Shiny Living Dex (141-150)

It’s time for the next installment of this series. Thankfully I had some good luck last week and got some more new friends to share with you. Number 141 I decided to hunt with some sandwiches again. This time I went for one that boosted poison types. I went hunting by the lake, hoping toContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (141-150)”

Shiny Living Dex (131-140)

It’s time for another installment of this series, and I must say that the repeats are really starting to rack up at this point. Hopefully it doesn’t get too high. Number 131 Now after I made a few poor financial decisions in the game, I was in desperate need of money. I spent a fewContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (131-140)”

Shiny Living Dex (121- 130)

It’s time for another edition of this long-running series. You know, looking back on the rules I set for myself, I will probably be at this for a long time. I’ll probably worry about that later. Probably around number 300 or so. But right now we have some new members to introduce. Here they are.Continue reading “Shiny Living Dex (121- 130)”

Shiny Living Dex Update

There won’t be any of these posts for a little bit, because we are caught up to where I am currently. Well, save for a couple of new shiny Pokémon and a lot of repeats. I will post new updates once I acquire enough of them. For now, keep your eyes out for any newContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex Update”

Shiny Living Dex (111-120)

You know, what’s cool about finding shiny Pokémon is even after finding over 100 of them, I still run into interesting situations like this next one. It’s time for a redemption arc. Number 111 Like Floette, Gastly was another Pokémon I didn’t have any luck with in outbreaks. However, on the day an outbreak withContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (111-120)”

Shiny Living Dex (101-110)

Alright, let’s keep things going as we head into the triple digits. We still have a long way to go. Number 101 This is an outbreak that I had been putting off for a while. There are a good amount of Pokémon in this game that are small. Due to this, it can be hardContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (101-110)”

Shiny Living Dex (91-100)

All right we got another batch and after this, I will officially be a quarter of the way to the goal. So let’s get going. Number 91 Now that we were getting closer to triple digits, I made it my mission to not find any more repeats. So I decided to stick to only isolatedContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (91-100)”

Shiny Living Dex (81-90)

And we’re back with another installment of this little series. Let’s see what I got for phase four of the Flareon hunt. Number 81 You know, considering how common this Pokémon is, I am amazed it took me this long to get this shiny. Trust me, I’m not complaining, but I just find it oddContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (81-90)”

Shiny Living Dex (71-80)

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this, at least for now. Let’s start by talking a little about failure. Number 71 Remember when I hunted for all three Tatsugiri? I hope so because this won’t make much sense otherwise. The Pokémon Tatsugiri actually synergizes with another Pokémon in double battles, withContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (71-80)”

Shiny Living Dex (61-70)

Time for the next batch and we get to start out with a special one this time. Number 61 I can honestly say that I haven’t been this excited to find a shiny since I hunted Shiny Darkrai in Pokémon Shining Pearl. When my Pokémon refused to attack the Ditto, I was in shock. IContinue reading “Shiny Living Dex (61-70)”