Shiny Living Dex (121- 130)

It’s time for another edition of this long-running series. You know, looking back on the rules I set for myself, I will probably be at this for a long time. I’ll probably worry about that later. Probably around number 300 or so. But right now we have some new members to introduce. Here they are.

Number 121

As you already know, the Bounsweet hunt has not been going great. I wanted to try going for some other Pokémon to mix things up a little. I went to look for a Zorua near Medali as that is the city I see most people finding their black and blue foxes. I figured there was no harm in testing my luck. Well, I ended up with a shiny that I have seen people get here during this hunt. It was a pink ninja spider, more commonly known as a shiny Spidops. Now I have to keep track of more phases again. Yay.

Number 122

I swear I have the worst luck with Alomomola outbreaks. This Pokémon either has an outbreak that spawns on land so they don’t show up, or right at the edge of the beach so they barely spawn in. Today, I wanted to just check this one off the list. The two things making this difficult were that only four were spawning at a time and the lighting was making these pink Alomomola look purple. That is a bit of a problem since the shiny is also purple. Eventually, I started to lose focus so I gave myself an ultimatum. If I didn’t find it by 2 pm, I would move on and do something else. As luck would have it, it spawned in ten minutes before the deadline. Go figure.

Number 123

I decided to try out some more isolated encounter hunts that day. Fortunately one of them was actually successful. I used a fighting-type boost sandwich to try to run into a shiny Flamigo as Casseroya Lake. The good thing about this was I didn’t have to enter the lake. The bad part was I forgot entirely that Croagunk spawned there so I got a little nervous. At some point during the sandwich, I decided to pause the hunt and come back to it later. So, I put my Switch on sleep mode and came back to it in about an hour. The screen turned on and the shiny Flamigo was right in front of me. I don’t know how I didn’t see this pale pink flamingo the first time, but better late than never I guess.

Number 124

Remember how I said I was doing isolated encounters? Of course, you do, it was in the last paragraph. Well, I was in the desert using a grass-type boost to find some new shiny Pokémon and as luck would have it the next day had a Cacnea outbreak. For reference, Cacnea is a grass type that only spawns in the desert. Unfortunately, my outbreak luck was at an all-time low because the outbreak was on top of a rock where only three or four would spawn at a time. but just like the Alomomola outbreak, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the Cacnea this time. However, I didn’t leave empty-handed. I managed to at least find a yellow Capsakid hanging out on the rock. It wasn’t the grass type I was looking for, but I was glad to get a new addition.

Number 125

Now as you know, the Cacnea outbreak didn’t go well. However, I did get a shiny Pokémon. The problem is that now there was a bigger danger of repeats. I could find Capsakid in places other than the desert, but not Cacnea. So I tried an experiment to raise my odds. I thought that if I made a dark boost sandwich, then it would have more Cacnea spawn because I thought more Cacturne would spawn and I don’t know. Listen, my brain has had better moments. Anyway, that didn’t work. But I didn’t want to waste the sandwich. That would be waste of food. So I tried to Zorua hunt again. I figured it would be the most productive way to burn my sandwich. I spent most of the sandwich doing the hunt as usual when I noticed that one of the fakers was not falling in auto-battle. Actually, my Pokémon refused to attack it at all. I was in shock. It started running. In panic, I ran after it without saving. The sparkles appeared and it revealed itself to be the black fox with blue socks. Never thought I would find this on phase two, but here we are. Nice.

Number 126

Next up was another isolated encounter hunt. I figured since the last fighting type boosted hunt went so well I could go for another one. My main target for this hunt was the Pokémon Falinks which has a nice brown color when it’s shiny. I decided to hunt in the area in the north with the bamboo trees in the hopes of finding it. I also thought that I would be fine with finding the other fighting type shiny Pokémon that spawned there. So after cruising around for about ten minutes I finally found my target. I almost sped past this brown Falinks, but luckily my brain registered it in time.

Number 127

You might not remember the rules of this challenge, but they rely very heavily on luck. It is honestly relying on borderline insane luck to complete. One of the more difficult ones is Spiritomb. That was one of the main reasons why I mentioned it last week. So, recently I have spent each day checking its locations to see if one of them is shiny. I have even started heading there early some nights to prep for the next day. Well, one morning as soon as I booted up the game I was greeted by something unexpected. There was a purple crab with red gloves right in front of me. While I was lying there in shock, it ran up to me and started a battle. That’s definitely one way to start a morning.

Number 128

There were some other Pokémon I was checking out periodically other than Spiritomb. One of them was Dragonite, as it was the only one I was missing from the Dratini line. I wasn’t able to find it over the past few days, but I wasn’t expecting to find it quickly anyways. However, what I did find one day was a white mountain goat. Thankfully I noticed the golden horns or I might not have seen this shiny Gogoat behind all the other Gogoat. It wasn’t the evolution line I was looking to complete, but I’m happy with this outcome.

Number 129

Sometimes, I just don’t really know what a shiny Pokémon looks like until I see it for myself. There is this Pokémon called Sunflora that is essentially just a walking sunflower. It isn’t anything special, but my brain would never remember what the shiny for this Pokémon looked like. I knew its body was different from its usual green, but I couldn’t remember how subtle the change was. So, I would fight any Sunflora I found in case it was a shiny Sunflora. Then I met one. This was around 12:30 AM, right before I decided to head to bed. This Sunflora ran up to me and I realized that the shiny color was actually a pale yellow. Good to know.

Now this one fried my brain. I had a strange time that day. I was having some trouble finding new shiny Pokémon to finish this batch up and then that day a new outbreak showed up that I was interested in. It was for the evolution to Arrokuda called Barraskewda. The main feature it had was the shiny version had a dark blue head. I figured it would be about as bad as the Arrokuda hunt and I was right. Now here is why things were weird. I had already found two repeat shiny Pokémon that day. So, my mentality was a little shaken. Then I look it up to make sure I could notice it and realized I probably could, but I would really need to be paying attention. Naturally, I got distracted by something and paused the game. When I came back, what greeted me was the shiny Barraskewda engaging me in battle. Apparently, it ran into me right when I got distracted and I had no idea. Thankfully I got to see the sparkles.

By the way, after that Barraskewda outbreak, I accidentally went into another outbreak and found another repeat shiny Pokémon. What a weird shiny turnout. Anyway, I’ll see you again next time. Bye!!!

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