Attempting to Escape Prison (In A Videogame)

Every now and then I like to spend some time and go back to some games that I used to play in the past, but never quite finished properly. I just want to get a sense of closure you know. For instance, last year I played through both games in the Portal series that IContinue reading “Attempting to Escape Prison (In A Videogame)”

Why Metroid Fusion is Scarier than Metroid Dread

Now that Metroid Fusion has been released on Nintendo Switch Online, I decided to take the opportunity to play it again. Now, in my opinion, Metroid Fusion is one of the easiest games in the Metroid series. The game is built with a more linear story progression in mind and so there is a lotContinue reading “Why Metroid Fusion is Scarier than Metroid Dread”

Some Final Thoughts About The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Since the final trailer has been released for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, I figured I would take the time to talk about it. Before I just gave some general impressions, but this time I want to dive a little deeper into what this movie has in store for us. I know I am goingContinue reading “Some Final Thoughts About The Super Mario Bros. Movie”

Rare Pokémon Spawns in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

As you may know, I have been hunting a lot for shiny Pokémon. This has led me to realize how rare encountering some of these Pokémon out in the wild is. Getting the shiny charm can be difficult because of a few of these Pokémon so I figured I would mention them in case youContinue reading “Rare Pokémon Spawns in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet”