Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III

I think we all knew things had to end like this. Or maybe it was just me considering I came up with this plan from the beginning. I couldn’t help myself. It was too tempting to not hold off my general thoughts and ramblings of the final conclusion to this saga that has taken nearlyContinue reading “Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III”

The Power of Friendship Cliché

Hey everyone, it’s time for another cliché! However, I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to pick this time. Like I said before, there are so many different ones to choose from in this series. However, I realized that this was the first time I was covering a JRPG series on this blog. For theContinue reading “The Power of Friendship Cliché”

Now Hear Me Out: Birth by Sleep and Prequels

Now in earlier posts I have mentioned that there were some prequels that I found feel cliché and do not really add anything on their own. Now I am not opposed to having prequels to games and I want to make that point clear. Prequels can be interesting as long as they are trying toContinue reading “Now Hear Me Out: Birth by Sleep and Prequels”

Now Hear Me Out: Multiple Consoles and Kingdom Hearts

I see what the plan was Square Enix. You had ambition. You thought that you should use some of your greatest characters along with some of the most popular characters of all time to create an epic adventure across multiple games so that you could go nuts with all of the crazy ideas you haveContinue reading “Now Hear Me Out: Multiple Consoles and Kingdom Hearts”

Kingdom Hearts and the Dialogue Cliché

Why did I decide to do this again? Someone please tell me why I though this was a good idea. I understand that there were other themes I could have gone with here. So tell me what I am doing theming a month around the Kingdom Hearts series. I must have officially lost my mind.Continue reading “Kingdom Hearts and the Dialogue Cliché”