

Yeah. I never thought I would say that the God of War series would be doing the best in the story department, but here we are. I will say it is definitely deserved, but honestly, I think almost everyone in this category was a strong competitor. Almost.

Sit Back and Relax

This category sounds weird to me because typically I play games to unwind. I don’t think most people are trying to become angrier while playing games. Unless of course they want to grab some views. That being said I think that LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a perfect choice. After all, playing through the saga in LEGO videogame format is a lot more relaxing than having to sit through all nine movies in the saga.

Best Game on the Go

Now onto the last category for the Steam Awards of 2022. Truth be told, this one took me some time to figure out so bear with me here after you see the winner.

This one through me for a loop. I think I understand though. there are two possibilities and both in my eyes are equally viable. The first is that the people who played the game got so invested in the plotline and gameplay that they couldn’t help but take it with them, which gave it the edge over its less story-driven counterparts. The second is that people voted it to make a joke about how your primary focus in the game is being a delivery man meaning you are always on the go. I’ll be honest, my friend Denison shared that one with me. Personally, the fact that I can’t discount this theory kind of annoys me, but I have come to accept that not everything can have a reasonable explanation. Oh, well.

Well, that is the first post of the new year. Let me know if you agree with the winners of these awards. If you don’t really care, thanks for stopping by anyway. Oh, one last thing. My new challenge this year is going to be less of a gimmick this time. Instead, I will focus on getting each blog post to have pictures in them. Try and dazzle the eyes and all that. Here’s hoping for a good year, everyone! See you next time.

Everything Has An Explanation

Every game has events that extend an effort to their eventual ending with the intent to invoke certain emotions in the end. The extent of the emotions at the end of an escapade is tied to the experience and effort that went into the end. Endings are essential for the experience to end, but not every game takes it easy with its escapades. Some explanations are episodes intended to elevate user engagement by embellishing an extravagant epilogue enveloped by the events of each episode experienced at this point. It can be exhilarating to establish the execution of events as an epic that was evidently orchestrated from the exact moment you emerged to enact justice on your enemies. However, the essential element of an excellent epilogue ends up being the execution. Every event that ended with your enemies being executed, every Easter egg you unearth in your expedition, and every encounter that evolves your existence must end up as an essential element of the episode. Again, not every game is an episodic epic that envisions the excitement and astonishment at the end when they establish everything as an element of an epic escapade. It is especially exquisite when everything is entwined effortlessly to leave you evidence of the ending without explicitly elaborating on it until the ending epilogue.

Every game has Easter eggs embedded in certain areas you can encounter after embarking on your epic escapade. These Easter eggs often serve as evidence of elements from events in other escapades from earlier eras. If not earlier escapades, then they exist as examples of elements from other entertainment media. Typically they are events that exist as extras that do not evolve the ongoing story elements. However, evidently, Easter eggs can hint at elements that aren’t evident in the story yet but will be experienced in an event eventually. An extremely exalted example of these Easter eggs is the extra den in Portal with the etched epitaph exclaiming “the cake is a lie” which is evidence of the eventual execution attempt towards the end of the experiments which eventually ends up with your exhilarating end fight against that electronic embodiment of evil. Another excellent example exists in Bioshock where if you keep your eyes out, there is evidence of Atlas’ exaggeration of his essence as your ally as he ends up as your enemy and enacts orders to eliminate you. The essence of the elements that the Easter eggs enable us to extract is that the world exists in it entirety and is established in an environment that we have the expertise to explore.

When I experience an evolving tale in an environment where I am the essential existence, I want to envision myself as an element of this epic that evolves as I play. I enjoy establishing that I am entangled in events in which I can’t envision the eventual end result of my efforts. I want each element of my experience to have an effect on the environment around me and have an eventual end goal. I don’t want to invest my effort in events that end up going somewhere empty and nonexistent. Many escapades in games end up having events that are exercises in futility and are only exacerbated by the event being evidently inconsequential and irrelevant to everything we have encountered thus far. It is not exciting or entertaining to end up going on an endeavor and end up with an excess of time wasted. It is more enjoyable to have events eventually show some evidence of connection that is all embellished upon in the epilogue. If I am endeavoring to eliminate evil from the entire world and some random NPC entreats me to do some errands, they better be ecstatic and empty their assets for my eventual endeavors. I’m ending up with an evil undertone now so I’ll end here. Everyone enjoy the end of this year and see you next time!

