Shiny Living Dex (131-140)

It’s time for another installment of this series, and I must say that the repeats are really starting to rack up at this point. Hopefully it doesn’t get too high.

Number 131

Now after I made a few poor financial decisions in the game, I was in desperate need of money. I spent a few days clearing out as many raid dens as I could find and by one of them, I happened to spot a group of Cufant, with one of them being yellow. I was hoping that I might find one of these eventually. What a nice yellow elephant.

Number 132

Next up I decided to try out a couple of strategies. The first was to hang out in one area where I was missing a few shiny Pokémon and see what I get. Soon after I found a cream-colored lion cub chilling by the cliffside. I’m off to a pretty good start.

Number 133

After the success of my first method, I decided to keep trying things out. I spent a little longer in the grass until I stumbled upon a yellow bird. I’m so glad I finally managed to find another shiny bird in this game. I’m even happier about the fact that I didn’t have to chase it down.

Number 134

I just realized that I never mentioned my second strategy. It is to reset outbreaks. I said before that I wasn’t going to do any date skipping, but this is different. When the outbreaks reset at the beginning of the day, I close and reopen the game to refresh the outbreaks for the day. It is a bit of a loophole, but I have a green Shuppet now so I think this method is valid. Besides, I’m tired of Flittle outbreaks.

Number 135

After the outbreak, I went back to that area from before to see if it was still willing to pay out. Turns out it was, as I found a walking mushroom with orange spots. Shroomish has always been one of those Pokémon I like without knowing why. At least it’s a nice shiny.

Number 136

A new day means I can use my reset trick again. I probably won’t use this every time but I will if I’m having a major drought. Anyway, I found a Rotom outbreak by the lighthouse where I finally got my shiny Ditto. So, I headed over and went hunting each night and left during the day. That is until I realized that they don’t disappear during the day. Then I just stuck around until I found myself a red bulb. Honestly, stuck out more than I thought it would. We’re not done yet though.

Number 137

Even though I found a shiny Rotom, Rotom happens to have alternate forms you can access through the Rotom Catalog. That means I need six Rotom to have every form. Thankfully I was successful in catching them all. I even got a surprising extra. A shiny Kirlia happened to spawn as I was collecting them too. Kirlia was one of the few Pokémon I didn’t have by this lighthouse so that was nice. Another blue shiny for the collection.

Number 138

Went back to that previous spot again to try and find something new. I was honestly expecting some repeats at this point, but I was proven wrong. I look away for one second, turn back to my game, and there is a green reindeer right in front of me. Honestly, I didn’t expect to get this, but it looks really good. You might be wondering what else I got after this. The answer is repeats. Lots of repeats.

Number 139

I was doing repeat hunts for a later date in a rather dangerous area. I only say it is dangerous because there is a lot of potential for repeat shiny Pokémon I don’t need. Thankfully, I got lucky and found a blue Lycanroc. It is one of the three forms I will need later, so I’m glad to get one out of the way now. This particular form is the Midnight Form, which only spawns during the night.

Number 140

The last one, for now, was once again found through resetting outbreaks. It was for the Pokémon Vivillion, a Pokémon that I didn’t have any representation of yet. I did unfortunately phase once and wasn’t having a lot of luck throughout the day. I was even starting to doubt whether I knew what it looked like. So, I did the sensible thing and double-checked. I was right. It had an all white body without any gray and I was just unlucky. Nothing to be done about that. Then I looked back at my screen and realized the shiny was staring at me. How does this keep happening to me?

Well, that’s it for now. Now that I have found a new trick to outbreaks, I might be able to speed things along. We’ll see how it goes. See you next time!

Some Final Thoughts About The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Since the final trailer has been released for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, I figured I would take the time to talk about it. Before I just gave some general impressions, but this time I want to dive a little deeper into what this movie has in store for us. I know I am going to see it anyway so I would rather not spend time obsessing about things I can’t change. So, with all that said let’s first start piecing together the plot.

We obviously know that Mario and Luigi end up somehow going through a portal to the realm of the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario and Luigi getting separated. Mario ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom proper while Luigi falls into Bowser’s territory. So, Mario teams up with the princess and eventually the Kongs to save the Mushroom Kingdom and his brother from Bowser. It’s a pretty straightforward plot, but some unanswered questions remain.

Let’s start with the first trailer. We see Bowser attacking the Ice Kingdom with his army and it looks as though he finds a Power Star. The question remains how this factors into his plans and if there are more of them. I really hope that they cut to that Mario Bros commercial after he asks out loud: “Who is going to stop me?” It would be pretty funny. However, this is only a teaser trailer so there isn’t much more to be gained. The only other thing we know is that Mario and Toad meet up and that Mario and Luigi are separated from this trailer.

Now, the next trailer sheds some more light on the origins of the Mario Bros. We already could tell this was going to be an origin story, but we could now confirm that something in New York brought them to this place. Luigi is now confirmed to be captured by Bowser so it looks as though he will probably not make any significant contributions until maybe the third act. Meanwhile, Mario is training to fight and seems to eventually end up fighting Donken Kong on Kong Island. We also see a couple of classic powerups such as the Tanooki Suit and the Fire Flower. The biggest reveal is Mario Kart and Rainbow Road.

