Shiny Living Dex (201-210)

It’s time for the next installment of the shiny living dex series where I slowly realize how difficult it is going to be to find all of these Pokémon. At least I haven’t hit a wall yet.

Number 201

Let’s start off with an easy hunt. In the bamboo area in the Northern Province, I used a steel boost sandwich to try and hunt for something from the Kingambit line. That meant finding either Pawniard or Bisharp. Now as I was going around searching I noticed something interesting. Since this game is perfect without any flaws whatsoever, there would be instances where a lone Bisharp would spawn in a rock. I just noticed its head peeking out and thought how annoying it would be if I missed a shiny spawning in a rock. Fast forward about twenty minutes and I passed by the rock for the nth time during the hunt. Only this time the head poking out wasn’t red. It was blue. Well played, Pokémon Violet, well played.

Number 202

I wasn’t done with isolated encounters yet. this time I was after a version exclusive. I was hunting for Passimian in the Tagtree Thicket since it was the only fighting type in the area. I did take a couple of sandwiches before I finally found the blue monkey. As usual, I found it around the beginning of the sandwich so I had plenty of time before it expired. Let’s hope I get something else from it.

Number 203

Turns out I did. I decided to go hunting for Gallade since I figured it would be nice to get that hunt out of the way. The thing is that now that I was out of the woods, there were some more common fighting types that spawned in from time to time. Eventually, I ended up getting a repeat, which I would have normally been upset about, but instead, I got a second Pawmo. This one can be used to get a Pawmot since it is unavailable in the wild. So I walked my pink buddy for a bit and boosted him a couple levels until he regained his former pink. I find it interesting how Pawmi and Pawmot have the same shade of pink, but Pawmo’s pink is much lighter. Oh well, at least I have finally completed another line.

Number 204

I decided after that last sandwich to keep hunting in Tagtree Thicket since I was still missing a bunch of shiny Pokémon from that area. There were a couple of fairy types I needed so I decided to hunt for those using a fairy boost sandwich. And of course, I was completely unsuccessful in my quest. It still boggles my mind how I can start a hunt for a specific type of Pokémon and yet it is as if I never had the sandwich in the first place. How else would I have found a random shiny Grafaiai? Seriously though, I wasn’t expecting this to just show up. It really pops too with the brown ears and purple eyes. Not a bad shiny Pokémon at all, so I can’t complain.

Number 205

A miracle happened. An outbreak spawned in that actually had a Pokémon I didn’t have yet. I guess the game realized I had been hunting a lot in the same area so it decided to put a couple outbreaks there for me. One of them was a Pineco outbreak, something I was ecstatic to see since that meant I didn’t have to hunt for it in trees. After the Bounsweet hunt, I was really hoping that I might get lucky with one of the tree-spawn Pokémon spawning in an outbreak. Looks like I got my wish. So I spent the morning hunting until I found an orange pinecone sitting on a rock. This is a nice shiny color, I wish more Pokémon had this shiny color honestly.

Number 206

Now a couple of days before my hunt in Tagtree Thicket, I was planning on some other encounter hunts for fire-type Pokémon. I found a spot on the map where only Fletchinder spawned that had some potential. So, after getting bored of Tagtree Thicket, I headed off to that spot in the hopes I could get lucky. After a couple minutes, I found something. Now I thought that while the Talonflame line had their stomachs colored brown instead of grey, I thought that the change from orange to red feathers happened with Talonflame, the final evolution. Turns out I was wrong. The first thing I noticed about Fletchinder’s shiny was actually its red head. This shiny was better than I thought.

Number 207

Now I found the last shiny Pokémon about two minutes into the sandwich. I feel like either I find the shiny Pokémon immediately, or at the last minute. There is no in-between. So, with twenty-eight minutes left on the sandwich, I headed to find Salandit in the caves under Alfornada. I decided not to go for Flareon because I didn’t want to do it. I figured that chances were high enough that I could find it in that time. I think you can probably guess that I did not find the shiny Salandit. Instead, I found a random pink Toxtricity. Again, not what I expected. That works for me though.

Number 208

I tried again for the shiny Salandit. I was already there after all, so I figured that one more sandwich wouldn’t hurt. It didn’t. About twenty minutes into the sandwich I found a white Salandit. Just like with Combee, it happened to be the male variant that can’t evolve so that’s unfortunate. Thankfully, this challenge has spared me from this, although I wouldn’t consider it a win either.

Number 209

This game has a startling amount of pink shiny Pokémon. I don’t know if every game has this problem, but I know this game does. However, that wouldn’t stop me from hunting them. This next pink shiny Pokémon is one I needed to claim after failing to go after it in a cave outbreak. Yes, it is Yungoos. I headed to Dalizapa Passage and used a normal boost sandwich to find it, no matter how long it took. Then once I found it, I spent the other twenty-eight minutes of the sandwich seeing if I could get lucky with something else. I didn’t, but I got an easy pink shiny Pokémon at last.

Number 210

For our final one of this batch, I figured I would go for another easy one. I used a dark boost sandwich in the same area and spawned in a bunch of Sableye. I was also secretly hunting for Umbreon as well. However, I decided to change locations to the cave under Alfornada to have fewer Pokémon inside the walls. This worked out when after about five minutes after I changed locations, I found the yellow shiny Pokémon staring at me. He quickly ran up to me and I caught him. It may have taken a couple of throws though.

Well, that’s it for this batch. Tune in again for wherever I manage to round up more of these guys. Until then, see you!

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