Shiny Living Dex (31-40)

Alright, it is time for the next batch of Pokémon. I know I left things off on a bit of a cliffhanger last time, so let’s just jump right into it.

Number 31

Now the other outbreak I went to the day I caught the Wooper was an Azurill outbreak. I headed on over right after I got the Wooper and proceeded to use a fairy-type encounter sandwich to help move things along. I’ll be honest the lighting in this game messed with me a couple of times during the hunt, but eventually, I caught the green little guy. Unfortunately, the Ditto hunt didn’t go so well.

Number 32

Now, this shiny Pokémon was a bit of a surprise for me. It is nowhere near the Ditto outbreak I usually hunt at and if I am being honest I was lucky that I was distracted. I believe I was coming back from an unsuccessful outbreak attempt when I ran into a Dreepy in a group with a Drakloak. They just randomly spawned in front of me and I was distracted so I didn’t start paying attention until I hit something. Turns out that there was a shiny Dreepy in the group. The only reason I noticed its light blue head was because of the collision. This is probably the only time being distracted while driving has worked out for anybody.

Number 33

Now the next day started off with a bang. I decided to hit up three different outbreaks that day. The first outbreak I decided to head to was a Silicobra. The main reason was it was the only one that was not by that lake. I wanted at least a bit of new scenery. So I warped over to the place that was closest to the outbreak. On my way, I saw a group of Makuhita with a Hariyama and one of them was sporting red boxing gloves. That was probably the first time I found a shiny on the way to an outbreak. Nice.

Number 34

Don’t worry. I made it to the outbreak. However, in the process of getting the shiny I was going for by despawning Pokémon in the outbreak, I found a random shiny Dugtrio just chilling by the outbreak. I am still amazed that I noticed its blue noses.

Number 35

Once I understood how outbreaks should be done, things were a lot easier. It didn’t take long until I managed to see the glowing yellow eyes of this shiny snake. It didn’t take long at all and I even got two extra shinies out of it. Surely, we can keep up this lucky streak right?

Number 36

The answer is no. I decided to do the shiny Veluza outbreak in the lake. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad. I was so wrong. Not only was I doing this hunt for three hours before I finally found the shiny one, but these guys would just not leave me alone! My god they are the most aggressive and obnoxious Pokémon to ever exist. Not to mention that the lake had me dropping frames like I was vandalizing a frame store. Honestly, a pretty miserable experience. At least the green looks nice.

Number 37

I needed the next outbreak to be easier to get over that whole fiasco. Thankfully it was and I got away scot-free. It was a Drakloak outbreak and the only reason I went is because of the Dreepy I got before. The fact that the shiny has a Dreepy on its head with the same shiny colors is very useful for spotting it as well as the fact that it has a lot less red on its body. Unfortunately, finishing the line with the rules I’ve set is not going to be easy. Let’s leave that problem to the future me.

Number 38

It was a new day of shiny hunting and I saw an old friend appearing in an outbreak: Bombirdier. In case you couldn’t sense the sarcasm there, let me spell it out. I hate Bombirdier. Its shiny is not that bad. I just always get the worst luck with its outbreaks to the point that it is mentally draining. This would be my third attempt at it. However, I made a commitment to myself to finally get it. Then after finding a bunch of them spawning in the ground I decided to come back later. There was another outbreak I went to instead and after doing a few resets I managed to find myself a shiny red lobster.

Number 39

The funny thing is the outbreak I was at wasn’t a Clawitzer outbreak. It was a Finizen outbreak. Yeah, it was just a random shiny that occurred during resets. Since I didn’t have a shiny Finizen yet, I kept going until I did. Thankfully, a purple dolphin is pretty noticeable in the water.

Number 40

Finally, I went back to that Bombirdier outbreak. At this point, I had already accepted deep down that I was going to go all out on shiny hunts from now on. So, I headed back and hoped that the shiny Pokémon wouldn’t spawn in the floor. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most obvious shiny, but that didn’t stop me from accidentally running into it. Listen, I’ll take what I can get. I do wish the gray wasn’t as difficult to spot though.

That does it for this batch. To find out whether or not I get a shiny Ditto, tune in next time!

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