Now let’s take a moment here. Why is Bowser concerned about Mario as if he is an obstacle to his plans. We know who Mario is, but right now he is a nobody. I wonder what reason there is for Bowser to take notice of him. Also, it seems like Mario and Donkey Kong are fighting in a tournament, but what exactly are the stakes. Maybe it is to get an army of Kongs to protect the Mushroom Kingdom? The biggest question for me though is how Mario Kart is relevant to the story. Clearly it is later in the movie, but maybe that’s just how people travel.

They then released some clips from the upcoming movie showing off a few other elements such as the Cat Suit, the variety of Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom, and a bit more of Mario and Luigi being plumbers. Then yesterday, we got the final trailer.

Now it didn’t show us too much more, which is nice. However, we do have an idea of a couple more elements. We get to see a Luma, signifying more to come with galaxies in the future. We see the Mushroom powerup for the first time, as well as Donkey Kong using a Fire Flower and teaming up with Mario to stop the invasion. We even see Mario doing a ground pound. We get to see more Mario Kart as well and how Bowser’s minions are on it. It makes me wonder if maybe Rainbow Road acts as a bridge between worlds or something similar and they are trying to stop the invasion by defeating them on go-karts. It is also possible they are actually racing them for some purpose that has yet to be disclosed. The one thing we know the least about is how Mario can fight Bowser’s invasion. The Power Star might come into play for the final fight, or something unexpected could happen.

Honestly, there is a lot to speculate about, but the question I really want to know the answer to is what’s next? Koopalings maybe? or is this a one-and-done kind of deal? We’ll see, but I really hope this isn’t the last of Jack Black’s Bowser because the man has killed it in every trailer I’ve seen. Well, I guess I won’t know until next month. Oh, well. I might have to review this movie when it comes out. I guess we’ll find out how things go in April. Bye for now. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the trailers if you want to do some speculating of your own.

Shiny Living Dex (121- 130)

It’s time for another edition of this long-running series. You know, looking back on the rules I set for myself, I will probably be at this for a long time. I’ll probably worry about that later. Probably around number 300 or so. But right now we have some new members to introduce. Here they are.

Number 121

As you already know, the Bounsweet hunt has not been going great. I wanted to try going for some other Pokémon to mix things up a little. I went to look for a Zorua near Medali as that is the city I see most people finding their black and blue foxes. I figured there was no harm in testing my luck. Well, I ended up with a shiny that I have seen people get here during this hunt. It was a pink ninja spider, more commonly known as a shiny Spidops. Now I have to keep track of more phases again. Yay.

Number 122

I swear I have the worst luck with Alomomola outbreaks. This Pokémon either has an outbreak that spawns on land so they don’t show up, or right at the edge of the beach so they barely spawn in. Today, I wanted to just check this one off the list. The two things making this difficult were that only four were spawning at a time and the lighting was making these pink Alomomola look purple. That is a bit of a problem since the shiny is also purple. Eventually, I started to lose focus so I gave myself an ultimatum. If I didn’t find it by 2 pm, I would move on and do something else. As luck would have it, it spawned in ten minutes before the deadline. Go figure.

Number 123

I decided to try out some more isolated encounter hunts that day. Fortunately one of them was actually successful. I used a fighting-type boost sandwich to try to run into a shiny Flamigo as Casseroya Lake. The good thing about this was I didn’t have to enter the lake. The bad part was I forgot entirely that Croagunk spawned there so I got a little nervous. At some point during the sandwich, I decided to pause the hunt and come back to it later. So, I put my Switch on sleep mode and came back to it in about an hour. The screen turned on and the shiny Flamigo was right in front of me. I don’t know how I didn’t see this pale pink flamingo the first time, but better late than never I guess.

Number 124

Remember how I said I was doing isolated encounters? Of course, you do, it was in the last paragraph. Well, I was in the desert using a grass-type boost to find some new shiny Pokémon and as luck would have it the next day had a Cacnea outbreak. For reference, Cacnea is a grass type that only spawns in the desert. Unfortunately, my outbreak luck was at an all-time low because the outbreak was on top of a rock where only three or four would spawn at a time. but just like the Alomomola outbreak, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the Cacnea this time. However, I didn’t leave empty-handed. I managed to at least find a yellow Capsakid hanging out on the rock. It wasn’t the grass type I was looking for, but I was glad to get a new addition.

Number 125

Now as you know, the Cacnea outbreak didn’t go well. However, I did get a shiny Pokémon. The problem is that now there was a bigger danger of repeats. I could find Capsakid in places other than the desert, but not Cacnea. So I tried an experiment to raise my odds. I thought that if I made a dark boost sandwich, then it would have more Cacnea spawn because I thought more Cacturne would spawn and I don’t know. Listen, my brain has had better moments. Anyway, that didn’t work. But I didn’t want to waste the sandwich. That would be waste of food. So I tried to Zorua hunt again. I figured it would be the most productive way to burn my sandwich. I spent most of the sandwich doing the hunt as usual when I noticed that one of the fakers was not falling in auto-battle. Actually, my Pokémon refused to attack it at all. I was in shock. It started running. In panic, I ran after it without saving. The sparkles appeared and it revealed itself to be the black fox with blue socks. Never thought I would find this on phase two, but here we are. Nice.

