Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III

I think we all knew things had to end like this. Or maybe it was just me considering I came up with this plan from the beginning. I couldn’t help myself. It was too tempting to not hold off my general thoughts and ramblings of the final conclusion to this saga that has taken nearly twenty years to get to the third game. Seriously though, Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2005 and its true sequel came out nearly fifteen years later. Man, the wait must have been brutal to those people eagerly anticipating it. However, they are at least better than Valve since they are able to create the third installment of a videogame. It’s not like I have a serious emotional investment in these games to be honest. The main reason is because I haven’t really played any of them. In fact, the whole reason I started this month in the first place, other than a severe lapse in judgment, is because I found this series to be interesting. I have harped on about how complicated the storyline is time and time again, but I can’t help but be impressed with this epic storyline that has been going on for about twenty years now. That being said, that mainly applies to the story as a whole. I am not talking about each individual game since they work best as a collective series. To further elaborate, let’s actually start talking about Kingdom Hearts III.

Now let me start off by saying that the endgame where everyone comes together to save the day was everything I hoped for in an JRPG. However, I can’t help but feel that the payoff was built off by the groundwork laid by previous games in the series and this one just kind of killed time until its conclusion. Look, imagine if you were just starting this series and for some insane reason that us mere mortals could never hope to understand, you decided to start with this one. I know it sounds crazy, but if we could just go along with this hypothetical scenario for a little bit. Now, imagine you start going through different Disney worlds to get stronger so that you can unlock your powers and yet you never seem to awaken them until you have gone through the prerequisite amount of Disney worlds. In fact, some of them especially seem to just have you along for the ride with barely any actual presence in the world itself. Looking at you Frozen world. I just feel like you are just killing time and adding some things in to set up later games in the franchise. Like that whole black box thing that doesn’t come up until the end of the game. What was the point of that side story. Also, WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Sorry about that, I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll see myself out……….. not really though. Anyway I feel as though certain things could have had a bit more time to flesh them out.

I want to talk about how replicas suddenly became magic and how nobodies have their own hearts now. I feel like that sort of came out of nowhere. Was I super excited to see the reunion of Roxas, Xion, and Axel? Absolutely. Was I confused as to how it all worked out? You know it. Maybe I blinked and missed some dialogue somewhere about how they can just easily extract allow hearts to return to being human like it is nothing so long as a replica is within spitting distance. I mean Sora had to work hard to unlock Ventus’ heart! I think? Maybe? Actually, I still am not sure if the beginning of the game actually contributed to that or if maybe he just found out that the power was actually inside him all along and so now he is obligated to use it. It could go either way, but it still doesn’t explain when Roxas and Xion found their way out of Sora’s heart. Xion I can maybe understand since she was fighting with Sora and he might have release her heart unconsciously during the battle. However, there is no way he was clued into the whole Roxas plan so I have no idea how that worked out. Maybe I am just to dumb to understand what was going on at certain points or maybe I was just by cool fights that I missed some details here and there. I don’t really know for sure, but maybe that will have to just remain a mystery for me. After all, the game is still pretty good, it just could have maybe used some more side notes for dumb people like me as to how Sora is as bad as Samus Aran in keeping her powers between games. Or am I missing something else? Probably. But those are my thoughts so blame this series if you found all this confusing, because frankly I still am confused. Entertained, but confused.

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