Superhero Games

Before we begin, just know that I am not a diehard superhero fan. I enjoy the content that comes out of the superhero genre occasionally, but I do not have any major knowledge about these superheroes.

Superheroes always have interesting storylines attached to them, but they have had one fatal weakness until recently, and that is their representation in videogames. If it wasn’t for the Batman Arkham series that began over ten years ago, the best games Batman would have to his name would be in the LEGO universe. The Spider-Man games suffered the same fate for a while until 2018 when the new Spider-Man game came out. Finally we had another videogame that could be considered good by a wide audience. There is one big superhero that hasn’t yet had a chance to shine and that is none other than Superman. That guy is in serious need of a decent videogame. That’s how low the bar is for him right now. It will be considered a success if people play it for longer than a few hours before never touching it again.

Now the ideal game for Superman would be one that fully incorporates what it would be like to be Superman. After all, that is what made the Arkham series and the latest Spider-Man game so successful. The question is how do you go about doing that for Superman. In my opinion, it should probably be set up in a sandbox style where you can do missions in the overworld if you choose to do so, but the main plot centered around you traveling throughout the city for a big story for the Daily Planet. That way the game is flexible and also has a concrete goal. The real problem is after that. The sandbox setup is the easy part compared to trying to incorporate Superman’s combat style. The thing about other heroes is that they tend to be more acrobatic in their fighting styles. Superman just kinds of wins by showing up, so what should be done about this?

Well, there are a couple of things. First Superman should probably also be saving people and so some of his powers could be used for different situations throughout the city depending on the emergency. Some of them might not be able to factor into combat so well. However, considering the amount of techniques Superman has in his arsenal, it is kind of a shame to take them out of combat so maybe put that on hold for now. The two big things to work on would be making flight fun and controlling his superspeed. If you can keeping flying from place to place as fun as Batman gliding from rooftops or Spider-Man’s web-swinging, then you’ll have a heck of a game right there. These things are important for both travel and potentially combat so they have to be given special consideration. We can’t just be going through rings as we fly. That’s just dumb. To be honest, aside from some cool races I really don’t know how you can make this interesting to play. I’m honestly stumped. I want it to happen though, because I feel like it needs to happen.

Look, there are plenty of other things to take a look at for superhero games in the future but these are just some things to keep in mind. This will not happen anytime soon. There are games that have done these things before, but it is harder to do with certain heroes without bringing up questions of morality. It is a tough problem to tackle, but I just want to think that maybe one day we can get some good videogames about some of the other superheroes. Well, maybe it might just remain a dream. We’ll see what the future holds in store. Also sorry about the delay, I lost half the document earlier when editing so it took a bit longer. Thanks, internet.

The Struggle to Complete the Pokédex

You remember how back in the day, completing the Pokédex was some sort of big accomplishment. To be honest, I don’t remember because I never once did it. The first time I ever did it was in the game Pokémon Legend Arceus. The reason was simple. It was the first game I played that allowed me to actually get every Pokémon just by encountering them in the wild. What I am trying to say is that I never really had anyone to trade with and online trading wasn’t very convenient so I never ended up completing a Pokédex until that game. However, I decided to give it another shot this time and have been trying to collect all 400 Pokémon in Pokémon Violet. Here are a few of the problems I ran into while going for this.

First off is getting the starters is a bit of a pain. Truth be told I didn’t have this as bad as some other people because I had by sheer coincidence picked the least popular starter Quaxly. That meant it was a lot easier finding trades for the other two since he was in such high demand. Although funnily enough the first starter I ever got from trading was another Quaxly through a Wonder Trade. This would later be a symbol of my luck to come.

Next up is the Pokémon who have very specific evolution conditions that you will not know unless you look them up. Some of them are very useful Pokémon to have, but they can have such annoying evolution conditions. Thankfully I got lucky and managed to find some of them through Tera Raid battles.

