Shiny Living Dex (61-70)

Time for the next batch and we get to start out with a special one this time.

Number 61

I can honestly say that I haven’t been this excited to find a shiny since I hunted Shiny Darkrai in Pokémon Shining Pearl. When my Pokémon refused to attack the Ditto, I was in shock. I had to be sure though, so I saved and reset the game. There is this glitch where if you save in front of a disguised shiny Pokémon, the game will disguise them with their true appearance. So when I loaded up the game, I was met with a blue Ditto in front of me. I finally got my target on phase seven. It took four shiny Meowths and two shiny Grimers, but it was worth it.

Number 62

Next, I decided to go hunting for Bounsweet. No real reason why, but I wasn’t ready for another disguised encounter shiny just yet. The best way I could find to hunt for them was to have them spawn at a particular tree near Los Platos until one of them popped out shiny. It is definitely a slower-paced hunt, but it wasn’t as if I would not get anything in the meantime. At one point I noticed a Pichu behind me that looked like a was a darker shade of yellow than the others. I thought it was just the lighting until I encountered it. Turns out it was shiny.

Number 63

Later that day I was doing some more resets for Bounsweet when I realized an Eiscue outbreak had spawned. I realized if I went for this I would be getting yet another pink shiny. So, I went right over. It took me just about fifteen minutes to find this pick penguin. The one thing I love the most about these pink shinies is how easy they are to spot.

Number 64

Speaking of easy to spot pink shinies, as I was hunting for Bounsweet again, I couldn’t help but notice a certain brightly colored squirrel in the distance. I was actually quite surprised since I had found a Shiny Lechonk about an hour before this. Two pink shinies in one day!? You’ve got to love it. Especially when the squirrel is marked and has the title: Skwovet the Early Riser.

Number 65

Now things started to slow down for outbreaks around this point. No longer could I find four new outbreaks in a single day. Usually, two was the best I could find. A couple days after the pink shiny palooza, I found a unique outbreak. It was a Frosmoth outbreak. It wasn’t a Pokémon I knew very well, but I could at least distinguish it as shiny. It took me a couple of hours and some slight paranoia, but I managed to spot it. The green popped more than I thought it would if I’m being honest.

Number 66

A couple of days later I got a couple more outbreaks, one was for Cryogonal and one was for Cloyster. I started with the Cryogonal outbreak first since I really liked its shiny, but eventually, I switched to Cloyster for a change of pace. Since I got Shellder so quick and Shellder evolves into Cloyster, I thought maybe I would have more luck finding its blue variant. And I did.

Number 67

I headed by to the Cryogonal outbreak determined to keep my eyes peeled for this shiny Pokémon. I kept resetting the outbreak until I looked up and caught a glimpse of an interesting shade of blue. So I climbed up and saw the shiny Cryogonal staring at me with its glowing orange eyes as if it wanted the heat out of my soul. So, I saved and caught it.

Number 68

The next day I decided to pause phase four of the Bounsweet hunt. I decided that since I wasn’t having much luck with it then a change of pace was necessary. So I decided to do some isolated encounters elsewhere. But first, I had a Dragonair outbreak to go to. We’ve got to keep getting these pink shinies. Pink shinies for the win!!!

Number 69

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted a team of gold shinies. I already had four contenders for the role. I needed two more. The two I was going for were Magikarp and Rellor and since Magikarp was a more common outbreak, I decided to hunt for Rellor. So I made a bug-encounter sandwich to hunt around in the desert and eventually I found a group of Hippopotas with one of them looking a little sickly. Oh wait, that’s shiny. That would explain the lack of brown.

Number 70

Well, the Rellor hunt was a bust. I’ll probably come back to it later, but for now onto another isolated encounter. This time I went for an Oricorio with a fire boost sandwich. This encounter is basically guaranteed so there is no way I’d mess this up right? Right. I will need a few more of these in the future, but right now I am satisfied with actually getting a target. Only took twenty minutes to get this black-colored bird.

Alright, that about wraps it up. Join me next time for a touching story of defeat and redemption. Okay, maybe not touching, but anyway please read the next one. Pretty please?

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