Taking On Teslagrad 2

Alright, I doubt many people will remember this, but a while back I talked about this game called Teslagrad. It was a game I got with a bundle that I decided to try out and play on a whim and I ended up really liking it. Platformers are one of my favorite genres and I also really found the mechanics to be fun to mess around with. The game is built on manipulating platforms and objects through magnetic fields. There were two main ways to manipulate magnetic fields. You can either change the magnetic fields, or you can use become a magnetic field. I thought it was pretty fun and this week the sequel game was released. Teslagrad 2 doesn’t have a way to change magnetic fields like in the first game. Instead, it focuses more on using your natural momentum to explore the area and the game world is bigger to compensate. There is definitely a good amount more area to explore than in the first game and you are going to want to make sure to explore it as much as you can. There are a lot more hidden collectibles this time, and they are scattered everywhere. I am currently searching high and low for them right now, and I do mean high and low. Some of these are high up on the mountains, while some are hidden deep underground.

Don’t get me wrong. the game is fun. It’s just that it has a different focus. The puzzles were the core of the first game with the exploration being more of a side activity. In this game, it feels like exploration is a puzzle itself and trust me when I say that you should consider backtracking after you have unlocked certain items. If you are like me, you might forget how to get back to certain areas you visited previously. I am not sure if there is a way to use map markers or anything, but for right now I just hope I remember where I am going. Thankfully with the new abilities introduced in this game, you can travel pretty fast. I haven’t had this much fun with momentum-based travel in a while. Some abilities do have some limited uses, but at least they never seem to make other abilities irrelevant like in the first game. You need these abilities to explore certain areas, but creativity can help solve puzzles outside of how they were intended. After all, once you find a good way to build momentum then you are all set. There is something else that might be useful.

There are special abilities that you can find that can also be useful in your exploration. If you keep an eye out for areas that have these kinds of golden leaf-like flooring, that means one is nearby. Each of these seems to have a lock you need to open by using your suit to activate a time trial where you must reach a certain building within a time limit. After beating the trial you can enter a special area that will lead you to these special powers. So far I have only found three of them, but they are all pretty useful. My favorite so far is probably the double jump. I don’t think these are necessary for beating the game, but if this game has multiple endings like the first one, then I should probably try to get as many items as possible before beating the last boss. At time of writing, I am also missing six cards for completion. I have no idea where they might be, but I will have fun looking for them at least. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy sliding everywhere. That’s about all I want to say so I’m going to go back to playing to make sure that this picture becomes a reality.

At least, I think that might be how it ends. Who knows? Have a good night everyone and I’ll see you next week. Hopefully, by then, I will manage to find the area I’ve been trying to remember all day. Really wished I had marked that down somewhere.

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