Shiny Living Dex (11-20)

It’s time for part two of this series. We will now go on the wondrous journey of shiny hunting once again, this time with repeats. I should mention that while the shinies listed are unique, that doesn’t mean I always got my targets in a timely manner.

Number 11

That little preamble at the beginning is meant for this moment. Spring Form Deerling was quick enough, but more importantly, I didn’t go through any phases. Phasing in shiny hunting refers to when you find different shiny Pokémon than your intended target. You would then count each unintended shiny as its own phase. As an example, my shiny hunt for Summer Form Deerling was five phases. That means I found four shiny Pokémon before I finally found Summer Form Deerling. Unfortunately, three of them were Hoppip so that was disheartening, however, I did snag one unique shiny and that was Oinkologne.

Oinkologne is the evolution of Lechonk so it was a welcome addition since it helped me complete the line of that Pokémon. I got this one on the second phase of the hunt. It was a nice break from getting Hoppip and I eventually found my Summer Form Deerling. I hoped to myself that I would never have a longer phase than that. Looking back, I was hopelessly naïve. That will be a story for later. Thankfully, Autumn Form Deerling was the quickest one by far as it took me about three minutes to get one. That kind of made up for the previous hunt.

Number 12

Eventually, I went over to a friend’s house after Christmas hoping to continue the hunt. That day, there happened to be a Vaporeon outbreak. Now, I had never owned one of the Eevee line shiny before and I thought this was my best chance to mix things up a little. So I headed on over. At this point, I still wasn’t sure how outbreaks worked, but it didn’t stop me from finding a nice, purple Vaporeon. Perhaps, that gave me the luck I needed as I later found the last Deerling I wanted, completing the set.

Number 13

Moving on to my next target, I wanted to get a shiny Cyclizar. The hunt itself is pretty straightforward. Head to the area by the desert where they spawn and use a sandwich to boost dragon-type encounters. From there, it is a race to get the shiny. This hunt is slightly difficult because while a ton of Cyclizar will spawn, they will be constantly on the move so once the shiny spawns you have to dodge the moving Cyclizar while catching up to the shiny before it despawns. When it happened to me, I was slightly worried, but thankfully I was able to dodge the others and catch up to the shiny one. It did help that the shiny Cyclizar drove into a wall, but I wasn’t about to be picky. I didn’t have time to save beforehand this time, but I caught it with no real trouble. Tan shiny Pokémon acquired.

Number 14

Now after that quick hunt, it was time for my next target. Now since the Cyclizar hunt was only about twenty minutes I figured I shouldn’t waste the rest of this sandwich boost and try and find another dragon-type. The one I wanted was by the lake that was nearby. It was a Pokémon called Tatsugiri, a new Pokémon for this generation. It kind of looks like sushi and so I wanted it. So, I tried my luck and I found a shiny… Goomy. Honestly, I’ll take it. Yellow and pink look pretty good on it.

Number 15

Now I wasn’t about to give up just because of one phase, so I made some more sandwiches to boost dragon-type encounters. Before I go into what happened, I need to talk a little about Tatsugiri. This Pokémon has three different forms. Unlike Deerling, these forms are not determined by the environment. Instead, the different forms affect how they act, along with one other thing that I will get to eventually. The three forms are the Curly Form, the Droopy Form, and the Stretchy Form. The Curly Form curls up, the Droopy Form droops down, and the Stretchy Form stretches out. Pretty self explanatory.

Each of these forms has its own shiny colors. The Droopy Form is the easiest to spot since it goes from pink and white to completely white. The Curly Form stays orange but gets a brown splotch on its back like someone put soy sauce on it. Lastly, the Stretchy Form goes from yellow to orange with yellow lines on its back. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but the Stretchy Form is the hardest to spot since you can confuse it with the Curly Form which is also orange. The best way to notice it is if you see an orange Tatsugiri stretch instead of curling up. Well, that’s what happened to me, surprisingly. I don’t know how I managed it, but I met my target.

Also, take note of the fact that this Pokémon knows Memento, a move that causes it to faint immediately after use. If you encounter it make sure you have autosave off and save in front of it in case you need to reset the encounter. I haven’t mentioned this before now, but it was important to bring it up here. Luckily, the Stretchy Tatsugiri did not have that move.

Number 16

Now, as I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to collect every form of a Pokémon I can find. So I started hunting for the other two with another sandwich. After a while, I did find another shiny Pokémon, except it wasn’t even a dragon-type this time. Instead, it was a Tropius. Didn’t really know what its shiny form looked like before this, but now I know. Apparently, it is a lighter green color making it look like a dying plant. Get him some water!

Number 17

After that, I was not able to find a shiny Tatsugiri so I decided to change things up. Coincidentally, there was a Jumpluff outbreak nearby and I thought it would be funny to try and get the shiny while already having four Hoppip in storage. So I went and got one. I feel as though this is when I started to realize how many pink shiny Pokémon were in this game.

Number 18

Next up was another outbreak for the evolution of Noibat: Noivern. I don’t know how this Pokémon managed to just rearrange its color scheme to get such a cool shiny, but green has never looked so cool. The biggest trouble I had with it was ensuring I could interact with it once I found it. Pokémon that can fly tend to fly a lot in the daytime and roost during the night so sometimes it can be tricky if it is daytime in-game and the shiny Pokémon is flying around everywhere. I did get it eventually, though; at 10:45 pm. I had a little over an hour left to try and squeeze in one last outbreak.

Number 19

There was a Dratini outbreak nearby and even though I had little more than an hour, I decided to take the gamble. Thankfully, it only took about an hour for the pink to pop in. I was worried that I would miss it, but it seems it was an unnecessary worry. One more addition to the collection of pink shiny Pokémon.

Number 20

The last one for this post was honestly a miserable hunt. It probably would have been easier if I had changed my method, but alas I didn’t know how outbreaks worked still and I’m dumb. Anyway, there was a Glalie outbreak the day after I went hunting after all those shinies and I was ecstatic. Glalie was the last Pokémon I needed to collect for the Snorunt line. There were just two problems. The first was the cliff they spawned on made it very hard to maneuver between them. The second was the shiny itself. Glalie doesn’t have a great shiny. Its body is greyer and it has red eyes instead of blue.

Honestly, I thought I would miss it after respawning and despawning over and over for over two hours. Luckily, I managed to spot it since it spawned in front of me. Thank god those eyes pop out. Anyway, with that, I had completed the line so all’s well that ends well.

That’s all for this edition. See you next time for more shiny Pokémon! Knowing my luck there will be at least one pink one. And speaking of pink, Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who enjoy the presence of a significant other. I personally do not partake, but I you all enjoy your day anyway!

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