Shiny Living Dex (51-60)

We’re halfway to one hundred. Let’s roll on into it! We got some fun ones this time.

Number 51

Now the next two days were also pretty outbreak heavy. The first day had three I was dead set on going for that day. They were Magneton, Varoom, and Forretress. The reason was they all have gold shiny colors. Due to the texture updates in this game, they look so nice. So I decided to go for them in the hopes of getting a full group of gold shiny Pokémon one day. I first went to the Magneton outbreak, but I wasn’t getting any luck so I made a temporary retreat. Then I went to the Varoom outbreak and met with similar results. So what was left was the Forretress outbreak which took about ten minutes. The road to gold shinies was no longer a dream.

Number 52

Next, it was time to head back and do some more outbreak hunts. I tried to find Varoom again, but after finding that Forretress, all I could see was gold like it was California in the 1850s. Eventually, I calmed down and went back to the Magneton outbreak. Now I was having trouble until I started changing my reset method. I decided to reset from on top of the mountainous area instead and somehow that did the trick. One to go.

Number 53

This one still took a bit of time after and dodging the others was a bit difficult because they move so fast. Eventually, I spotted it and wondered how the heck I was mistaking other Varooms for this form. Clearly, I underestimated how much the gold color popped on this one.

Number 54

After achieving my goal, I thought about calling it, but then I decided I would just go for every other outbreak on the map. So I head to a Buizel outbreak I had. I dove into the water and a bright yellow Buizel was floating there. The easiest outbreak of my life. I didn’t even have to do anything.

Number 55

Next up was Chewtle, another outbreak that was nearby. This wasn’t as quick, but the hunt still didn’t take me very long. It was only about twenty minutes before I found myself a green turtle. One last outbreak to go.

Number 56

Now, this outbreak is one of the most common spawns in Pokémon Violet. At least it is for me. However, I needed to do one eventually, so why not add a little challenge? So I got to work with an hour left to go before the outbreaks reset. Again, it was another quick hunt that only lasted twenty minutes or so. I thought it would be a bit harder to notice the green, but I guess not. No complaints here.

Number 57

After getting decent luck with the outbreaks the day before I decided to check them out again today. There were two I was to attempt. The first was a Klefki outbreak and it had a gold shiny so I wanted it. The second was for Floatzel, the evolution for Buizel. I wanted it to complete the line. I decided to go for Klefki and for whatever reason they were really struggling to spawn. To be honest, I made a sandwich to help but I have no idea if it did anything. Still got it though.

Number 58

Since the Floatzel outbreak was nearby, I dived off the cliff and into the water to get started. Unfortunately, I may have been a little too happy-go-lucky with resets. I am pretty sure I accidentally despawned the shiny Floatzel which was unfortunate. However, it may have been a blessing in disguise since I managed to snag a random red Clauncher out of it. What is it with this line and chilling by random outbreaks?

Number 59

After that Clauncher and another Wattrel surprisingly, I did manage to get another yellow Floatzel and complete the Buizel line. It could have been done sooner, but at least it wasn’t a total waste of time. After this, I tried the Ditto hunt again. Does anybody need a shiny Meowth?

Number 60

The next day I continued the Ditto hunt. Still no luck to be seen. I decided to head over to the Qwilfish outbreak to mix things up again since I was now on phase seven of the hunt. Qwilfish was a relatively easy catch and I once again added to my pink shiny collection.

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