Number 126

Next up was another isolated encounter hunt. I figured since the last fighting type boosted hunt went so well I could go for another one. My main target for this hunt was the Pokémon Falinks which has a nice brown color when it’s shiny. I decided to hunt in the area in the north with the bamboo trees in the hopes of finding it. I also thought that I would be fine with finding the other fighting type shiny Pokémon that spawned there. So after cruising around for about ten minutes I finally found my target. I almost sped past this brown Falinks, but luckily my brain registered it in time.

Number 127

You might not remember the rules of this challenge, but they rely very heavily on luck. It is honestly relying on borderline insane luck to complete. One of the more difficult ones is Spiritomb. That was one of the main reasons why I mentioned it last week. So, recently I have spent each day checking its locations to see if one of them is shiny. I have even started heading there early some nights to prep for the next day. Well, one morning as soon as I booted up the game I was greeted by something unexpected. There was a purple crab with red gloves right in front of me. While I was lying there in shock, it ran up to me and started a battle. That’s definitely one way to start a morning.

Number 128

There were some other Pokémon I was checking out periodically other than Spiritomb. One of them was Dragonite, as it was the only one I was missing from the Dratini line. I wasn’t able to find it over the past few days, but I wasn’t expecting to find it quickly anyways. However, what I did find one day was a white mountain goat. Thankfully I noticed the golden horns or I might not have seen this shiny Gogoat behind all the other Gogoat. It wasn’t the evolution line I was looking to complete, but I’m happy with this outcome.

Number 129

Sometimes, I just don’t really know what a shiny Pokémon looks like until I see it for myself. There is this Pokémon called Sunflora that is essentially just a walking sunflower. It isn’t anything special, but my brain would never remember what the shiny for this Pokémon looked like. I knew its body was different from its usual green, but I couldn’t remember how subtle the change was. So, I would fight any Sunflora I found in case it was a shiny Sunflora. Then I met one. This was around 12:30 AM, right before I decided to head to bed. This Sunflora ran up to me and I realized that the shiny color was actually a pale yellow. Good to know.

Now this one fried my brain. I had a strange time that day. I was having some trouble finding new shiny Pokémon to finish this batch up and then that day a new outbreak showed up that I was interested in. It was for the evolution to Arrokuda called Barraskewda. The main feature it had was the shiny version had a dark blue head. I figured it would be about as bad as the Arrokuda hunt and I was right. Now here is why things were weird. I had already found two repeat shiny Pokémon that day. So, my mentality was a little shaken. Then I look it up to make sure I could notice it and realized I probably could, but I would really need to be paying attention. Naturally, I got distracted by something and paused the game. When I came back, what greeted me was the shiny Barraskewda engaging me in battle. Apparently, it ran into me right when I got distracted and I had no idea. Thankfully I got to see the sparkles.

By the way, after that Barraskewda outbreak, I accidentally went into another outbreak and found another repeat shiny Pokémon. What a weird shiny turnout. Anyway, I’ll see you again next time. Bye!!!

Rare Pokémon Spawns in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

As you may know, I have been hunting a lot for shiny Pokémon. This has led me to realize how rare encountering some of these Pokémon out in the wild is. Getting the shiny charm can be difficult because of a few of these Pokémon so I figured I would mention them in case you also want to consider hunting with the shiny charm in the future and don’t want to rely on Wonder Trade. Do note that this does not include version exclusives. It also is based on the ones I personally had the most trouble with finding.

  1. Ditto, Zorua, Zoroark

These Pokémon are difficult to find because they take on the forms of other Pokémon. There are many ways to tell that they are fake such as by their difference in movement or by the fact that they are spawning by themselves instead of being surrounded by their previous evolutions like usual. The fastest way though is to hold the ZR button to inspect the Pokémon and see if it actually is how it appears.

2. Spiritomb

Spiritomb is a bit of a special Pokémon since it only spawns in three different locations in the wild and all three locations are in the snowy mountain area. There is one on the cliff that looks out into the autumn forest. There is one on a ridge on the east side of the river close to where the river meets the ocean. The last one is by some ruins in the snow. They always spawn in those fixed locations so if you can, then try and find them.

3. Pokémon in Trees

There are some Pokémon that only spawn in trees. The only way to encounter them is to knock them down by bashing your ride Pokémon into the trees so that they fall down. These Pokémon can be a bit tricky to find. However, the hardest one to find is definitely Slakoth. Good luck finding that Pokémon in the trees. You are better off breeding it to add it to the Pokédex. If you do want to find it though, roam by the two trees near the marsh area in the South Province.

4. Final Evolutions

Most final evolutions do not show up on the map and you must either evolve them or find them through raids. Most of these raids will not unlock until after you beat the game, so it might be better to just evolve them yourself instead of trying to wait. This especially applies to Scizor, Gengar, Slowking, and Palafin since they have special evolution conditions.

5. Blissey

Blissey is another one of those rarely seen Pokémon that is only found in Area Three of the Northern Province. It is quick to run away if you do see one, so make sure to keep an eye out for it if you can.

6. Alternate Forms

This is more of a bonus but some Pokémon forms are rarer than others and are harder to find with only a 1 in 100 chance of finding them. These Pokémon include Authentic Form Sinistea, the Family of Three Maushold, and the Three Segment Dudunsparce. These are not needed for the Pokédex, but you can consider yourself lucky for finding them.

That’s all I have for today. Nothing too crazy since I am spending most of my time doing some hunts. I can say at the rate things are going there will definitely be another shiny hunting post next week so look forward to that.

Shiny Living Dex Update

There won’t be any of these posts for a little bit, because we are caught up to where I am currently. Well, save for a couple of new shiny Pokémon and a lot of repeats. I will post new updates once I acquire enough of them. For now, keep your eyes out for any new updates. Although, if you are subscribed it will show up in your notifications anyway. That’s all for now. I will end with this picture showing how the game is perfect in every way.

Yeah, that was a little bit of sarcasm. Well, see you next time!

Shiny Living Dex (111-120)

You know, what’s cool about finding shiny Pokémon is even after finding over 100 of them, I still run into interesting situations like this next one. It’s time for a redemption arc.

Number 111

Like Floette, Gastly was another Pokémon I didn’t have any luck with in outbreaks. However, on the day an outbreak with three ghost-type Pokémon appeared in outbreaks, I made it my mission to focus on the Gastly one until I found that shiny Pokémon. It thankfully didn’t take the entire night. Now Gastly shiny is a bit harder to notice in this game because of the lighting, but it has a blue haze surrounding its core instead of a purple one and its core is purple instead of black. Luckily I did some research beforehand so when I finally got one to spawn, I noticed it immediately. Here’s where the interesting thing come in. After I saved and encounter the shiny Gastly, I noticed something. Behind the Gastly I was encountering, there was another shiny Gastly. It seemed to have spawned behind me as I noticed the first one and I ended up noticing this one because of the camera change in battle. So, I got them both as part of a special BOGO deal. What luck!

Number 112

I went to another outbreak. This one spawned Mismagius and I needed it to complete the Misdreavus family line. Unfortunately, I spent so much time at the Gastly outbreak that the sun eventually rose and they all despawned. With nothing left to do but kill time, I did just that. Eventually, the sun set again and I waited for them to start spawning only for one of the first ones I see to be yellow-green instead of purple. Not a bad wait. Unfortunately, the other ghost hunt did not go as well. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Number 113

It was a new day, but more importantly, the Bronzor outbreak was back. There was no way I was going to miss this chance again. So, I went straight away to find it. However, things never go according to plan for me. Guess what I found? that’s right another pink shiny Pokémon. This was a personal favorite Pokémon of mine though so I was pretty excited to see it appear. Nothing heals the heart like a shiny pink Mareep.

Number 114

Even though I was happy with that surprise Mareep, I still wasn’t satisfied. After all, my original target was still Bronzor. So, I kept looking around the ruins for a floating green piece of metal while making sure it wouldn’t disguise itself as blades of grass. It didn’t come to that though as I eventually found and caught the little green guy.

Number 115

It was a new day and that meant new outbreaks. There were two I wanted to go to and I started with the Wingull outbreak. Then after two hours of nothing, I decided to go to the other outbreak and test my luck. I wanted to do the Wingull one first because this other outbreak was a Tadbulb outbreak and I was feeling less confident about that one. However, since I needed a break I went over and started knocking out any Tadbulb I could find. Before I got too deep into it, I just saw the shiny Tadbulb floating right by me. Honestly, it was probably there the whole time and I had just now noticed it. In my defense though, noticing the red tail in a swarm of orange ones can be a bit difficult. I do like the red though.

Number 116

I went back to the Wingull outbreak. I would like to say it didn’t take a long time after that to find the Wingull with green stripes. Unfortunately, that would be a lie. It took me over two hours after returning to the outbreak to find it. My goodness, that was a long hunt. At least I found it.

Number 117

Another day, another outbreak. This one was for Azumarill, the final evolution of Azurill. It didn’t have the best spawns, so I had to use a fairy boost sandwich to help speed things along. I was secretly hoping for a green mouse to show up (shiny Marill), but the yellow guy showed up first. Honestly, I’m just glad it didn’t last as long as that Wingull hunt.

Number 118

As you might have noticed by now, I was mainly using outbreaks to hunt for shiny Pokémon. It wasn’t because I forgot about the other hunts I was working on, but more because I had recently started a playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so my attention was split. So I decided to do outbreaks unless nothing popped up that I wanted to go for that day. However, this day was a dilemma. The two that spawned that I didn’t have and considered going for were Pyroar and Tynamo. I have already talked about the Tynamo hunt being miserable, but the Pyroar shiny wasn’t really amazing so I hesitated as to whether I should do it. It was just that its back goes from dark brown to light brown. Eventually, I just switched between the two outbreaks until I found one of the shiny forms. It probably isn’t surprising that I found the lion before the tiny eel.

Number 119

I didn’t give up looking for Tynamo though and went back to the outbreak. Then, I cleared the outbreak because it was too frustrating checking for them underwater. So, I decided to move back to my previous location and try a couple of electric boost sandwiches. The number of times I got baited on my first sandwich because of the weird lighting was too many to count. Even when I did find the shiny twenty minutes in, I thought it was the light tricking me again. Turns out I was wrong. Man, what a great time to be wrong. The blue color difference is noticeable, but in the water good luck spotting it.

