Finally Escaping Prison! (In a Videogame)

Hey, I decided to do another one of these to at least show that I am capable enough of escaping prison in a videogame, on the lowest difficulty. It felt a little weird to detail my whole plan without a proper conclusion, so now we have the conclusion. Spoiler warning, I do eventually escape. Well, I hope you figured that out by the title at least. So, there are a couple of things I would like to note. First off, my original plan was still very much rough around the edges. Actually, I can’t really even call it a plan. I just thought to escape through the vents and that was it, but I still needed a way to get off the premises, and a way to ensure I didn’t get caught. There were also a couple of things I didn’t know until afterwards that made me rethink my approach.

Now before I explain my approach, I want to talk about the items I used for this. After getting my hands on a bunch of crafting notes and materials, this is what I used for my final escape. Sort of. I already explained that I replaced the vent cover with a fake to allow for ease of access into the vents. However, I will explain the other items you can see in the top right of the picture. The first thing is a multitool which is a sturdy shovel and sturdy pickaxe tied together with duct tape. It is useful for both digging and breaking rocks underground. The thing beneath it is Sturdy Cutters, which are way more efficient than using individual files and are much faster too. After that is my grapple hook which I can use to descend from the roof onto the ground so I can start digging to escape. You might be wondering why I am using the roof when the last time I was there I got eviscerated. Turns out that only happened because it was daytime. The watchtower sniper isn’t active at night, so the roof is actually a viable path. The next thing is a bed dummy to make it look like I am still in my cell when I sneak out at night. It is only two pillows and a bedsheet, but it is effective. The last item is a trowel. It serves no purpose whatsoever. More on that later. Now, onto the plan.

The Plan

1. Wait out the day until lights out and then put the bed dummy on my bed to ensure no one is the wiser.

2. Head up the vent shaft using the fake vent cover and put it back in place without being seen. Then use the cutters to clear the path to the roof.

3. Once on the roof, head to the edge and use the grappling hook to lower myself to the ground.

4. Dig a hole while not being spotted using the Multitool and head underground.

5. Dig a tunnel to head underneath the wall and dig my way up outside of the prison.

6. Walk off like a champion.

Now, these steps should have been straightforward, but unfortunately, I made a few miscalculations. The first was regarding dirt. On my first attempt, I realized that when digging, dirt would automatically go into my inventory. That meant I would need to have some free inventory space to accommodate all that dirt. Well, you saw earlier that I only had two slots available once I used the dummy. Add in the fact that I forgot how to drop things and let’s just say that I panicked and reloaded the save. Time to make a few adjustments.

I realized two things about this attempt. The first was I was not efficiently managing my inventory. the second was the trowel was useless as the multitool was just better in every way. I originally brought it as insurance, but it became baggage instead. So, I decided to do two things. The first was to switch the steps around so that I used the bolt cutters to clear the path first, and then later that night make an escape. The second was to dispose of the items I no longer needed. These items would be the cutters and the trowel. So now I had a new setup. Just in case, for the rest of the day, I trained up my stats so this is what I looked like before my escape.

So, with this, I would only need to use the grappling hook and the multitool after placing the dummy on the bed. It would have been foolproof if I hadn’t gotten careless and run into a guard. Turns out that max stats don’t mean anything when you get caught. Thankfully, on the third attempt, I didn’t get so unlucky and everything went just as I planned. After two in-game months of being in the slammer, I was home free. It is on the easiest difficulty, but a win is a win. I will say, that I went back and tested this strategy again after to see if I could use it to get the no-suspicion achievement. Turns out the answer is yes, as long as you don’t stupidly get caught with contraband at your job or go through people’s cells and cause a ruckus. If you play it safe you can do it too. In my case though, I just reloaded the safe each time I screwed up. It worked out though so I’ll take it.

Anyway, that was a nice change of pace for me. I might look into other games in my Steam Library I should give more attention to completing. Although, I might have to swallow my pride and look up guides for a couple of them. If the Pokémon Violet raids have taught me anything it is that if you don’t have a plan, just steal it from someone on the internet. Anyway, see you next time!

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