Some Final Thoughts About The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Since the final trailer has been released for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, I figured I would take the time to talk about it. Before I just gave some general impressions, but this time I want to dive a little deeper into what this movie has in store for us. I know I am going to see it anyway so I would rather not spend time obsessing about things I can’t change. So, with all that said let’s first start piecing together the plot.

We obviously know that Mario and Luigi end up somehow going through a portal to the realm of the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario and Luigi getting separated. Mario ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom proper while Luigi falls into Bowser’s territory. So, Mario teams up with the princess and eventually the Kongs to save the Mushroom Kingdom and his brother from Bowser. It’s a pretty straightforward plot, but some unanswered questions remain.

Let’s start with the first trailer. We see Bowser attacking the Ice Kingdom with his army and it looks as though he finds a Power Star. The question remains how this factors into his plans and if there are more of them. I really hope that they cut to that Mario Bros commercial after he asks out loud: “Who is going to stop me?” It would be pretty funny. However, this is only a teaser trailer so there isn’t much more to be gained. The only other thing we know is that Mario and Toad meet up and that Mario and Luigi are separated from this trailer.

Now, the next trailer sheds some more light on the origins of the Mario Bros. We already could tell this was going to be an origin story, but we could now confirm that something in New York brought them to this place. Luigi is now confirmed to be captured by Bowser so it looks as though he will probably not make any significant contributions until maybe the third act. Meanwhile, Mario is training to fight and seems to eventually end up fighting Donken Kong on Kong Island. We also see a couple of classic powerups such as the Tanooki Suit and the Fire Flower. The biggest reveal is Mario Kart and Rainbow Road.

Now let’s take a moment here. Why is Bowser concerned about Mario as if he is an obstacle to his plans. We know who Mario is, but right now he is a nobody. I wonder what reason there is for Bowser to take notice of him. Also, it seems like Mario and Donkey Kong are fighting in a tournament, but what exactly are the stakes. Maybe it is to get an army of Kongs to protect the Mushroom Kingdom? The biggest question for me though is how Mario Kart is relevant to the story. Clearly it is later in the movie, but maybe that’s just how people travel.

They then released some clips from the upcoming movie showing off a few other elements such as the Cat Suit, the variety of Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom, and a bit more of Mario and Luigi being plumbers. Then yesterday, we got the final trailer.

Now it didn’t show us too much more, which is nice. However, we do have an idea of a couple more elements. We get to see a Luma, signifying more to come with galaxies in the future. We see the Mushroom powerup for the first time, as well as Donkey Kong using a Fire Flower and teaming up with Mario to stop the invasion. We even see Mario doing a ground pound. We get to see more Mario Kart as well and how Bowser’s minions are on it. It makes me wonder if maybe Rainbow Road acts as a bridge between worlds or something similar and they are trying to stop the invasion by defeating them on go-karts. It is also possible they are actually racing them for some purpose that has yet to be disclosed. The one thing we know the least about is how Mario can fight Bowser’s invasion. The Power Star might come into play for the final fight, or something unexpected could happen.

Honestly, there is a lot to speculate about, but the question I really want to know the answer to is what’s next? Koopalings maybe? or is this a one-and-done kind of deal? We’ll see, but I really hope this isn’t the last of Jack Black’s Bowser because the man has killed it in every trailer I’ve seen. Well, I guess I won’t know until next month. Oh, well. I might have to review this movie when it comes out. I guess we’ll find out how things go in April. Bye for now. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the trailers if you want to do some speculating of your own.

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