Number 120

Realizing I was slacking on the Bounsweet hunt, I decided to head back to it. I had been in Phase Four for a long tie now and at this point, I wanted to either finish the hunt or move on to a new phase. There were still some new Pokémon I could find as well so the chances of me getting a repeat weren’t set in stone. And speaking of stone, I found myself staring at a shiny under the tree. It wasn’t the Bounsweet, but instead, a rock-type that pretends to be a sapling. It was a Bonsly. Although, I have to wonder how a shiny Bonsly could even fool anyone with its bright pink orbs on its head. It certainly didn’t fool me.

Alright, that’s another batch down. See you for the next batch and have a nice day!

Shiny Living Dex (101-110)

Alright, let’s keep things going as we head into the triple digits. We still have a long way to go.

Number 101

This is an outbreak that I had been putting off for a while. There are a good amount of Pokémon in this game that are small. Due to this, it can be hard to find shiny variants when hunting them. This particular outbreak was for Floette, the middle evolution of the Flabébé line. I didn’t realize exactly how small this Pokémon was until now, mainly because I had forgotten the entirety of Gen VI’s storyline. Anyway, this Pokémon can be hard to spot because of its size and somewhat subtle color change. However, I promised myself that I wouldn’t give up on this outbreak. The RNG gods must have born witness to my determination because I actually managed to spot it. Somehow the purple actually jumped out at me when I got closer to it. Not looking forward to trying to find the other forms, but I’ll cross that bridge at a later date.

Number 102

There was one more outbreak I wanted to head to and it was for the most well-known shiny Pokémon of all time. For those who aren’t aware, when they first introduced shiny Pokémon back in Generation II, there was one shiny Pokémon that you were required to interact with for story progression and it is many people’s first shiny Pokémon because of that. That Pokémon is the red Gyarados. However, just because it was easy to get in Generation II, doesn’t me I was getting lucky in an outbreak seven generations later. I even use a flying boost sandwich before I found the guy. I can’t be mad though. It still looks good.

Number 103

It was a new day of outbreaks and once again, there were two I didn’t have. One was Barboach and the other was Florges. Of the two, the one I wanted the most was Barboach. I didn’t have either of the shiny forms from its line since I failed to get any results from the Whiscash outbreak weeks back. So I hunted there first and the spawns were not the best. The body of water was kind of small and most of the spawns were on the surrounding land. It could have been better but not all was lost as one of the land-dwellers was a shiny Nacli. Honestly, an unexpected find. I turned my camera and found a mushroom with copper sticking out of it and immediately jumped at it to catch it. And that is how I met Nacli the Peckish. Now, back to the Barboach outbreak.

Number 104

Just kidding. I got bored. Unfortunately, the Florges outbreak spawns were not a lot better. It was a little weird but the spawns were stacking Pokémon for some reason. So around twenty Florges would spawn at a time, but they would be in five different spots with four stacked on each spot. The only real benefit was that Florges, the final evolution of Flabébé, has an easily distinguishable shiny form since it is a lot bigger than the previous two forms and the leaves change from green to purple. So to help speed things along, I made a fairy boost sandwich and kept checking out stacks until I found some purple leaves sticking out. It took about twenty minutes, but I found her. Thankfully I managed to encounter the purple one properly when it was hiding within the stack of its sisters.

Number 105

So, afterward, I was going to head back to the Barboach outbreak, but there was still some time left on the sandwich I made for Florges so I decided to head to a place where lots of fairy types spawned and test my luck. It didn’t go according to plan. However, I noticed something odd just when the sandwich was on the verge of running out. It was a Gothorita staring at me. Normally I wouldn’t think anything of it, but there was another Gothorita nearby also staring at me; for some reason, its face looked different. Now Gothorita was one of the few Pokémon I could safely say that I had no clue as to what its shiny form looked like. I may have looked it up at one point, but I probably forgot immediately. And yet, at that moment, I looked into that Gothorita’s eyes and realized that they weren’t the usual blue and felt its face looked a bit pinker. I gave it a check and it was shiny. It isn’t a fairy type, but I’m glad I came.

Number 106

Of course, I wasn’t going to give up on the Barboach that easily. I was able to figure out how to increase the spawn rate, but it was still taking a while. I was also feeling like my eyes were getting heavier every minute. However, I didn’t want to lose this opportunity so I forced myself to stay awake for as long as I could. Thankfully, at around 45 minutes to midnight, I found the little yellow guy. Getting four shinies in one day is something I can sleep on.

Number 107

The next day I decided to test my luck by visiting the raid dens that spawn in the overworld. I was just traveling to them in the hopes of maybe getting very lucky and finding some shiny Pokémon. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. However, at least I found a bright white Skiddo chilling in a group of normal Skiddo. So, at least it wasn’t for nothing. He even had a title making her Skiddo the Cloud Watcher.

Number 108

You know, now that I think about it, something else happened that day. About an hour after I found the Skiddo, I ran into a Scyther that looked like it was a darker green than usual. So, I ran up to it to see if it had any pink on it or if it was just the lighting. Fortunately, my senses were spot on as I found a green Scyther with pink joints. Still amazed I spotted the darker shade of green.