Now the good news was that after I managed to track down the starters, by then I had found a way to find people who were trading for version exclusives. I just needed to input certain link codes I found online to locate people who were hopefully looking for the other exclusive Pokémon. Now the key word there is hopefully. It seems a lot of other people were also enjoying Pokémon Violet because Pokémon Scarlet players were either offline or trading with everyone else. There is a feature they added that I picked up on eventually where your Pokémon would glow if the other party doesn’t have it. I thought it was a nice touch. More importantly, it let me know that I would very often get matched up with a player who had the same version. Everything about it was pretty much a gamble so I just had to keep trying my luck until I had all of the exclusives. Did it take some time? Absolutely. Did some take longer than others? Oh, you know it. Did I succeed? Fortunately I did. I managed to finally find all of the version exclusives. However I am still not done and that is because of one big problem. Lack of friends.

I realize how depressing and misleading that last bit sounded so let me clarify. There are a total of four Pokémon in the game that are difficult to get without having easy access to a friend who plays one of the Generation IX games. These four are Gengar, Scizor, Slowking, and Palafin. The first three require trading with someone or finding them in Tera Raids and the last one has a special evolution condition involving playing with friends or finding it in a Tera Raid. Thankfully, Gengar can be gotten easier than the others if you trade an NPC a Pincurchin for a Haunter in Levincia City. So, the main problem is the last three because I have to gamble by hunting in different Tera Raids until I find one, and then I have to actually beat the Tera Raid as well. So, far I have only managed to get Scizor, but here’s hoping with luck I get the other two soon. It would be nice to get that Shiny Charm. But more importantly, it will mean I haven’t spend all my time doing this for nothing. Wish me luck!

I understand that this is not the most efficient way to do things, but when you are playing alone sometimes there are certain gambles you need to take. That’s how I will justify this at least. Anyway, that is all for today. I have to go back on the hunt in a few minutes once the raids refresh. See you next week! I realize this might have been a bit shorter than usual, but I hope it was at least somewhat informative for once. Besides, if you forgive me, I can get you a Quaxly.

Configuring Controls

I will admit that I am a stubborn person. I tend to act a bit too rigidly. For example, I usually only play games on PC. The main reason is it just more comfortable for me. The thing is that I only use keyboard and mouse for gaming, because that it what I am most accustomed to using. I am terrible at using a controller if I’m being honest. The only major advantage I can get when using a controller is using an analog stick, but that isn’t enough of a merit for me to use a controller when I can’t use the buttons as effectively as I would like. Would practice probably help rectify some of these issues? Most likely, but again I would like to mention that I am stubborn and so learning how to use a controller effectively seems like a bit of waste to me. That, and I don’t own a good controller at the moment and I don’t really feel like buying one right now. Hey, I never said I wasn’t lazy.

This has it’s own share of problems obviously, and that is what I am here to talk about today. You see, there are many games that I have played on my computer and they all usually fall into one of two categories. The first category of games are ones that were designed to be easily played using a setup with a mouse and keyboard. The second type are those that are designed to be played using a controller. Usually the second type is targeted towards those that play console rather than PC. If you play games on people often enough, you find some that have a very strange control scheme that seems to have been made with a different species in mind. It is especially annoying when games do this when many other games have no problem adapting controls between systems. In fact, controllers have less commands than a normal keyboard and mouse, so how is it that hard to reasonably map all of the buttons?

What is even worse though is when they have you stick with annoying controls. Any game that doesn’t have control configuration included in the settings is insane. Personally any game that is ported to PC should have some setting to allow you to customize controls. I can understand that if the game was made for PC you wouldn’t need to have that option available. It is a choice that I can respect. I won’t, but theoretically that is something I could do. However, if a game is ported over and the way the controls are mapped to the keyboard are clunky to use, then I just won’t play the game. I understand that some games work better with a controller and that is fine. There are different ways to design games and how they control. However, if you want me to use a controller to play, at least be upfront about it.

Games always put in that caption of “controller strongly recommended” for games that were originally meant for controller support. However, some games have the audacity to act as though they tried to fit the controls over in a way that makes the experience feel smooth only to basically leave you with no option other than to find a controller. It is one thing if you make keyboard controls harder but still effective. It is another thing when the game is nearly impossible to be played properly and doesn’t allow you to change the controls in the settings. At that point it is clear you do not care.

I know this doesn’t apply to every game. However, it does bum me out sometimes when there might be games I want to try or get back into playing, but it too troublesome to relearn the convoluted control scheme. If I need a guide for every button press I make, my interest will wane considerably. That might be why I prefer games with simpler control schemes. I don’t want to have to study or learn a foreign language to play a game. It is already hard enough navigating through the menus of certain games. I don’t need to make things even harder for myself.

