Shiny Living Dex (171-180)

We have some interesting ones this time around. Here are the new additions to the collection.

Number 171

From the beginning, this was going to be a process that I couldn’t do alone. After all, I only have one copy of Pokémon Violet. So getting the version exclusives is something I need to do eventually. However, there is another important thing to recognize. I needed to sort out the Pokémon with special evolution conditions. Thankfully my friend Denison was willing to help out so I managed to find to get a Shiny Slowking. It is a darker pink and has a blue and white collar and it is all mine. A special thanks to him for helping me out here.

Number 172

Of course, since I had the opportunity I wanted to get the other troublesome ones out of the way, so I continued to do some trades with some spare shiny Pokémon I caught in preparation for this day. So that is how I got a shiny Gengar. Although, I’ll admit that it might be hard to tell because its shiny form isn’t very good. It is just grayer than a normal purple Gengar. That’s about it. It does seem a bit more noticeable in this game, but I don’t blame you if you get them confused.

Number 173

There was still one last trade shiny Pokémon to go. This one is definitely my favorite as it becomes a metallic green instead of its usual red. That’s right. The one I saved for last is Scizor, the evolution of Scyther. As thanks for my friend’s help, I treated him to a couple extra shiny Pokémon I had. I figured if we were trading, why not help him with his Pokédex and give him the same shiny Pokémon he helped me get. Win-win.

Number 174

There was actually one more thing I need to take care of and that was the evolution of Finizen: Palafin. This Pokémon only evolves in union circles so I joined a game with him and managed to evolve my Finizen into Palafin. This Pokémon is interesting because at first the only difference in its appearance is the new heart on its body. However, it actually does have a different form. Thankfully, this one only applies to battle, so I don’t have to specifically hunt for it. So I can just relax knowing I have a special purple dolphin.

Number 175

I took a little bit of a break from actively hunting while I prepared for the Typhlosion raid. By that I mean, running around looking for Health Feathers again at the lake. However, just because I didn’t want to find shiny Pokémon, didn’t mean they didn’t want to find me. I got a bunch of repeats, and frankly, I was starting to get fed up. So I went to that autumn forest by the lake for a change of pace. So I hunted for Zoroark again, not really expecting anything. That is until fifteen minutes later.

There was a Honchrow by the cliff that my Pokémon wouldn’t attack. At first, I thought it was because it was by the cliff. However, every time I targeted it, my Pokémon wouldn’t budge. I was in shock. This wasn’t the first time I hunted for this thing. I had maybe done it twice before. But I never found a shiny during those attempts. That meant this was still the first phase. Was I really about to get a purple Zoroark this easily? The answer is yes.

Number 176

Now there were plenty of other Pokémon I wanted to find in this forest, so I decided to stick around for a little longer. This time I had an easier target in mind: Heracross. I figured finding a bright pink stag beetle shouldn’t be too hard to manage. So after the dark power sandwich wore off, I went for a fighting type one instead. The result… was nothing. However, I wouldn’t give up after just one sandwich. So, I made another and a few minutes later, I found something. It was a big blue mushroom. Okay, it was actually a shiny Amoongus. It wasn’t my target, but at least it was new and that’s all that matters.

Number 177

Unfortunately, that second sandwich did not net me a Heracross. I just happened to get lucky and find a random shiny Amoongus. However, I didn’t want to quit yet. So, I made a third sandwich. I was riding around hoping that I could spot one soon, but things weren’t looking good. After twenty-five minutes, this sandwich was already looking to be a dud. However, I always keep going until the clock runs out. So, I continued looking for the pink bug frantically. Maybe my earnest wishes reached the game’s code because a couple of minutes later I spotted some pink out of the corner of my eye. That’s right I finally found a shiny… Toedscruel. Wait, what? Seriously? Again, I am not upset or anything. In fact, this is one of my favorite Gen IX shiny forms, but how is this happening? You know what I won’t question it. Let’s move on.

Number 178

What. Okay, seriously this has to be a joke. I only had two minutes left in the sandwich after finding the random Toedscruel, so how did a shiny pink Heracross show up one minute later? I was already in shock and the game decided to give me a double whammy out of nowhere. Again, not complaining. I did go into a panic when I thought I failed it, but thankfully my shock didn’t prevent me from remembering to save before encountering it. It took two tries, but we got her. Man, that was some crazy excitement. I don’t think anything will rile me up like that for a while.

Number 179

I was wrong. Almost immediately in fact. I have set up many hunts that I go back to every now and then, but this one has been a long time coming. I started this hunt about two months ago and due to how long it was taking, I started several more since then. Today, that hunt comes to an end. I finally found the shiny Bounsweet. As usual, I was doing a sandwich in the usual spot and after five minutes, it just showed up. My hands were literally shaking and I honestly didn’t know if I am dreaming. Part of me still doesn’t. But that purple leaf is real as it is beautiful. I think I saved five times before catching it. At this rate, I might start crying when a shiny Flareon shows up.

Number 180

Since I finished an old hunt, it was time to start on a new one. This one is one of the more difficult ones, but I put it off because I didn’t want to do it. Well, it’s time to move forward. I decided to start hunting for Sinistea. I understand that I could do outbreaks, but I want to go for the Authentic Form as well so outbreaks won’t help me there. Since it is a ghost type, I hunted for it with a ghost-type sandwich and had no luck. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did find a different ghost Pokémon roaming around. It was a Banette towards the end of the night, and it was blue. Again, not my target, but I can’t complain since it looks good.

That’s it for now. Some hunts end and new ones begin, but they are all decided by RNG so who knows how long this will take me. At least I am almost halfway there, right?

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