Number 109

The next day I was continuing the same sort of method. I was going in and out of raids constantly. At the time, I didn’t realize that the Pokémon around you get reset when you enter a raid. It seems obvious in hindsight, but I didn’t really it was the case until I found a yellow-brown Mudbray with blue hair next to me. The funny thing is I almost reset it by going back in. Luckily I noticed it in time.

Number 110

This guy doesn’t have a special story in particular. I was just cruising around while doing some more raids when I got distracted and started roaming around. Part of me wanted to find a Diglett to complete my line so I started looking for blue noses. Turns out that I found blue, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. A blue Voltorb was just rolling around in the quarry. Thankfully, I think that the shiny ones aren’t programmed to explode like the normal ones.

Prepping for Tears of the Kingdom

In the last post, I mentioned how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was on sale, probably as a way to promote the sequel The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that is coming out this May. I went and bought it. In fairness, the other games Nintendo released were not on sale. Also, I finished playing The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and I was still in the mood for more of The Legend of Zelda franchise. It has been years since I last played this game and I honestly cannot begin to describe my feelings going back to this game. However, I am going to try and do it anyway.

First off, the beginning of this game is a lot slower than I remembered. I really forgot how weak you are at the beginning of this game. It was a couple hours before I felt like actually getting a move on off the plateau. Now, for those who know my playstyle for open-world games, I usually brute force my way through exploration. To show you what I mean, see the picture below.

I am aware that certain elixirs give you heat resistance, but I decided it would be better to clear out some inventory and brute force my way through here. Was it the right move? Who cares? I made it, didn’t I? Now, this probably would have been a little bit easier with more heart containers, but I maxed out my stamina first. Then, I decided to wing it. Obviously, the risk was unnecessary, but this is coming from a guy who, on his first playthrough of the game, climbed into the Zora territory during endless rainfall with nothing but sheer determination. That is just how I roll.

Actually, during my first playthrough, I wasn’t as extreme in pursuing stamina first. I had a bit more of a balanced build. However, I decided that I wouldn’t get a single heart container until I maxed out my stamina meter. I also decided I wanted to head to the Goron territory first, and it went about as well as I expected. Luckily I remembered one of the most important elements of the game. Bowling.

The man on the left, Pondo, must be the wealthiest person in all of Hyrule because this man gives away Golden Rupees like candy. Of course, you do have to be decent at bowling, but once you know where to throw it, you’ll be making bank every time. This guy also conveniently lives right next to one of the towers in the snowy region. I love that he is pretty easy to locate, but, unfortunately, it is quite cold up there. Once again, the climate is interfering with my health. Fortunately, I remembered that equipping a flame elemental weapon can let you freely explore snowy areas if you equip the doublet you can get for the mysterious old man at the beginning of the game. Sure, it boasts no defense and you are in trouble if an enemy attacks you, but that doesn’t matter for grinding rupees while bowling.

Truth be told, I am pretty much a glass cannon. I have enough weapons to deal good damage, but most enemies can take me out in one or two hits. I’m working on that. In the meantime, the way I cope with having no health is by stocking up on various materials and armor to give myself potions for a fighting chance. I’m just kidding. I’m actually hunting fairies. I go to the fairy fountains I have accessed and grab unsuspecting fairies so if I go down I can be healed. See the picture below for an example.

I wonder if this is what it is like to be Mr. Crocker from The Fairly OddParents. Well, as you can see my training to remember what it is like to play breath of the wild is going well, minus the avoidable deaths due to fighting things with no health to my name. The only problem is that switching back and forth from this game to Pokémon Violet for shiny hunting causes me to fumble the controls sometimes. It hasn’t gotten me killed though. Yet. Well, I can say this game is still fun and I recommend that anyone who does have this game gives it a replay before the new one come out if you already plan to get it. The one thing that I have learned from this playthrough is that I can get away with being as reckless as I want, so long as I remember to save. Also, max stamina for the win. See you next week.

Shiny Living Dex (91-100)

All right we got another batch and after this, I will officially be a quarter of the way to the goal. So let’s get going.

Number 91

Now that we were getting closer to triple digits, I made it my mission to not find any more repeats. So I decided to stick to only isolated encounters and outbreaks until I reached my goal. I went to a Gastly outbreak with that in mind, only for it to reset almost immediately after I got there. Not only that, but I found a repeat shiny Varoom. I was not off to a good start.

Now with a new batch of outbreaks to choose from, I headed to one filled with Yungoos located in a cave. I gave up after three hours because I got tired of checking for the ones clipped into the wall. So, after abandoning that, the next outbreak I went to was a Revavroom outbreak. It only took me knocking out thirty of them to get the golden one. I should have left Yungoos to rot in a cave sooner.

Number 92

There was another outbreak I needed to go to and that was a Combee outbreak. This one was a little bit longer of a hunt and I had to use a bug-type sandwich boost to help seed things along. Fortunately, I did manage to find the red one soon enough. The one good thing about the rules I have set for this challenge is that I didn’t have to worry if it was female or not since I can only catch a Vespiquen for it to count officially. It still would have been nice if it was female though.

Number 93

Next, it was time for some isolated encounters. There was one Pokémon I thought would be nice to have and easy to hunt. It was the Pokémon Sandygast, the only ghost-type Pokémon that spawns at the beach. So, you know what that means. I made a ghost-type encounter sandwich and went around until I found a black sandcastle. It took about half-and-hour, which I can’t complain about. It also happened to have the Cloudy Mark and is now titled Sandygast the Cloud Watcher.

