Ditto Raid Event

You know, as much as I like talking about Pokémon, I usually don’t talk about anything time sensitive like this, but this information is too important for me to not bring up. Most people know that Ditto is an important Pokémon for breeding. It breeds with just about any Pokémon. Due to its unique nature, people have often sought after these guys for breeding stronger Pokémon. You can pass down individual values (IVs) to Pokémon you breed to allow them higher stat potentials, but it only works if one of the parents has the desirable IVs. You can find out more on this process using Bulbapedia, but the main point is that having a high IV Ditto can help you breed the best Pokémon. So that is why this event is very important. Now let me break down the specifics of the event.

Each of the Dittos will be in five-star events you can see in the overworld or using the Poké Portal. Every single Ditto you will encounter will have 5 perfect IVs out of 6. That means that each one will give you a really high growth potential. However, there are a few notable ones that are rare spawns. The first is a Ditto with five perfect IVs and the worst IV for the attack. The second Ditto is similar except that instead of its worst IV being its attack, instead, it is speed. These two are mainly useful for certain types of specific builds in competitive play. This last one though is really something special. It is a Ditto with 6 perfect IVs, making it the best possible Ditto. Again, these three are rare, but with enough time and luck, you should come across them.

Now as a strategy to help things go quickly, I recommend having the Ditto copy a level one Pokémon at the start and just allow the other Pokémon to beat it up and knock it out. It is wrong to beat up a helpless Ditto with this strategy. Absolutely. In fact, feel free to use a Magikarp so that it can’t do anything while the others beat it up. Note that the Ditto will copy the host Pokémon always, so if you aren’t the host you can just bring your strongest Pokémon to beat it down. Once you are done, you can check to see if you managed to get lucky.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of this special event by any means necessary. That’s all from me. Best of luck!

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