Shiny Living Dex (161-170)

And we’re back with some more shiny Pokémon. Some of these I had been wanting for a while so it was nice to finally claim them.

Number 161

As I have mentioned before, each day I try and check the Spiritomb spawns to see if I can get lucky. On my way to the spawns, sometimes I come across a shiny Pokémon. This is how I found the Cubchoo from last time. This time, what I found is a shiny Bergmite all by its self. I managed to notice it was more blue than a normal Bergmite. Although, usually tend to notice it by its yellow features.

Number 162

While it tends to be rarer these days, every now and then I do find outbreaks for Pokémon I actually need. This time it happened to be a Persian outbreak. Now, you might remember that I have a good amount of shiny Meowths, but I still lacked a Persian. So, I got to work hoping I could find one with pink in its ears. Sure enough, I eventually found the pink-eared cat. I’m glad that line is finished.

Number 163

Now, it is a little absurd to think about, but I was in phase twelve of my Flareon hunt. I found eleven shiny Pokémon already searching for this thing, but I couldn’t give up just yet. One day I would finally find the shiny that I had been searching for all these weeks. This is not that time though. However, I got a green cub out of phase twelve at least, so that’s something. Who knows, maybe phase thirteen will be the lucky one?

Number 164

While I was hunting in that area, a new outbreak spawned one day for the Pokémon Brambleghast, the giant tumbleweed Pokémon. I saw no reason not to pause the Flareon hunt to look for this shiny plant. Thankfully, this outbreak didn’t take too much time and I found the shiny form. The white branches really stick out when compared to the brown ones.

Number 165

Sometimes, I just like to wander around and see what I can find. I couldn’t tell you what was going on in my head, but I just felt like cruising around and stumbled upon a shiny Pokémon. This time, I found a group of Fletching, and one of them had a brown body with golden wings. I honestly thought I would have found this sooner, but better late than never I suppose.

Number 166

Now, when I created this challenge, I realized later that I made a few oversights here and there, but there wasn’t anything too problematic since my ruleset was vague and I could adjust things as I went along. However, I ran into a big problem. Palossand existed on one small beach as a rare spawn in the wild. I can’t even hope to soft reset it. I just have to get lucky. I thought Slakoth would be the hardest, but it looks like I am getting a run for my money. anyway, I decided to try the hunt and see if I could find it. I didn’t, but strangely I found a shiny brown Naclstack instead. I mean, I’ll take it. Unfortunate about that hunt though. Another to add to the list.

Number 167

This shiny Pokémon was special. This was a redemption story. A long time ago, I had an outbreak for the Pokémon Whiscash. However, all I had to show for it after the fact was a shiny Psyduck. This time though, it needed to happen. I was determined to make this one mine. I spent over twelve hours hunting, to no avail. I had almost given up, but eventually I was blessed with a red W on the face of a Whiscash. Never before have I reacted so strongly to a fish. I nearly cried tears of joy. Thank goodness, I claimed it for myself.

Number 168

Another outbreak spawned later on that I still needed which I had to give up on before. This time it was Avalugg, the evolution of Bergmite. Unfortunately, this outbreak was in the water, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to spot the yellow streaks on its back and face amid the group. I was wrong, it is so noticeable. It took a couple of attempts, but I managed to catch it successfully.

Number 169

I just decided to do a different hunt on a whim. I decided to look for a Venonat to see if I could spot its blue eyes. It honestly didn’t take long at all. I found it in less than ten minutes. Don’t have much to say about this one. Even I was surprised with how fast this went. Well, only one more to go.

Number 170

This one is another bug type, but not for the reason you are expecting. The only other shiny I got with the previous sandwich was a duplicate Spidops. How I ended up finding it at an outbreak. A Charcadet outbreak spawned and while I was hunting for that shiny Pokémon unsuccessfully I looked over at one point and saw a flock of Murkrow with a yellow grasshopper in the center. Maybe the Nymble would have gotten away with its hiding spot if it wasn’t bright yellow. At least, I got something out of this outbreak. I didn’t find any blue-eyed Charcadets after all.

You know, it was nice managing to clean up a few of the evolution lines this week. Next week will be some more of the same so look forward to it.

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