Number 94

There were a couple areas in the game where I didn’t have very many shiny Pokémon. One of them was the autumn area by the lake. I decided to just try my luck and see what happened. I did a full loop of this area and I happened to spot a yellow Fomantis. Since it was in a group of red ones, I figured out quickly that it was a shiny Fomantis. I realize I took an unnecessary risk here by not using isolated encounters, but it worked out so let’s not dwell on it.

Number 95

Now earlier when I went for Sandygast, that wasn’t my first thought for an isolated encounter hunt. I still had some time left before my sandwich expired after the Combee hunt, I went hunting for Rellor until it expired. After Rellor failed to appear, I switched targets and hunted for Sandygast. However, I couldn’t give up on it. I decided that I was committed to this hunt and wouldn’t stop until I finished it. So I stuck with the hunt and eventually I found a Rellor wheeling along a golden ball. I was scared I would miss it, but after actually seeing it I realized that worry was unnecessary.

Number 96

It was a new day and the day I was determined to make it to triple digits. There were two outbreaks with Pokémon that I hadn’t collected yet. The first was Luxray and the second was Haunter. I had to decide which one I wanted to start with. So, I made this decision using the most advanced method possible. I went to Luxray since it was closer. It was a fairly straightforward hunt and I managed to get a yellow Luxray for number 96. Four to go.

Number 97

After that, I went to the Haunter outbreak and did my best, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it in time. The sun rose in-game and I was forced to wait until the next night cycle. However, the outbreak was in the area where I hunted for Flareon unsuccessfully. I couldn’t stay here if I didn’t want a repeat. So, I warped to the mountains to do some more isolated encounters. There were three that I could think of and I decided to pick the bug type since I already had its evolution. That’s right, I picked Snom. It took about forty minutes to hunt it, but I managed to find its yellow face successfully. Three to go.

Number 98

Now because the hunt took longer than I thought, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to head over to the Haunter outbreak yet because it would probably become daytime before I found the shiny Haunter. So, I decided to do one more isolated encounter. This one would mark the first quarter of the Shiny Living Dex so I had to choose carefully. So, I defaulted to my favorite color purple, and picked Delibird for my hunt. It took roughly the same amount of time as the Snom hunt, but the timing lined up a lot better for the Haunter outbreak as it was sunset in-game. Thanks for being timely, purple Delibird. Two to go.

Number 99

Now, I had to come up with a plan. I successfully stalled for time, but I still wanted to minimize the risk of finding a repeat. The reason I was set on this is there were two slots left in my current shiny box. I could not mess this up. So, I had to use a sandwich. But which one? I spent some time thinking and I realized that the best option was a poison-type encounter boost sandwich. Since Haunter is ghost-type and poison-type, these were the best options to make sure Haunter would spawn. However, since I was playing Pokémon Violet, I had to be wary that Dreepy or Drakloak could spawn. So, the best chance of guaranteeing I would see Haunters by themselves was using the poison-type sandwich. While there was the potential that I could also get a shiny Gastly, at least I didn’t have that one yet.

So, I put my plan into action and made sure to search for a shiny Haunter. Since there were no other poison types in the area, the plan was going well as the majority of Pokémon around me were Gastly and Haunter. Now, all I had to do was find the shiny Haunter. There are two distinguishing traits for its shiny form. The first is that its tongue is blue. The second is that it is a lighter shade of purple. It isn’t a big difference, but I thought it would be more noticeable in a group. Turns out, it was. I noticed one looking away from me looked lighter than the rest of them. I went to look at its face to confirm and the tongue was blue. I caught it and now there was one left to go.

Number 100

Now earlier, I left something out. That wasn’t the entire plan. There was always a possibility that I couldn’t find a shiny Gastly before I found the shiny Haunter in the outbreak. So, if I didn’t get a shiny Gastly to spawn, there was the possibility another repeat would spawn. So, once I got the Haunter I needed to go somewhere else as soon as possible. Preferably, somewhere where I could find a poison type that I had yet to encounter for the Shiny Living Dex. Thankfully, I knew exactly where to go. There was a beach outside of Levincia where only one poison type spawned. I still had about fifteen minutes left on the sandwich. I wasted no time and started hunting. It was a gamble, but I hope that things would work out. And then, ten minutes later, it happened. I found a pink shiny Mareanie on the beach and with that I managed to find one hundred unique shinies. It’s fitting how I got another pink shiny for number one hundred.

I finally made it to triple digits. Now it’s time to keep on hunting. I’m closer, but I still have a ways to go. See you next update.

Shiny Living Dex (81-90)

And we’re back with another installment of this little series. Let’s see what I got for phase four of the Flareon hunt.

Number 81

You know, considering how common this Pokémon is, I am amazed it took me this long to get this shiny. Trust me, I’m not complaining, but I just find it odd is all. Well, at least it is a nice shade of… pink. Seriously, can someone tell me what is with all the pink shiny Pokémon in this game. I like pink as much as the next guy, but I think they might have overdone it. Still caught it though.

