Shiny Living Dex (81-90)

And we’re back with another installment of this little series. Let’s see what I got for phase four of the Flareon hunt.

Number 81

You know, considering how common this Pokémon is, I am amazed it took me this long to get this shiny. Trust me, I’m not complaining, but I just find it odd is all. Well, at least it is a nice shade of… pink. Seriously, can someone tell me what is with all the pink shiny Pokémon in this game. I like pink as much as the next guy, but I think they might have overdone it. Still caught it though.

Number 82

Now it was time for outbreaks again. There were three outbreaks I had my sights on this time. They were Misdreavus, Magnemite, and Basculin. I decided to head to Misdreavus first since it was still night in-game and ghost types always despawn during the day. So I headed over and hunted there for about half an hour. Then, I managed to find a green Misdreavus at the top of a cliff. Not a bad start to the hunts today. Two more outbreaks to go.

Number 83

Next up was Magnemite, the pre-evolution of Magneton. This hunt took about twice as long as the other one. I also had trouble catching it and had to reload the save twice before I actually caught it. It was definitely worth the trouble for that nice gold sheen though. It also happened to be marked too with an uncommon mark. So its title was Magnemite the Sociable. It was pretty cool to get marks on back-to-back days if I’m being honest.

Number 84

I headed over to the final outbreak of the day. It was a Basculin outbreak, and thankfully this one actually worked. This game sometimes likes to spawn terrible outbreaks or ones that just don’t work, especially for water Pokémon. So you can imagine my relief when I found that they spawned pretty easily. Now this, was a long hunt. And as is typical for me and long hunts, I found other shiny Pokémon that weren’t my target. The first one was a repeat Psyduck, but the next one was this really cool turtle. I wasn’t entirely sure what shiny Drednaw looked like, but man does it have a nice shiny. The dark green with the black shell looks so good.

Number 85

Now this shiny, was a bit unexpected. I know what you’re thinking. You were at a Basculin outbreak and you got a shiny Basculin, what is there to be surprised about? Well, there is a certain mechanic that I may have glossed over. You might remember me saying that certain Pokémon have different forms. Well, certain forms are harder to find than others and the reason is because of outbreaks. For some reason, even though the outbreaks will show certain forms on the map, the actual outbreak will always spawn the base form of a Pokémon. As an example, the Tatsugiri outbreak where I got my shiny Curly Form Tatsugiri was actually displayed as a Stretchy Form outbreak. However, since Curly Form is the default form, then that is the one that spawned in.

Basculin has two forms. One is the Red-Striped Form and the other is the Blue-Striped Form. The default form is the Red-Striped Form. So even though the outbreak was displayed as the Blue-Striped Form, the ones that actually spawned were the Red-Striped Form. You might have an understanding of where this is going. Yes, somehow I got no luck with the outbreak, but about fifteen minutes before the outbreaks reset, I found a random Blue-Striped Form Basculin just chilling by itself. I noticed that it seemed to be lime green as opposed to its normal dark green, but I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at this point. Nope, it was a shiny Blue-Striped Basculin. Unexpected, but at least I didn’t do the outbreak with no payout right?

Number 86

So I didn’t get the Red-Striped Basculin before the outbreak rest, but I did manage to find a new outbreak to hunt in. The Pokémon at the outbreak was Eeletrik, which made me a bit nervous. The evolution line of this Pokémon, save for the final form, have very hard-to-spot shinies. However, I convinced myself that I would be able to notice the green dots on its side. I was wrong. The only reason I did get it was while I was knocking out Pokémon during the outbreak, my Quaquaval (Quaxly’s final form) refused to battle one of them. I was confused until it ran into me and I saw the sparkles. Well, it was about time that I was humbled I guess. I still caught it though so whatever. A win’s a win.

Number 87

Next up it was back to hunting for Flareon. As you may remember, I was on phase five after finding four completely random shinies save for Scovillain. When I made the fire sandwich, I was secretly hoping for that spicy pepper sporting those apple-bottom jeans. However, there was a serious danger that I would find more than one while looking for Flareon. I was a bit worried, but that worry lessened when about five minutes into the fire-type boost sandwich I found a shiny Espathra. I wasn’t expecting to complete the Flittle line, but I’ll take a brown ostrich over a repeat any day. Unfortunately, after this, my luck ran out of not finding repeats.

Number 88

While still on the hunt for Flareon, I was able to find out how to make a level-two sandwich for fire-type encounter boosts. I was finally starting to understand how sandwiches worked. However, that just netted me my third Scovillain. I can’t understand how my luck works sometimes. The sandwich netted me nothing but repeats. I figured once it ended I would try something new, but right before it ended I found a shiny Altaria. It almost flew away from me, but luckily I managed to catch the yellow bird before it flew away. Still no Flareon.

Number 89

Now you are probably wondering why this Pokémon is only appearing now. Well, according to the rules I set, I am going for a full Shiny Living Dex. That means I need three of each starter to complete the line. I happened to hatch another shiny Quaxly and I evolved it into a Quaxwell. It still sports the mint green hairdo, but it makes it work. Only one more Quaxly to go before I see the final evolution.

Number 90

This final encounter was when I was hunting for Tynamo because for some reason I really felt like torture that day. I had finally figured out how to make a level-two electric sandwich and I even found a good spot to hunt it. However, it seems the going theme is I never find my targets on these hunts anymore. I found two shiny Pokémon doing this. The first was the other form of Basculin I needed, and the other was a shiny Golduck. Somehow, even though it was facing away from me, I could tell it was shiny because it looked slightly darker. To confirm, I went up to it and saw its reddish beak and then I caught it. Simple enough, but I never did get that Tynamo.

Alright, I am almost a quarter of the way there. Full speed ahead! Looking forward to hitting triple digits.

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