Shiny Living Dex (1-10)

It is time for the start of this shiny showcase. Let’s see the humble beginnings of how I started on this absurd journey to catch ’em all, this time with new colors!

Number 1

When I first started playing Pokémon Violet, I kept thinking about what my first shiny would look like. The only thing I really hoped for was that it was something noticeable. The only thing I knew was that while shiny Pokémon showed up visible in the environment, there were no sparkles when they appeared. I wasn’t lucky enough to get one on the first day, but after a few days, I finally found my first.

It was a beautiful pink Lechonk! Honestly, it caught me by surprise in the best way possible. I had finally found the last purple pillar and was headed to the shrine when I found this pink pig relaxing in the grass. Naturally, I saved the game and caught him immediately. It was nice to know that I didn’t need the shiny charm to find one. If you are wondering if he has a clever name, the answer is no. I usually don’t nickname my Pokémon because all the ones I come up with are terrible. So I just keep them as is.

The one on the left is the normal one. The one on the right is the shiny one.

Number 2

My next shiny Pokémon was at a time when I was going crazy trying to catch Pokémon before finishing the story. That actually means it was a day later when I was putting off finishing the game. I still had one Team Star base in the Northern Province by that super laggy forest area and while I was grinding and stalling for time, I found a big green bear sitting while being surrounded by his cub posse. Yes, it was a shiny Ursaring. Another really nice shiny, even if I already had one is Pokémon Legend Arceus. Although, that could be said for multiple Pokémon in this game, so it doesn’t really matter.

The shiny one is the green one running at me like I just disrespected his entire family. The normal brown one isn't too happy either.

Number 3.

Again, I was stalling, but this time I was doing it on a mountain. I don’t think I had a particular goal in mind. I was just doing some mountain runs. I think I was partially hoping for another shiny since it had been about a week since I found the Ursaring. Maybe it was a sign from above saying to stop stalling? I ran into a blue Snorunt up on the mountain. I accidentally spooked it into running off a cliff. I couldn’t let it get away. I kicked my Miraidon into overdrive and dove off the cliff to catch up only to find it was just chilling on a ledge there and so I got my third shiny Pokémon.

Two Snorunts hanging out. The blue one on the right is the shiny form.

Number 4

My next shiny Pokémon was an interesting encounter for me in multiple ways. You see, before I decided to actually beat the game for real this time, I wanted to try out outbreak hunting. An outbreak is when a bunch of the same Pokémon spawn in an area and they keep respawning there until either you knock out enough of them to end the outbreak or the time hits midnight and the outbreak resets. If you knock out thirty of them your shiny odds increase and they increase again after knocking out sixty. There will be a message showing you when you are running low on Pokémon in the outbreak, but it does not have any relation to the increased shiny odds. Granted, I didn’t know any of this when I was playing, so I did things a bit differently.

I decided when I got there to try out the picnic reset method. What that does is it resets the spawns after entering and exiting a picnic so that you could potentially force a shiny Pokémon to spawn. I figured that I would go to an outbreak and see if I could manage that. So I went to a Rufflet outbreak and tried it out. It only took three or four resets before I found the shiny. I thought it would be harder to spot the brown feathers at night, but I guess I was wrong. Not only was it a very quick hunt, but it was also my first marked shiny.

To briefly explain, occasionally wild Pokémon that you catch can have a certain mark on them when you catch them. There are many different types, but they are rare to see on shiny Pokémon since marks and shiny Pokémon are both rare. So I was surprised to see it had the Sleepy-Time mark found on Pokémon caught at night. So he is now known as Rufflet the Sleepy. Neat.

The normal one is flying at me like I have a worm on my face while the shiny one is kicking back to see what happens next.

Number 5

After that, I wanted to try another outbreak. This time I picked a Noibat outbreak. I liked the colors of its shiny form and I was still in the area. This one was not nearly as quick as the first. I did a bunch of picnic resets before I realized that leaving and despawning them that way was more efficient. I kept at it for an hour or so before I was finally treated to my latest shiny Pokémon. Personally, I think it was worth it. How can you not love seeing that green bat?

Once again, the normal one is flying towards me while the shiny one stays put. Flying Pokémon are quite energetic.

Number 6

Now this shiny, was when I after I finally finished the game and was on my way to getting the shiny charm. At this point, I was just looking for the last few Pokémon I needed to get the shiny charm. So I went looking for every raid I could find in the overworld. I didn’t expect to get any Wonder Trade luck after all. At one point I went through the lake area and realized I had missed one of the raids so I turned around and headed back in that direction. Once I got there I realized that I actually didn’t miss it and that my short-term memory lasts about as long as a YouTube short. It would have been a total waste of time if it weren’t for the Toxicroak and his crew of Croagunk. One of the crew was another shade of blue. It also had rosy cheeks like it was embarrassed I found it. I still caught it though.

Two Croagunks wandering around and looking confused. The shiny one is the one on the left.

Number 7

The next shiny Pokémon I found on a mountain. Listen, I was desperate for raids and I looked in whatever place I could find them. At some point, I tried to take a shortcut up a mountain and I somehow missed the raid by going to the wrong side of the mountain. don’t ask. However, I did find something else. There was a Camerupt on the mountain with some Numel surrounding it and it somehow noticed one of their backs had a blue spot instead of the usual green. I think you can guess what happened next.

The Numel were sleepy so I didn't interrupt their naptime. The one with the blue hump is the shiny one.

Number 8

This shiny Pokémon was the last that I got with the full odds of 1 in 4096. Again, it was a rather common encounter for those who have played the game, but at the time I was thrilled to find myself a shiny Hoppip. The green really does pop so it is a nice shiny. If only I knew how many of them I would find in the future. Oh, well. At least they are cute.

You may remember already from my previous post, but the shiny Hoppip is the green one. Interestingly enough, the later evolutions have pink shiny forms instead.

Number 9

A full month after beating the game, I finally found the last Pokémon I needed to complete the Pokédex. Interestingly enough it happened on Christmas Eve so I considered it a present to myself. It really helped me out with finding the shiny Froslass I was looking for in the outbreak. I already had a Snorunt which is its pre-evolution, but it was male and so it couldn’t evolve into a Froslass. After spending the morning with no luck, I found the raid I needed to earn me the last Pokémon for the shiny charm. I then used it to find myself a shiny Froslass. Although, I will say things would have probably gone quicker if I knew how outbreaks worked. Of course, I could have just missed the pink ribbon multiple times when hunting it. Sometimes, hunts aren’t easy.

The shiny one stares at her floating sister while she sleeps. This is one of few shiny Pokémon in my first ten with a subtle color change.

Number 10

Once I had the shiny charm, there was only one thing on my mind. hunting for every form of shiny Deerling. Why? I have no clue. Honestly, a Christmas-themed hunt would have probably been a better idea, but I was set on Deerling so that’s what I did. Deerling has four forms based on the four seasons, and I decided to hunt in the order of spring, summer, fall, and finally winter. To get the spring form, I went to the southern province to get it and used a sandwich to get a normal type boost. This was my first attempt at using sandwiches for boosts so it wasn’t super efficient, but it worked out and eventually, I found myself a shiny Deerling. As you may have seen in a previous post, I tracked down the other forms as well, but more on that later. All that matters is we have another pink shiny for the Living Dex.

You may already recognize this one from a previous post, but this is a shiny Deerling with its normal form sleeping not far away. These are both in their Spring Forms.

That’s the first ten shiny Pokémon I caught in Pokémon Violet. We still have a ways to go before we are caught up, but at least progress was made today. See you for the next bath. Goodbye for now!

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