Number 82

Now it was time for outbreaks again. There were three outbreaks I had my sights on this time. They were Misdreavus, Magnemite, and Basculin. I decided to head to Misdreavus first since it was still night in-game and ghost types always despawn during the day. So I headed over and hunted there for about half an hour. Then, I managed to find a green Misdreavus at the top of a cliff. Not a bad start to the hunts today. Two more outbreaks to go.

Number 83

Next up was Magnemite, the pre-evolution of Magneton. This hunt took about twice as long as the other one. I also had trouble catching it and had to reload the save twice before I actually caught it. It was definitely worth the trouble for that nice gold sheen though. It also happened to be marked too with an uncommon mark. So its title was Magnemite the Sociable. It was pretty cool to get marks on back-to-back days if I’m being honest.

Number 84

I headed over to the final outbreak of the day. It was a Basculin outbreak, and thankfully this one actually worked. This game sometimes likes to spawn terrible outbreaks or ones that just don’t work, especially for water Pokémon. So you can imagine my relief when I found that they spawned pretty easily. Now this, was a long hunt. And as is typical for me and long hunts, I found other shiny Pokémon that weren’t my target. The first one was a repeat Psyduck, but the next one was this really cool turtle. I wasn’t entirely sure what shiny Drednaw looked like, but man does it have a nice shiny. The dark green with the black shell looks so good.

Number 85

Now this shiny, was a bit unexpected. I know what you’re thinking. You were at a Basculin outbreak and you got a shiny Basculin, what is there to be surprised about? Well, there is a certain mechanic that I may have glossed over. You might remember me saying that certain Pokémon have different forms. Well, certain forms are harder to find than others and the reason is because of outbreaks. For some reason, even though the outbreaks will show certain forms on the map, the actual outbreak will always spawn the base form of a Pokémon. As an example, the Tatsugiri outbreak where I got my shiny Curly Form Tatsugiri was actually displayed as a Stretchy Form outbreak. However, since Curly Form is the default form, then that is the one that spawned in.

Basculin has two forms. One is the Red-Striped Form and the other is the Blue-Striped Form. The default form is the Red-Striped Form. So even though the outbreak was displayed as the Blue-Striped Form, the ones that actually spawned were the Red-Striped Form. You might have an understanding of where this is going. Yes, somehow I got no luck with the outbreak, but about fifteen minutes before the outbreaks reset, I found a random Blue-Striped Form Basculin just chilling by itself. I noticed that it seemed to be lime green as opposed to its normal dark green, but I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at this point. Nope, it was a shiny Blue-Striped Basculin. Unexpected, but at least I didn’t do the outbreak with no payout right?

Number 86

So I didn’t get the Red-Striped Basculin before the outbreak rest, but I did manage to find a new outbreak to hunt in. The Pokémon at the outbreak was Eeletrik, which made me a bit nervous. The evolution line of this Pokémon, save for the final form, have very hard-to-spot shinies. However, I convinced myself that I would be able to notice the green dots on its side. I was wrong. The only reason I did get it was while I was knocking out Pokémon during the outbreak, my Quaquaval (Quaxly’s final form) refused to battle one of them. I was confused until it ran into me and I saw the sparkles. Well, it was about time that I was humbled I guess. I still caught it though so whatever. A win’s a win.

Number 87

Next up it was back to hunting for Flareon. As you may remember, I was on phase five after finding four completely random shinies save for Scovillain. When I made the fire sandwich, I was secretly hoping for that spicy pepper sporting those apple-bottom jeans. However, there was a serious danger that I would find more than one while looking for Flareon. I was a bit worried, but that worry lessened when about five minutes into the fire-type boost sandwich I found a shiny Espathra. I wasn’t expecting to complete the Flittle line, but I’ll take a brown ostrich over a repeat any day. Unfortunately, after this, my luck ran out of not finding repeats.

Number 88

While still on the hunt for Flareon, I was able to find out how to make a level-two sandwich for fire-type encounter boosts. I was finally starting to understand how sandwiches worked. However, that just netted me my third Scovillain. I can’t understand how my luck works sometimes. The sandwich netted me nothing but repeats. I figured once it ended I would try something new, but right before it ended I found a shiny Altaria. It almost flew away from me, but luckily I managed to catch the yellow bird before it flew away. Still no Flareon.

Number 89

Now you are probably wondering why this Pokémon is only appearing now. Well, according to the rules I set, I am going for a full Shiny Living Dex. That means I need three of each starter to complete the line. I happened to hatch another shiny Quaxly and I evolved it into a Quaxwell. It still sports the mint green hairdo, but it makes it work. Only one more Quaxly to go before I see the final evolution.

Number 90

This final encounter was when I was hunting for Tynamo because for some reason I really felt like torture that day. I had finally figured out how to make a level-two electric sandwich and I even found a good spot to hunt it. However, it seems the going theme is I never find my targets on these hunts anymore. I found two shiny Pokémon doing this. The first was the other form of Basculin I needed, and the other was a shiny Golduck. Somehow, even though it was facing away from me, I could tell it was shiny because it looked slightly darker. To confirm, I went up to it and saw its reddish beak and then I caught it. Simple enough, but I never did get that Tynamo.

Alright, I am almost a quarter of the way there. Full speed ahead! Looking forward to hitting triple digits.