The First Attempts at the Pantheon

Well, I figured I’d see where I was at by attempting the last Pantheon a few times. I would like to say that things went well, but that would make me a liar. Yeah, I don’t have some amazing story about how I managed to use all of my skills to beat it first try. That is not something that happens to me. So, I will instead just talk about what I learned from getting my butt kicked.

First off, I totally forgot that none of the fights in this Pantheon are standard. You may remember how in the last post I showed a picture of all of the boss fights and how well I had done on them. I also mentioned briefly the difference between each level. Well, I may have left out an important detail. Once you go to the silver ranking, most of the areas change as well. So from the start, I am working with a harder layout for each boss fight. Thankfully not every fight is like this and the extra damage doesn’t apply. That doesn’t mean it didn’t throw me off at the beginning of it all. Would this come back to bite me? A little bit. The first run came to an end because of one of those altered stages. It was against one of my least favorite bosses Uumuu, a stupid jellyfish monster. The reason it is so annoying is unlike other bosses you have to wait for it to use certain attacks to damage it. It is such a pace killer and is just kind of annoying to fight. Well, hopefully, I will exercise better prowess and patience next time.

I did not exercise better prowess or patience. Yeah, the second attempt was a bit of an unfortunate series of plays by me. I rushed in and it cost me dearly. I ended up falling to one of the more difficult bosses in the early part of the Pantheon. There are a couple of unique bosses that you can only fight in this Pantheon. One of which is the Sisters of Battle which is the advanced version of the Mantis Lords battle. This one is difficult because all three of them come at you at once. Good luck trying to find time to heal when they are coming at you like that. Overall that run was worse than the first and thanks to that I was off my game and died tragically. So I’ll keep working on that patience thing.

All right, it was time for one more attempt. Will it be a decent attempt? Yeah… but man was the ending anti-climatic. I did get past the bosses that gave me trouble on the previous two attempts. Unfortunately, because of this I let my guard down and that led to me taking a beating for Sly and his giant nail. What was worse is that the heal area doesn’t come right after that fight like it does with the other nail master fights. So after I got my butt kicked by him and barely scraped by, I was thrown into the second Hornet fight, panicked, and died. Well, that is what I get for being cocky. At least I got about halfway through that time. It seems I still need a lot more practice though if I want to achieve my goals.

Well, see you next time. Hopefully next time I will actually have more progress to report.

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