Shiny Living Dex (131-140)

It’s time for another installment of this series, and I must say that the repeats are really starting to rack up at this point. Hopefully it doesn’t get too high.

Number 131

Now after I made a few poor financial decisions in the game, I was in desperate need of money. I spent a few days clearing out as many raid dens as I could find and by one of them, I happened to spot a group of Cufant, with one of them being yellow. I was hoping that I might find one of these eventually. What a nice yellow elephant.

Number 132

Next up I decided to try out a couple of strategies. The first was to hang out in one area where I was missing a few shiny Pokémon and see what I get. Soon after I found a cream-colored lion cub chilling by the cliffside. I’m off to a pretty good start.

Number 133

After the success of my first method, I decided to keep trying things out. I spent a little longer in the grass until I stumbled upon a yellow bird. I’m so glad I finally managed to find another shiny bird in this game. I’m even happier about the fact that I didn’t have to chase it down.

Number 134

I just realized that I never mentioned my second strategy. It is to reset outbreaks. I said before that I wasn’t going to do any date skipping, but this is different. When the outbreaks reset at the beginning of the day, I close and reopen the game to refresh the outbreaks for the day. It is a bit of a loophole, but I have a green Shuppet now so I think this method is valid. Besides, I’m tired of Flittle outbreaks.

Number 135

After the outbreak, I went back to that area from before to see if it was still willing to pay out. Turns out it was, as I found a walking mushroom with orange spots. Shroomish has always been one of those Pokémon I like without knowing why. At least it’s a nice shiny.

Number 136

A new day means I can use my reset trick again. I probably won’t use this every time but I will if I’m having a major drought. Anyway, I found a Rotom outbreak by the lighthouse where I finally got my shiny Ditto. So, I headed over and went hunting each night and left during the day. That is until I realized that they don’t disappear during the day. Then I just stuck around until I found myself a red bulb. Honestly, stuck out more than I thought it would. We’re not done yet though.

Number 137

Even though I found a shiny Rotom, Rotom happens to have alternate forms you can access through the Rotom Catalog. That means I need six Rotom to have every form. Thankfully I was successful in catching them all. I even got a surprising extra. A shiny Kirlia happened to spawn as I was collecting them too. Kirlia was one of the few Pokémon I didn’t have by this lighthouse so that was nice. Another blue shiny for the collection.

Number 138

Went back to that previous spot again to try and find something new. I was honestly expecting some repeats at this point, but I was proven wrong. I look away for one second, turn back to my game, and there is a green reindeer right in front of me. Honestly, I didn’t expect to get this, but it looks really good. You might be wondering what else I got after this. The answer is repeats. Lots of repeats.

Number 139

I was doing repeat hunts for a later date in a rather dangerous area. I only say it is dangerous because there is a lot of potential for repeat shiny Pokémon I don’t need. Thankfully, I got lucky and found a blue Lycanroc. It is one of the three forms I will need later, so I’m glad to get one out of the way now. This particular form is the Midnight Form, which only spawns during the night.

Number 140

The last one, for now, was once again found through resetting outbreaks. It was for the Pokémon Vivillion, a Pokémon that I didn’t have any representation of yet. I did unfortunately phase once and wasn’t having a lot of luck throughout the day. I was even starting to doubt whether I knew what it looked like. So, I did the sensible thing and double-checked. I was right. It had an all white body without any gray and I was just unlucky. Nothing to be done about that. Then I looked back at my screen and realized the shiny was staring at me. How does this keep happening to me?

Well, that’s it for now. Now that I have found a new trick to outbreaks, I might be able to speed things along. We’ll see how it goes. See you next time!

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