Well, as usual things became a rant on something, but that’s to be expected at this point. I figure that might as well be my modus operandi. Before I go tonight, I want to give a shoutout to Elden Ring for getting Game of the Year. Congrats! Sure you didn’t have much competition with half those games breaking their ankles the second they were nominated, but you still deserved that win regardless for all the work you put in. Good job!

Current Thoughts on Mario Movie Voices

Okay, so we got a new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie that dropped this week. There is a lot to love about the trailer, but that isn’t what I will focus on here. Why? It’s because I can’t help but make things more complicated for myself. It is some sort of sickness. Anyway we have gotten more voice acting from the cast members and we have heard almost every main voice that was cast in the movie. So it seems like now is a good time to talk a bit more about the characters and their voices just so I can voice out my feelings on the matter. Not like my feelings will really influence anything. Let’s be honest here, you have already decided whether or not you are going to see this movie already. That won’t stop me from talking though. I think that things might be easier if I break up each character into their own section though. Especially because I have to talk about certain characters more than others. Alright, let’s go.


He only had one voice line in the teaser trailer a while back, but the voice seems respectable. Personally I prefer the deep older voice with the design they gave him, instead of his usual high-pitched kind of voice. No problems here.


Not as high pitched as I was expecting, and I am honestly okay with that. If I am being honest so far, I don’t really know how to feel about it but not in a bad way. I like the energy that the voice gives off though. I feel like he isn’t going to be just a comic relief character though, which was something I worried about. Overall, pretty good.


Do I even need to repeat myself? As I have said before, Bowser sounds great in this movie so far. He has a more commanding voice when he needs to and he sounds sinister when he needs to and all while providing a lot of energy into everything that he does. Not to mention, I really do love how cocky he seems to be. Overall, worth watching this movie based on this voice alone.


So, he finally got some Luigi action here in this trailer other than just a yell. It seems that he is the one captured this time other than the princess. Based on the trailer and the whole origin story premise, his voice has sold me. He is on edge, nervous, afraid, and in full on panic mode. Considering he has been captured by a giant turtle dragon and has been imprisoned in a lava fortress with no way to resist, he is honestly doing better than I would. Good for him and great levels of panic in the voice.

Princess Peach

Now this was the one we were really waiting for since the last trailer. They could have taken things in different directions but I am glad they decided to go the direction of a competent ruler who isn’t just a liability. She sounds like a competent ruler rather than just a surprised stand-in. I like to think they decided to use the influence of the original Peach voice actor from Super Mario 64 as a basis. After all, they opened up the trailer with that poster showing striking some imagery from that game. Personally, I am glad they decided to give her some depth to her voice.

Alright, now who’s left to talk about. Oh yeah. Okay, let’s get this over with. Let’s talk about the guy who is supposed to be the star of the show.


Now here is the thing. I have mixed feelings about Mario. For the record, I don’t think that Chris Pratt was a bad casting choice for Mario with respect to this movie. Now I know how that sounds, but hear me out for a second. Notice I said the words “with respect to this movie”. You see the thing is that at the end of the day, despite whatever you believe you know about Mario, this is an origin story and because of that we are in uncharted territory. In other words, this is a Mario that we haven’t seen before and the trailers are heavily indicating now that he was actually doing plumbing prior to this movie’s plot kicking off. The only reason he ends up in The Mushroom Kingdom seems to be that he was trying to save his brother Luigi from an uncertain fate. Before this he was just an ordinary plumber and as far as I know, being a plumber is something Mario hasn’t used once since going to The Mushroom Kingdom. So, with that in mind what kind of Mario would we expect and the only thing I could come up with is generic man. Hello, Chris Pratt.

Now a lot of people say that Chris Pratt doesn’t match Mario, but the thing is Mario himself doesn’t really have a lot of personality. That is somewhat intentional on Nintendo’s part, but I don’t understand how people can expect Mario in this case to think of Mario as anything more than a random guy. So I will not take that excuse anymore. However, if you were to say you didn’t like him because he sounds as though he feels out of place, then there is more merit to that argument. Even though Mario doesn’t have much of a personality, that doesn’t mean you can’t give him one. So far, all I can say is that maybe he is the type to jump in without considering the consequences. That’s all they’ve shown us. Personally speaking, the voice of Mario sounds a bit… out there I guess? It’s hard to describe. I just can’t pin down who this Mario is supposed to be.

