Hollow Knight Warm-Up Training

I just want to say that Hollow Knight is one of my favorite games. Even though it isn’t the game I have spent the most time in, I feel like I have enjoyed the time spent more, if that makes sense. One of the things I love about it is that there are still new things to explore and discover. Whenever I have picked up this game for a new playthrough, I always find something new. Now despite my love for the game, there are certain things I haven’t finished yet. Just because I have found something, doesn’t mean I have completed it. The most notable instance of this is the final Pantheon in Godhome. To explain briefly, each Pantheon in this area houses a boss rush of a bunch of bosses that you have fought previously, with a couple extra bosses sprinkled in. Now the final Pantheon is special because it is the first four Pantheons combined into one long boss rush. You would think that since you beat the other Pantheons, it wouldn’t be so difficult to beat this one. Well, that would be wrong. This last Pantheon has a few extra surprises in store for you. However, the worst of them all is saved for the very end. The final obstacle, at least to my knowledge, that must be beaten to survive the Pantheon is Absolute Radiance.

For those who haven’t played the game, The Radiance is the true final boss of Hollow Knight that you can only face once you meet certain conditions. Absolute Radiance is a more difficult version of the original fight. Yeah, they made the final boss even more difficult. So, the first time I faced her in battle, I died a miserable death. Now that was unfortunate, but that also meant I unlocked the ability to practice fighting her in the Hall of Gods. The Hall of Gods is a place below the Pantheon where you can practice fighting against foes you have already encountered in Godhome. This practice area is how I was able to get as far as I did in the fifth Pantheon in the first place. So now it was time to practice this new foe. And so I did. Again and again and again. Of my many attempts to beat it, I have only managed to do so one time. Eventually, I had to put it down. I was getting worn down. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go back for a while as my laptop was having issues. Recently, thanks to my friends, I now have a Steam Deck. So now I can get back into training and fighting bosses again.

Above is a list of every boss I can fight in the Hall of Gods. Currently, I am facing them again trying to reclaim my fighting ability. My main focus right now is on the endgame bosses and any boss listed up there with a bronze medal. Bronze means I have beaten them, silver means I have beaten them on a harder difficulty in which they deal double damage, and gold means I did it without getting hit. My main goal is to be able to consistently beat all of these bosses before I challenge the final Pantheon again. Well, with the exception of Absolute Radiance. I don’t know if I will ever be comfortable enough to defeat it consistently. However, my hope is to try and beat this final Pantheon once and for all so I just have to keep at it. Who knows? If I finish up early, maybe I will finally start playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or something. Yes, I don’t have the game yet. I will get it eventually though, since I like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the sequel is just that plus so much more. This is still my priority though since this is unfinished business. Absolute Radiance will taste my wrath, mark my words. So, now I will go back to practicing. Wish me luck! I’m probably going to need it.

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