Quick Gaming Update

I don’t usually do things like this, but I figured that I should probably take the time and address specific things now. You may have noticed that many posts lately have been me bouncing around and talking about whatever I did most recently. Well, since I have spent so much time shiny hunting recently, IContinue reading “Quick Gaming Update”

Shiny Living Dex (211-220)

Goodness, this one took a bit. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where I find more repeats than unique shiny Pokémon. Because I was also running out of box space, I decided to slow down my hunts before things got out of hand. Not sure if that really helped. Also, I felt slightly burnt outContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (211-220)”

The First Attempts at the Pantheon

Well, I figured I’d see where I was at by attempting the last Pantheon a few times. I would like to say that things went well, but that would make me a liar. Yeah, I don’t have some amazing story about how I managed to use all of my skills to beat it first try.Continue reading “The First Attempts at the Pantheon”

Hollow Knight Warm-Up Training

I just want to say that Hollow Knight is one of my favorite games. Even though it isn’t the game I have spent the most time in, I feel like I have enjoyed the time spent more, if that makes sense. One of the things I love about it is that there are still newContinue reading “Hollow Knight Warm-Up Training”

Shiny Living Dex (201-210)

It’s time for the next installment of the shiny living dex series where I slowly realize how difficult it is going to be to find all of these Pokémon. At least I haven’t hit a wall yet. Number 201 Let’s start off with an easy hunt. In the bamboo area in the Northern Province, IContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (201-210)”

Showing Off Some Shalphas

I will be honest with you. I had a lot of technical problems over the past couple of days. So, the only games I ended up playing were Pokémon-related. I said I would try and move away from Pokémon this week, but I didn’t want to rush something out of nowhere or try and frustrateContinue reading “Showing Off Some Shalphas”

Shiny Living Dex (191-200)

We have finally reached the halfway point! Woohoo1 Unfortunately things are only going to get more difficult from here. However, I am still going strong. My only problem is I need Pokémon HOME to be accessible for this game because I am starting to run out of box space with all of these extra shinyContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (191-200)”

Top Ten Favorite Shiny Moments in S/V (So Far)

So recently, and by recently I mean yesterday, I finally found shiny Pokémon number 200 for the Shiny Dex. That means I am halfway done with this project. Woot! Hopefully, I will have the latest ones up by the end of the weekend. That’s not relevant right now, instead, I thought it would be funContinue reading “Top Ten Favorite Shiny Moments in S/V (So Far)”

Shiny Living Dex (181-190)

And now back to our regularly scheduled program of hunting for alternate color palettes of virtual creatures. We are almost to the halfway point so let’s keep it going. Number 181 So another Charcadet outbreak spawned for me. This time though, I decided not to put my full attention on it. Even though I wouldContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (181-190)”

Heading Back to Legends Arceus

As you may know, I have spent a lot of time playing Pokémon Violet lately since I am trying to find every possible shiny Pokémon. However, playing the same game for a while can start to wear down on you after a while. That hasn’t really happened to me, but I know that does happenContinue reading “Heading Back to Legends Arceus”