Shiny Living Dex (71-80)

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this, at least for now. Let’s start by talking a little about failure.

Number 71

Remember when I hunted for all three Tatsugiri? I hope so because this won’t make much sense otherwise. The Pokémon Tatsugiri actually synergizes with another Pokémon in double battles, with each form giving it a different synergy. One of them helps boosts its attack, another its defense, and the last one buffs its speed. The Pokémon that synergizes with them is called Dondozo. Can I just say that is one of my favorite Pokémon names ever? Anyway, I wanted to get its shiny form since it would pair up so well with my Tatsugiri. I had been waiting for an outbreak for a while and I finally got one.

Now I learned an important lesson. When resetting, do not jump and hover since it is harder to correct yourself in the air. I was resetting for a couple of hours and in the process of resetting, I turned my camera around and saw a giant yellow catfish swim away and despawn in front of my eyes. All I could do was watch as I lost the shiny. That one actually hurt a little. Sure I reclaimed it in about half an hour, but the pain I felt was real.

Number 72

The other outbreak I had to go to was Kilowattrel. I needed this one to complete the evolution line for the Pokémon Wattrel. I’ll give you one guess which one. Anyway, to help my search go quicker, I also used a flying-type encounter boost sandwich to force more of them to spawn. After a while, I managed to encounter it and capture it to finally complete the line. And yes, it is also pink.

Number 73

After that, it was time for some more isolated outbreak hunts, so I went and made myself a steel-type sandwich boost and went to the quarry area to search for encounters. I was hoping to not get any repeat shiny Pokémon here, but then I remembered that Varoom exists. So, I warped over to the desert where the only steel type that spawns there is Orthworm. I found the blue one five minutes after warping there. Pretty cool shiny Pokémon if I’m being honest.

Number 74

So something weird happened. The next day three outbreaks spawned and I figured I would head over to the Bronzor one first since I had never seen that outbreak before. The spot wasn’t great, but I was determined to see things through. And then, out of nowhere, all of the outbreaks reset. Honestly, not sure how it happened, but now the outbreaks were a lot less appealing. So, I decided to hatch some eggs in the meantime and just mess around. However, I noticed upon a second look that there was an outbreak I missed. It turned out that there was a Surskit outbreak on the map. I had never seen the outbreak before, but I was on the fence about checking it out. So I looked up the shiny. Fast forward two hours and I now had a shiny Surskit. In my defense, I really like dark blue.

Number 75

The next day I got a second chance at an outbreak that I lost the day before. It was the Magikarp outbreak. I saved the game to be sure that I was going to get it this time. I headed on over and was pretty off and on hunting there that day. Eventually, I decided that before I lose focus again, I should try and do the responsible thing and multitask. So I called my friends out of the blue to keep things interesting. Yes, I still call people. anyway, the hunt ended while I was on the phone as I finally found a golden carp. 25 to go until 100.

Number 76

I still really wanted Rellor, so while I was still chatting with my friends, I went back to the desert. I also decided to finally hatch the eggs that I had been meaning to hatch for a few days. I should mention that I was using the Masuda Method to hunt starters. I procured a foreign Ditto with the code 4448 4448 on the Portal and had it breed at the picnic with all of my starters. That way, I wouldn’t know which one I was going to get. Well, during the call I found out. It was a pink Fuecoco. Figures the first shiny starter I find is the pink one.

Number 77

Yeah, somehow in the same batch of eggs, I was able to also find another shiny starter. This time it was a shiny Quaxly. I honestly thought the mint green hair wasn’t real at first, and then it sparkled. I managed to get two shiny Pokémon in the same batch of eggs. Maybe I should shiny hunt with my friends on the phone more often. Didn’t get the Rellor, but I guess I can’t complain.

Number 78

Now, I realized I was starting to get a lot closer to the one-hundred mark and I only had one of Eevee’s evolutions. This bothered me. So I decided to try adding another to the collection. The two easiest hunts I could think of for this were Flareon and Jolteon. So I decided to try out Flareon. Yes, at this point I kind of forgot about Bounsweet. Whoops. Well anyway, I went to where I knew they spawned and went for a fire-type sandwich. There were two options I could find, Flareon or Scovillain. Guess who I found.

Yeah, it wasn’t my target, but after seeing it sport those nice jeans, you can’t help but love the guy.

Number 79

To be honest, I expected to find at least one Scovillain during this hunt, so I wasn’t too surprised that was the shiny I got for the first phase. However, it wasn’t time to stop yet so I moved on to phase two. I’ll be honest here and say that this shiny Pokémon looked better than I thought. You may remember I have all the forms of shiny Deerling. I knew I would have to hunt for its evolution, Sawsbuck. However, I didn’t have any plans to look for it yet due to a lack of confidence. However, I noticed this one immediately so I do have a bit more confidence. Still not sure how I managed to spot light brown, but at least that is progress.

Number 80

Let’s end things off with another marked shiny. I was working on phase three when I looked over a saw a giant yellow grasshopper. It was just standing there menacingly! However, it was a shiny Pokémon and one I didn’t have so I couldn’t falter here. I had to be strong and capture it for my growing collection. Welcome to the party Lokix the Peckish!

Only twenty more to go for 100. We’re getting there. See you for phase four of the Flareon hunt.

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