Shiny Living Dex (191-200)

We have finally reached the halfway point! Woohoo1 Unfortunately things are only going to get more difficult from here. However, I am still going strong. My only problem is I need Pokémon HOME to be accessible for this game because I am starting to run out of box space with all of these extra shiny Pokémon. That’s for future me to worry about though. Let’s get things started.

Number 191

Now you might remember that last time I used a fighting sandwich to find a shiny Mankey pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the sandwich still had a lot of time left on it and there were not many fighting types in the area. That meant I had a very high likelihood of finding a repeat. So I had to move elsewhere. After stopping for a bit I decided to head outside of Medali where I could potentially get Primeape or Breloom. It took about ten minutes before I had my answer. It was a shiny Primeape. Even though the only differences are that its fur is a bit darker and its limbs are green, I noticed it immediately. That makes two shiny Pokémon for this sandwich. Can we go for three?

Number 192

Well, we didn’t end up getting three shinies during the sandwich. We ended up with four. Yeah, not only did a second shiny Primeape spawn in, but right behind it was a shiny Tropius. Unfortunately, Tropius was a repeat but man that was one crazy sandwich. The second Primeape wasn’t a repeat since I needed it for its new evolution. In this game, Primeape can evolve into the Pokémon Annihilape once you satisfy its evolution conditions. The in-game explanation for it is that Primeape gets so angry that it dies and evolves into its new evolution. That’s insane. Its shiny form isn’t as insane though with the limbs and fur of the Pokémon only being more blue. It is more noticeable with its limbs, but it is a little difficult to notice at first. And with only one level two fighting sandwich the entire Mankey line is finished.

Number 193

So, every now and then I try to catch others live streaming shiny hunts since it helps motivate me when seeing others doing hunts as well. I decided to ask the streamer what type of Pokémon I should hunt for to mix things up. They said I should go for a rock type. So that’s what I did. I didn’t have too many hunts I could really go for at this point, but I just kept jumping around until I got lucky. Fortunately, things paid off after I made my third sandwich while hunting in the autumn forest by the lake. I managed to find a tree that was not a tree. Only this time it was more obvious than ever because it was a different color than the others. The shiny Sudowoodo has a lighter body and red bulbs on the end of its arms so while it may blend in with the autumn leaves, it was still easy to spot.

Number 194

Now I decided to go back to hunting for electric types. You may remember that I acquired a Pachirisu last time. This time, I was dead set on completing the Luxray line. Somehow in both this game and Pokémon Legends: Arceus I managed to get a shiny Shinx and a Shiny Luxray. That means I need a shiny Luxio in both games. Naturally, I prioritized the game I actually am working towards collecting them all. I decided to move a bit away from the trees in the previous location to minimize Pachirisu spawns. That way the only Pokémon I should be likely to find are Luxio and a couple others. Well, guess what happened. I did not find a shiny Luxio. Instead, I found myself a secondary target. It was a pink Pawmo. The likelihood of me getting this before the Luxio was pretty low and yet here we are. This game really likes to mess with me huh?

Number 195

Once again, we have a rare occurrence of an outbreak that I haven’t seen yet showing up. this time it was a Bagon outbreak and since Luxio was refusing to show up, I figured I would head over. So, I did the usual hunt for it and kept riding around until one turned green. It only took about an hour or so, maybe less. It was refreshing to see how helpful outbreaks can be. It’s a shame I don’t get useful ones as often anymore.

Number 196

Honestly, that took way longer than expected. I didn’t think it would take that long just to find a yellow Luxio. This isn’t like some of my other hunts where more common spawns appear instead. It is the most common spawn in that area and they spawn in groups of five. And yet it took me so long to finally find one. Seriously, I can’t tell if my luck is good or bad sometimes. Well, at least I finally completed the Luxray line. That’s three lines completed this week. Sweet.

