Kingdom Hearts and the Dialogue Cliché

Why did I decide to do this again? Someone please tell me why I though this was a good idea. I understand that there were other themes I could have gone with here. So tell me what I am doing theming a month around the Kingdom Hearts series. I must have officially lost my mind. Or maybe that has been because I have been watching some of the cutscenes from the games to refresh my memory on what the heck the storyline is about in this series. Okay, now I know I do not normally start off the month with a cliché and that I have talked about dialogue as a cliché before during Sonic month. however, I am giving myself a pass on this for two reasons. The first is because this is a criticism that is more focused on the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole. The second i that since I had to suffer through it, then you should allow me to share my pain. It’s only fair.

Truth be told, I was debating for the longest time whether I should do a light and darkness cliché or a heart cliché for this one because they are such prevalent themes in the series. However, I really that I actually did believe that they were doing enough to at least make the topics interesting. I enjoy that light and darkness aren’t entirely just good and evil and that there is a bit of grey area with what is light and what is darkness. I also enjoy the topic on what is required for something to have a soul heart. The villains are definitely the ones who play with the idea more, but it great to see it brought up. So if I like the main topics so much, why do I still get annoyed each time they talk about it. Then I realized that even if the themes are interesting, hearing the exact same argument over and over can really grate on your ears. Now in my opinion, this series suffers from a different dialogue problem than Sonic games. The problem with the dialogue is that since the game largely follows the same formula for each section and so the dialogue for each encounter can become painfully repetitive. It has the same back and forth each time and so I am left with the same feeling of some bad guy saying darkness is all powerful until we knock his shadows out. You see what I did there? The point is that despite it being a interesting storyline, you rarely get to see that intrigue in the actual game. In fact, going to the Disney worlds seems to be one of the least interesting parts of the whole franchise. The reason being is that you just keep watching a bunch of different actors read from the same script. It is honestly not that much of an issue, but after a while it can start getting on your nerves.

The worst part of all this though is that while each world may have a satisfactory conclusion, the problem is that outside of each world there is no real resolution to any of these questions. While they show how darkness does have its uses sometimes, I never quite understand how powerful darkness actually is or how much of it can be used without corruption. Also I really have trouble wrapping my head around where exactly hearts go once someone falls to darkness. It is probably super obvious to some people out there and all the power to you. However, I really have no idea how hearts work at all. I really can’t even tell if a heart is different from a soul or not. I want to assume to answer is yes, but goodness it is hard to even try and commit to that assumption. The dialogue isn’t helping there either as it just kind of introduces concepts and speeds along before I even said I was ready to move on. I would go into some examples about Heartless and Nobodies and all that, but if don’t want to do that to you guys. I would much rather you guys go and look for yourselves so that you can try and answer these questions for me. You would think for a game with Disney characters in it that it wouldn’t have such a convoluted plot. Whelp, now we know. Look, I am not saying the ideas are bad or that the presentation is bad. I am just saying that they don’t mix very well. Then again, you would have to be crazy to think that things wouldn’t get out of hand when creating a franchise that combines Disney and the Final Fantasy series. How do you even come up with that anyway? No joke, I serious am curious how loopy you have to be to come up with that idea. Who created this series again? Square Enix? Well, I guess I answered my own question. Hopefully, the next series they make will have a more coherent storyline that is easy to follow and engage with….. who am I kidding? Like that’ll ever happen. I can tell this is going to be a long month guys.

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