Prepping for Tears of the Kingdom

In the last post, I mentioned how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was on sale, probably as a way to promote the sequel The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that is coming out this May. I went and bought it. In fairness, the other games Nintendo released were not on sale. Also, I finished playing The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and I was still in the mood for more of The Legend of Zelda franchise. It has been years since I last played this game and I honestly cannot begin to describe my feelings going back to this game. However, I am going to try and do it anyway.

First off, the beginning of this game is a lot slower than I remembered. I really forgot how weak you are at the beginning of this game. It was a couple hours before I felt like actually getting a move on off the plateau. Now, for those who know my playstyle for open-world games, I usually brute force my way through exploration. To show you what I mean, see the picture below.

I am aware that certain elixirs give you heat resistance, but I decided it would be better to clear out some inventory and brute force my way through here. Was it the right move? Who cares? I made it, didn’t I? Now, this probably would have been a little bit easier with more heart containers, but I maxed out my stamina first. Then, I decided to wing it. Obviously, the risk was unnecessary, but this is coming from a guy who, on his first playthrough of the game, climbed into the Zora territory during endless rainfall with nothing but sheer determination. That is just how I roll.

Actually, during my first playthrough, I wasn’t as extreme in pursuing stamina first. I had a bit more of a balanced build. However, I decided that I wouldn’t get a single heart container until I maxed out my stamina meter. I also decided I wanted to head to the Goron territory first, and it went about as well as I expected. Luckily I remembered one of the most important elements of the game. Bowling.

The man on the left, Pondo, must be the wealthiest person in all of Hyrule because this man gives away Golden Rupees like candy. Of course, you do have to be decent at bowling, but once you know where to throw it, you’ll be making bank every time. This guy also conveniently lives right next to one of the towers in the snowy region. I love that he is pretty easy to locate, but, unfortunately, it is quite cold up there. Once again, the climate is interfering with my health. Fortunately, I remembered that equipping a flame elemental weapon can let you freely explore snowy areas if you equip the doublet you can get for the mysterious old man at the beginning of the game. Sure, it boasts no defense and you are in trouble if an enemy attacks you, but that doesn’t matter for grinding rupees while bowling.

Truth be told, I am pretty much a glass cannon. I have enough weapons to deal good damage, but most enemies can take me out in one or two hits. I’m working on that. In the meantime, the way I cope with having no health is by stocking up on various materials and armor to give myself potions for a fighting chance. I’m just kidding. I’m actually hunting fairies. I go to the fairy fountains I have accessed and grab unsuspecting fairies so if I go down I can be healed. See the picture below for an example.

I wonder if this is what it is like to be Mr. Crocker from The Fairly OddParents. Well, as you can see my training to remember what it is like to play breath of the wild is going well, minus the avoidable deaths due to fighting things with no health to my name. The only problem is that switching back and forth from this game to Pokémon Violet for shiny hunting causes me to fumble the controls sometimes. It hasn’t gotten me killed though. Yet. Well, I can say this game is still fun and I recommend that anyone who does have this game gives it a replay before the new one come out if you already plan to get it. The one thing that I have learned from this playthrough is that I can get away with being as reckless as I want, so long as I remember to save. Also, max stamina for the win. See you next week.

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