The problem is I can’t really pin down Mario because we haven’t seen him interact with anybody. All, of his lines so far have just been statements out loud directed to no one in particular. Everyone else has at least has some sort of conversation with someone else. I can gather from that at least a bit of personality, but I can’t really say anything about Mario. I don’t want to dunk on Mario, I really don’t. I am trying to be as considerate as possible, but I am just not being given much to work off of here. Give me some sort of interaction, preferably more than just getting dominated by an ape in a tie. Also, some Donkey Kong lines would be appreciated too while I’m being greedy and asking for things. At the end of the day, though I am still going to see the movie. Why? I shouldn’t have to answer that. so I won’t. Instead, I’ll sign off for today. See you next week.

The Vicissitudes of Violet

Pokémon Violet is a very vexing videogame. The variable of this vexation is not the version, but the very vicissitudes of the various variables involved in this game. Visuals can be varied from venue to venue and due to the variable vision I would vent of a virus involuntarily. This virtual venue has its virtues. The videogame venue is vast and values the virtue of verifying your own voice. Furthermore you can visit the various villages and venues in various variants. There have been various efforts to revive and revitalize the value of this very valuable franchise. This latest version of these videogames has virtues for sure, but vices are vindictive. The vices are that visuals dive so the viewing experience is vaguely visible at times. The view is varied but is veiled by the visuals falling at various intervals. There are various new Pokémon that bring new variety at least and variety is what will vertically vault the franchise’s value. Although if they valued variety would have given the verdant feline the virtue of not evolving vertically inclined. I vividly remember the various victims when viewing that evolution. Victims of veritable naivety. Onto more virtues I value them reviewing the previous version and allowing us more velocity when driving our “vehicle” from venue to venue. The most valuable asset this videogame has is it’s versatility after all.

Other virtues are that gym challenges are varied to help victories feel valuable. In fact, you can verify that each venue the story values has its own type variation. You can visit your vocational venue to learn valuable information or you can advocate for vagrancy and voluntary avoid involving yourself with classes. Certain vicious Pokémon can be viewed if you veer of and their vibrant glow verifies they are very violent and view you as a victim to their vicious attacks. Their typing also vary since they evidently have a variable variance that elevates their viciousness. Although these versions are veritable vestiges of the various violent acts this videogame put you through. The Titans are voracious and invigorate themselves through veggies. Level scaling is not evident and various stories have you very underleveled. Even if you are vehemently victorious, it can be viciously voided if the videogame freezes leaving your victory in vain. Granted, leveling is very viable thanks to the valuable candy that are verily on the verdant soil. Enacting violence against the vagrants who aren’t even vandals and are virtually the most virtuous people in the story and yet are victims of violence is very vexing. The most vexing thing is actually the veracity that this videogame is void of any voice acting. Nintendo has neglected voice acting in the vast majority of their videogames, but why are there no voices? I would think it would be a valuable vocation to voice a Pikachu.

This version of events has veered all over the place. Using this vernacular with my vocabulary has made me vexed. However, this is a vision of veering through Pokémon Violet. Every event is a victim of virtues and vices that virtually run through the videogame. This is verified in the other version as well. Also no videogame version has been visually appealing in this franchise since Generation V. Ever since virtually increase the volume of the videogames, the games has had their valor vacuumed up. I can verify that this videogame has a sort of vibrancy and vigor that is valuable, but is also veiled by volumes of visual viruses that are viewed very easily and could have been verified before unveiling them to various people of various vernaculars. I view this videogame as a very extravagant endeavor. I feel that this is virtue of the veracity of the fact that development for various games have had even less time to verify variables that can effect the viewership of these videogames. It’s very much a vision of vanity if these videogames weren’t victims of the elevated volume of this franchise. It’s inevitable and verifiable. I value this series as do very many others and so I believe they should be valued by the developers. These versions have various vicissitudes due to the volume of problems in visuals. However, if more love and value is given, we can have something more valuable than ever. That’s all and I’m on the eve of victory in this valiant challenge. Or I am just a victim. Very well, until next time.