Shiny Living Dex (41-50)

We’re almost to number fifty everyone. Will one of these be a shiny Ditto? I wish.

Number 41

I went back to hunting for Ditto and found a couple more shinies. And yes, one of them was a Meowth. At least it was marked with a rare mark. However, the other was, fortunately, a unique shiny. Even though I was using normal-type boosts, I still managed to have a shiny Grimer slip in through the cracks. The green pile of sludge wasn’t that bad a find though. Even if this meant going into my fifth phase, I was just glad it wasn’t another Meowth.

Number 42

It was a new day and a new batch of outbreaks. Today I decided that I would head to two different outbreaks. The first outbreak I decided to go for was a Wattrel outbreak. I figured I should just take care of it now and decided it wouldn’t be a difficult hunt. I even used a sandwich to force more to spawn in. Yet somehow, the pink bird I found was not the one I was aiming for. Instead, I ended up with a Murkrow randomly. I’m just so glad it wasn’t Hoppip.

Number 43

You know, I’ve realized that certain shiny Pokémon are easier to distinguish at different times of the day. I was struggling trying to see this bird once it hit nighttime. I did get the Murkrow, but that wasn’t what I came for and I wasn’t leaving without one. Eventually, after stumbling about in the dark for a little bit, I managed to get one. Not my favorite pink shiny, but in fairness, there is a lot of competition.

Number 44

After successfully getting the target shiny from the Wattrel outbreak, I headed over to the other outbreak I had planned for the day: Bronzong. Thankfully the time of day didn’t matter with noticing this one. Green is a standout color in snowy mountains. It took about an hour, but all-in-all, not a bad hunt.

Number 45

On my way back from the hunt, I decided to take a scenic trip up the mountain. Just figured I would relax a bit before attempting the Ditto hunt again. While I was up there, I ran into a new friend. A shiny Cetoddle just waddled up to me and smiled at me as if we were meant to be together. Turns out she was right. Now I had a friendly gray buddy by my side. Yay! By the way, the Ditto attempt netted me the privilege of a new phase with a second shiny Grimer.

Number 46

The next day was a time for more outbreaks. You might be familiar with these shiny Pokémon from a previous post involving spotting the shiny Pokémon. If not, I will say that I finally found that Slowpoke outbreak I was looking for and I actually managed to notice it even though the only major difference is that its pink body is a slightly lighter pink when compared with a normal Slowpoke. I had to really study the difference beforehand to make sure I wouldn’t fail it, but it all worked out. Figures though that the shiny for the pink Pokémon would end up being pastel pink.

Number 47

Next up was a Venomoth outbreak, and this outbreak was a bit weird. Now there are some Pokémon that are affected by the day and night cycle. Some Pokémon only spawn in the morning while others only spawn at night. Venomoth shouldn’t have a restriction like that, and yet the outbreak would always despawn during the day for some reason. So, I kept jumping back and forth between each outbreak until one paid out and instead I got a purple, marked Foongus. Still amazed I noticed Foongus the Sodden in the rain, but it was nice to see him. I would later find another I used for the challenge after one of the outbreaks paid out.

Number 48

The one that paid out was the Arrokuda outbreak. This Pokémon was playing real tricks on me in the water. The lighting kept making me think they look different and I kept leaving to check the Venomoth outbreak so I was struggling a bit. Eventually, I decided to just focus on the Arrokuda outbreak and thankfully that ended up working. Another Pokémon I am amazed I actually spotted. That hunt really made me fear for when I have to find Tynamo later. Small, blue, shiny Pokémon in the water should be against the law or something.

Number 49

Once Arrokuda was settled, I could now focus all of my efforts on catching Venomoth. Even with a limited time frame and the distraction of the second shiny Foongus, I managed to spot the shiny. Honestly, it popped way more than I thought it would so needless to say that I was satisfied with this hunt. For some reason I forgot this one was also blue until I spotted it.

Number 50

The final shiny to wrap things up was the last outbreak I visited that day. It was an outbreak for shiny Shellder. Since I started using the proper hunting method, this was the fastest I found a shiny. I only knocked out 20 or so Shellder before the orange version spawned. It was nice to end on an easy one.

We finally are at fifty. We are halfway to one hundred now. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Although I hope the hunts are easier on the eyes.

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