Shiny Living Dex (91-100)

All right we got another batch and after this, I will officially be a quarter of the way to the goal. So let’s get going.

Number 91

Now that we were getting closer to triple digits, I made it my mission to not find any more repeats. So I decided to stick to only isolated encounters and outbreaks until I reached my goal. I went to a Gastly outbreak with that in mind, only for it to reset almost immediately after I got there. Not only that, but I found a repeat shiny Varoom. I was not off to a good start.

Now with a new batch of outbreaks to choose from, I headed to one filled with Yungoos located in a cave. I gave up after three hours because I got tired of checking for the ones clipped into the wall. So, after abandoning that, the next outbreak I went to was a Revavroom outbreak. It only took me knocking out thirty of them to get the golden one. I should have left Yungoos to rot in a cave sooner.

Number 92

There was another outbreak I needed to go to and that was a Combee outbreak. This one was a little bit longer of a hunt and I had to use a bug-type sandwich boost to help seed things along. Fortunately, I did manage to find the red one soon enough. The one good thing about the rules I have set for this challenge is that I didn’t have to worry if it was female or not since I can only catch a Vespiquen for it to count officially. It still would have been nice if it was female though.

Number 93

Next, it was time for some isolated encounters. There was one Pokémon I thought would be nice to have and easy to hunt. It was the Pokémon Sandygast, the only ghost-type Pokémon that spawns at the beach. So, you know what that means. I made a ghost-type encounter sandwich and went around until I found a black sandcastle. It took about half-and-hour, which I can’t complain about. It also happened to have the Cloudy Mark and is now titled Sandygast the Cloud Watcher.

Number 94

There were a couple areas in the game where I didn’t have very many shiny Pokémon. One of them was the autumn area by the lake. I decided to just try my luck and see what happened. I did a full loop of this area and I happened to spot a yellow Fomantis. Since it was in a group of red ones, I figured out quickly that it was a shiny Fomantis. I realize I took an unnecessary risk here by not using isolated encounters, but it worked out so let’s not dwell on it.

Number 95

Now earlier when I went for Sandygast, that wasn’t my first thought for an isolated encounter hunt. I still had some time left before my sandwich expired after the Combee hunt, I went hunting for Rellor until it expired. After Rellor failed to appear, I switched targets and hunted for Sandygast. However, I couldn’t give up on it. I decided that I was committed to this hunt and wouldn’t stop until I finished it. So I stuck with the hunt and eventually I found a Rellor wheeling along a golden ball. I was scared I would miss it, but after actually seeing it I realized that worry was unnecessary.

Number 96

It was a new day and the day I was determined to make it to triple digits. There were two outbreaks with Pokémon that I hadn’t collected yet. The first was Luxray and the second was Haunter. I had to decide which one I wanted to start with. So, I made this decision using the most advanced method possible. I went to Luxray since it was closer. It was a fairly straightforward hunt and I managed to get a yellow Luxray for number 96. Four to go.

Number 97

After that, I went to the Haunter outbreak and did my best, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it in time. The sun rose in-game and I was forced to wait until the next night cycle. However, the outbreak was in the area where I hunted for Flareon unsuccessfully. I couldn’t stay here if I didn’t want a repeat. So, I warped to the mountains to do some more isolated encounters. There were three that I could think of and I decided to pick the bug type since I already had its evolution. That’s right, I picked Snom. It took about forty minutes to hunt it, but I managed to find its yellow face successfully. Three to go.

Number 98

Now because the hunt took longer than I thought, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to head over to the Haunter outbreak yet because it would probably become daytime before I found the shiny Haunter. So, I decided to do one more isolated encounter. This one would mark the first quarter of the Shiny Living Dex so I had to choose carefully. So, I defaulted to my favorite color purple, and picked Delibird for my hunt. It took roughly the same amount of time as the Snom hunt, but the timing lined up a lot better for the Haunter outbreak as it was sunset in-game. Thanks for being timely, purple Delibird. Two to go.

Number 99

Now, I had to come up with a plan. I successfully stalled for time, but I still wanted to minimize the risk of finding a repeat. The reason I was set on this is there were two slots left in my current shiny box. I could not mess this up. So, I had to use a sandwich. But which one? I spent some time thinking and I realized that the best option was a poison-type encounter boost sandwich. Since Haunter is ghost-type and poison-type, these were the best options to make sure Haunter would spawn. However, since I was playing Pokémon Violet, I had to be wary that Dreepy or Drakloak could spawn. So, the best chance of guaranteeing I would see Haunters by themselves was using the poison-type sandwich. While there was the potential that I could also get a shiny Gastly, at least I didn’t have that one yet.

So, I put my plan into action and made sure to search for a shiny Haunter. Since there were no other poison types in the area, the plan was going well as the majority of Pokémon around me were Gastly and Haunter. Now, all I had to do was find the shiny Haunter. There are two distinguishing traits for its shiny form. The first is that its tongue is blue. The second is that it is a lighter shade of purple. It isn’t a big difference, but I thought it would be more noticeable in a group. Turns out, it was. I noticed one looking away from me looked lighter than the rest of them. I went to look at its face to confirm and the tongue was blue. I caught it and now there was one left to go.

Number 100

Now earlier, I left something out. That wasn’t the entire plan. There was always a possibility that I couldn’t find a shiny Gastly before I found the shiny Haunter in the outbreak. So, if I didn’t get a shiny Gastly to spawn, there was the possibility another repeat would spawn. So, once I got the Haunter I needed to go somewhere else as soon as possible. Preferably, somewhere where I could find a poison type that I had yet to encounter for the Shiny Living Dex. Thankfully, I knew exactly where to go. There was a beach outside of Levincia where only one poison type spawned. I still had about fifteen minutes left on the sandwich. I wasted no time and started hunting. It was a gamble, but I hope that things would work out. And then, ten minutes later, it happened. I found a pink shiny Mareanie on the beach and with that I managed to find one hundred unique shinies. It’s fitting how I got another pink shiny for number one hundred.

I finally made it to triple digits. Now it’s time to keep on hunting. I’m closer, but I still have a ways to go. See you next update.

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