Number 197

So now that the Luxio hunt is finally over, it was time to change targets. I was sick of electric types so I decided to mix things up a bit and go hunt for a fairy type instead. Specifically on an icy mountain. The only fairy-type Pokémon that spawns on the mountain is Ralts and each group of Ralts is always supervised by a Gardevoir. So, after making the sandwich it took roughly two minutes to find a shiny Ralts. That was easy. I figured I might as well stick around for the Gardevoir only to find another shiny Ralts. This one happened to have a lunchtime mark making it Ralts the Peckish. It has been a while since I’ve found a marked shiny Pokémon. Welcome aboard! That’s one more blue shiny to add to the collection.

Number 198

I didn’t have a plan in mind. And whenever I don’t have a plan, it is time to hatch some eggs. So, I gathered up a couple batches and just started hatching them. I could either get another Sprigatito or the final Fuecoco I need for the Shiny Dex. However, even with the Masuda Method I never really expect to get lucky with any of these eggs. So, I was watching YouTube while doing some egg hatching. After all, nothing about hatching eggs over and over is exciting. At least, until you find a shiny Pokémon in the batch. I was watching a video when I suddenly heard the shiny sound coming from my Switch. I looked over and saw that I had just hatched a shiny Pokémon. This time it was another Sprigatito, which meant I could evolve it into a Floragato. again it is a more subtle shiny color palette with it being lighter and using purple in certain places instead of pink, but it still looks very nice. Only two more starters before I have them all.

Number 199

Now this one was another on-and-off hunt I decided to try for again. This time the Pokémon in question is Paldean Tauros. Now this Pokémon had appeared in outbreaks before, but I opted to not visit these outbreaks for three big reasons. The first is because of their aggressive nature. They love to charge at you out of nowhere and after experiencing that with Veluza, I didn’t want to have to deal with an aggressive outbreak again. The second reason is its shiny form. Normal Paldean Tauros is grey with a black mane, but shiny Paldean Tauros is the reverse with a black body and gray mane. So, while it may stand out in an outbreak, it wouldn’t be something I could easily spot before I get rushed by seven other Tauros. The third reason is the biggest though.

Do you remember how I said I wanted to go for the alternate forms of every Pokémon? Well, I did mean that. I am still a ways off from doing that successfully, but I do work on it. Now, Paldean Tauros actually has three forms. The first form is its base form. The other two are rare variants that can spawn depending on which version of the game you have. Blaze Breed Tauros is in Scarlet and Aqua Breed Tauros is in Violet. These can spawn in as the head of the packs rarely in the overworld and can be made more common by using either a fire-type boost or water-type boost sandwich depending on which version you own. So naturally, if I have to hunt for it, I might as well hunt for the rare form at the same time. So, I did do that every now and then, and the other day I finally got one of the Tauros to be shiny. It was the regular one, but that was the expected outcome. Oh well, at least I can mark it off. Although since it was still early enough in the sandwich I kept hunting in the area. Turns out, this was the right call as I found the rare shiny Aqua Breed Tauros in the same sandwich about fifteen minutes after the other shiny Tauros. What a useful sandwich.

After that successful hunt, I realized something about the area I was in. This was the perfect place to hunt for Flaaffy. Flaaffy is the evolved form of Mareep, and while its shiny form is often looked down upon in the Ampharos line, I still quite like it. Its fur and body change to a bright pink and the orb on its tail changes from blue to green. After making an electric sandwich like I had been doing for my Luxio hunts, I figured I would be able to spot it easily if I came across it. And I was totally right. It really popped out at night and to commemorate finding my 200th unique shiny, the game blessed with a mark on the pink sheep. So that makes Flaafy the Sleepy my 200th shiny and the second one for the Ampharos line.

With that, we are almost halfway done with this project of mine. However, I don’t expect it to end anytime soon. I’m just glad I managed to get this far before my birthday tomorrow. I’m getting closer to the end and I can’t stop now.

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