Shiny Living Dex (21-30)

This post captures Pokémon 21 through 30 for the Shiny Living Dex. Let’s begin with another annoying hunt, because that is my life sometimes.

Number 21

After the Glalie outbreak, I didn’t feel like doing much more shiny hunting. I didn’t really do much except try and find a Tatsugiri and I came back with nothing to show for it. So the next day, I started with another outbreak. It was a Luvdisc outbreak, and how fitting that this one is the first one I talk about right after Valentine’s Day. This outbreak was in the water so the frame rate dropped a bit, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst of it. The hunt was so long. Again, I know I am not using outbreaks effectively, but spending three hours in the water was kind of annoying. It got to the point where my eyes were starting to play tricks on me. Thankfully this shiny Pokémon stands out very easily. Yellow is one of the few colors to pop in the water, so I’m thankful for that.

Number 22

I decided that I would take a break from the Tatsugiri hunt for a bit. I already had one and so I decided to use that to cope and move on. For now at least. So, I decided to do some more isolated encounter hunting. For the record, isolated encounter hunting is a fancy way of referring to using type boost sandwiches to force a particular type of Pokémon to spawn. Remember how I used a dragon-boost sandwich to force a ton of Cyclizar to spawn. It’s the same thing. Anyway, the Pokémon I was hunting for was Larvesta. Don’t know why I picked it, but I like its shiny colors so I guess it doesn’t matter. So, I decided to use a fire-type boost sandwich.

Now I should mention that each boost has three levels. Each level forces more of that type to spawn. However, having a higher level boost doesn’t mean you won’t run into any other Pokémon. It just reduces the odds. Especially in my case since I only knew how to do level-one fire sandwiches. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise that I ended up finding a shiny Phanpy chilling in a little group with its big brother Donphan. Honestly, this shiny isn’t easy to notice and the only reason I did was because of the others next to it. Shiny Phanpy is simply a lighter shade of blue than a normal Phanpy.

That isn’t to say Phanpy is normally a dark blue, but it can look that way when next to its shiny form. Honestly, it isn’t the best alternate color scheme. I will never complain about getting a shiny though. Even if I already have three of them (Looking at you Hoppip).

Number 23

Well, luckily for me I did manage to get my Larvesta. Honestly, this is a bit of a crazy story but I like to think it was kind of cool. Now, after a couple of days, I was having no luck with the sandwich method. Luckily though an outbreak for Larvesta coincidentally spawned so I thought I would run with it. I thought it was only a matter of time until I found it. that was my overconfidence. I spend some time doing it on and off but I wasn’t getting any luck. The time kept ticking until it was about ten minutes to midnight. One it hit midnight the outbreak would reset so I had to make a call. Do I bother keeping this up?

I eventually decided that at this point, the worst that would happen would be I’d waste another ten minutes so I kept at it. I had only a sliver of hope I was holding onto at this point, but even that dwindled steadily with each passing second. And then, a miracle happened. At 11:59 pm, I found the one with yellow horns. He looked so beautiful to me at that moment. That was definitely too close for comfort. Thankfully, shiny Pokémon do not despawn once the outbreaks reset for the next day so all I had to do was save and catch. I know I don’t nickname my Pokémon, but if I did, this Larvesta would be named Miracle.

Number 24

I still wasn’t quite ready to keep hunting for Tatsugiri so I wanted to pick another target. Now I started to notice at this point that there was not a lot of type variety to my shinies. Most of them were normal-type, grass-type, or dragon-type. So I thought it was time to spice things up. The type I decided to go for was a rock-type Pokémon. I was a little salty that I hadn’t found a shiny Nacli ( excuse the lame pun) and shiny Klawf was just too cool not to try getting. So I did some rock sandwiches and thought that I would be fine with whichever popped up. Surprisingly, it was the blue crab. Easily one of the best-looking shiny Pokémon in the game. That’s a W for sure.

Number 25

I had delayed long enough. It was time to get back to hunting for the other Tatsugiri forms. So I headed back to the lake and got to work. It was coincidentally around this time that I learned that Slowpoke had a terrible shiny. I thought to myself that the only way I am going to spot this shiny is if it appears in a group. Maybe that is what caused it. As I was moving about I found a group of Slowpoke surrounding a Slowbro. The thing is… it was the Slowbro that shined. Thankfully, its shiny colors are purple and gold so I noticed it right away.

Later on, I would coincidentally get a hacked shiny Slowbro through Wonder Trade. I then deleted it because I honestly don’t get the appeal of hacking in shiny Pokémon. I would have been so annoyed if I had gotten the entry for the Shiny Dex because of a hacked shiny so I’m glad that things worked out. Also, be careful of hacked shiny Pokémon. Just saying.

Number 26

After the Slowbro, I was still on the hunt for Tatsugiri. I kept chugging on through hoping to get myself a new shiny sushi pal. Of course, things wouldn’t go my way though. I ended up with another shiny Pokémon instead, but at least it wasn’t a repeat. It was a shiny Swablu, which makes sense since more Altaria were spawning because of the boost. This yellow Pokémon was the first shiny Pokémon I got in Emerald so it was a little nostalgic seeing it again.

Number 27

The next was an outbreak day for me. I managed to head to a Tatsugiri outbreak and get the Curly Form I was missing, leaving me with one more to go. I decided to go to one more outbreak to close off the day and I managed to find myself a shiny Psyduck. I’m glad I got a nice, blue shiny Pokémon for the Shiny Dex. Was kind of expecting a Whiscash since that was the outbreak I went to, but that works too.

Number 28

The next day… the unthinkable happened. I got the final form of Tatsugiri. I can’t believe I never got a repeat. Now I could move on to an even more brutal hunt. There were three shiny Pokémon that were very unique hunts in this game. These Pokémon are Ditto, Zorua, and Zoroark. These Pokémon appear disguised as other Pokémon in the area and so you can’t tell they are shiny unless you engage them in battle. You can also use the Let’s Go feature to check for them since your Pokémon will refuse to attack a Pokémon in this mode if it is shiny. It’s worth a shot.

After jumping around for a while and foolishly wasting almost all of my Herba Mystica, I decided to hunker down and just go for Ditto. So that meant Normal type boosted sandwiches in the area that they spawn. At the time I didn’t know how sparkling power really worked so I ended up wasting enough Herba Mystica that I never ended up using it on any of my hunts. I didn’t feel like grinding for it. However, that wasn’t to say that the level two sandwiches weren’t working. I managed to get a shiny Meowth for the Dex. Actually, I got two and that was just the beginning of the second-longest hunt I have done so far (in terms of phases). Oh, and guess what? The shiny version is only distinguishable by pink feet. This game really loves pink.

Number 29

After only getting Meowths during my hunt, I decided to switch things up in the hopes that I could break out of the pit I was slowly falling into while hunting for Ditto. I really didn’t want another Hoppip situation. I decided to go to the beginning of the game and hunt for one of the bug types there and I got myself a little spider with a red bundle of yarn on its back. Was my strategy successful in getting a bug shiny? Yes. Did it contribute to anything else? Absolutely not.

Number 30

For the final shiny for this post, we have an interesting little guy I got in an outbreak. It is Paldean Wooper, also known as Pooper to some. I caught the little purple guy in an outbreak in the morning and I was very glad to catch him. I went fairly quickly because I thankfully had a better idea of how outbreaks worked in this game. Thank goodness for that. The best part is he was my second marked shiny and so he is now known as Wooper the Stern. Although it is hard to see him as stern with that face.

I did get another shiny that day from another outbreak, but it seems we are out of time. See you next time for another batch.

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