Shiny Living Dex (181-190)

And now back to our regularly scheduled program of hunting for alternate color palettes of virtual creatures. We are almost to the halfway point so let’s keep it going.

Number 181

So another Charcadet outbreak spawned for me. This time though, I decided not to put my full attention on it. Even though I would need at least three of these for the Shiny Dex, I still didn’t feel like trying to kill myself looking for the ones with blue eyes. Seriously, it’s such an awful shiny Pokémon. However, somehow that resulted in me successfully finding one on my third check-in of the day. It doesn’t really make sense to me how usually when I don’t want something, it ends up showing up. Well, I guess that worked out. That makes one blue-eyed fire boy for me.

Number 182

Now I got lucky with that first one, but I didn’t think I was very likely I would get another. However, it was late, and since the reset timer was getting closer I figured why not test my luck some more. So, I gave it a shot and found another one with twenty minutes to spare. Now, the question is what to evolve it into? Not really. I have Violet so at the moment I can only go with evolving it into Ceruledge. Armorouge will have to wait. It’s a shame that Ceruledge can look so cool and yet have such a sad shiny form. All they did was have his eyes glow yellow instead of purple. Seriously, why are they so obsessed with eyes?

Number 183

I headed to the area where I normally hunt for Flareon again. I had a different target in mind this time around. I wanted to go for a Pawmo because I needed to find two to get the Pawmot I needed and it would be better to start on that now. Unfortunately, I screwed up the sandwich so it result in only a level one boost for electric types. Since I didn’t want to waste the sandwich I figured I would stick with it. Did I find a pink shiny? Yes. Was it my target? Of course not. Why would it be? It wasn’t the lucky Ampharos find either. It wasn’t even an electric type. It was a random Jigglypuff in a group with a Wigglytuff in the center. I double-checked it just to be sure and sure enough one of the Jigglypuffs had green eyes. I sure as heck wasn’t going to notice that it was a slightly different shade of pink. Also, I promise this is the last one dealing with different colored contact lenses.

Number 184

The rest of the hunts weren’t anything special. Some days are just better than others. I was planning to call it and head to bed when that weird glitch happened again. Specifically, the one that refreshes all of the outbreaks on the map out of nowhere. I have no idea why it likes to do this right before I go to bed, but I wasn’t in a position to care at this time. The reason was there was a new outbreak I had never seen before, a Vesbiquen outbreak. For those who don’t know, Vesbiquen can be difficult to ordinarily get shiny since it has a special evolution condition. If I weren’t doing a special challenge, I would still need to ensure I found a shiny female Combee, since only female Combees evolve into Vesbiquen. So naturally, when I saw this outbreak appear I booked it over like it was Black Friday.

Unfortunately, the Pokémon that spawned in the outbreak were annoying ones such as Lokix, Hawlucha, Houndoom, etc. I normally wouldn’t care about these aggressive Pokémon, but I had a time limit. I only had about half an hour from when the outbreak spawned to when the game reset them again at midnight. Every second counted. After all, just cause I knock out sixty Vesbiquen doesn’t mean I will find it right away. At least, that’s what I would say if it didn’t spawn right after defeating the sixtieth Vesbiquen. Getting the red Vesbiquen was thankfully not as painful as it could have been, and I’m glad I got lucky.

Number 185

After that luck with the Vesbiquen, I went to bed and woke up the next day with a new plan. I went back to the area I hunted before where I randomly found the Jigglypuff and decided instead to hunt for another Pokémon. I decided to use a steel boost sandwich this type since there were only two types of Pokémon that were boosted with that sandwich. The Lucario line and Tinkatuff. Both are pretty easy to spot since both Riolu and Lucario are yellow and Tinkatuff has a bronze hammer. There were four Pokémon I had as targets. I needed a Riolu, its evolved form Lucario, and two Tinkatuffs. The questions were who would I get first and would there be any repeats? I’ll hold off on the answer to the second question for now, but the answer to the first is surprisingly Lucario. Yeah, I managed to get the yellow Lucario first. Nice.

Number 186

One target down and three to go. Now, I was feeling pretty good about not finding a repeat since Lucario was the rarest spawn in my list of targets. So, I kept going to test my luck and at the end of the same sandwich I found Lucario, I managed to locate another target. This time it was the little pink troublemaker with the bronze hammer. That’s right, I got myself a Tinkatuff. I was glad to find it before the Riolu because I didn’t want to use a fairy boost sandwich and risk running into another shiny Jigglypuff. Two targets down and two to go.

Number 187

Well, somehow I ended up continuing the lucky streak that I was on since the next sandwich netted me another shiny Pokémon that wasn’t a repeat. In fact, it was one of the two remaining targets. I know I am using sandwiches for this, but sometimes it surprises me when they work so well. I managed to get a shiny Riolu a little before the sandwich ended. I honestly almost missed this yellow guy, but thankfully I spotted it in time. With that, I managed to complete the line and only have one target to go.

Number 188

So, I was faced with a choice now. Do I continue using steel boost sandwiches, or do I switch to fairy boost sandwiches for the last target? I still needed another Tinkatuff to acquire a Tinkaton for the Shiny Dex so I either had to risk getting a repeat steel type or a repeat fairy type. I eventually decided that it would be better to go with a fairy boost sandwich because at least I could get a Wigglytuff out of it if I missed my target. It turns out I was right to do this because eventually I was greeted by the sight of another shiny Tinkatuff charging down the hill like it was about to meet its mortal enemy on the battlefield. Thankfully I am not a Corvisquire and was able to catch it quickly. Then I evolved it to have the ultimate bronze death hammer for its final form. Say hello to shiny Tinkaton!

Number 189

Now it was time to get back to hunting for electric types, but I was realizing that finding two Pawmo isn’t super likely to happen without repeats. Don’t know why I thought otherwise for even a second, but whatever. So I decided to keep things a bit more flexible. I decided to hunt for Luxio in a place where they spawn along with Pawmi and Pawmo. I figured that was my best chance to find Pawmo and maybe I could also complete the Luxray line as well. The plan was foolproof. I’m serious this time. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. After all, I wouldn’t forget there was another electric type that spawns there. Wait, what are all of these Pachirisu doing here? Well, it’s still fine, right? After all, it isn’t like that will end up being shiny instead of the targets I came here to find. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT ONE IS PINK!? Sometimes, this game enjoys messing with me and you can’t convince me otherwise. It was honestly the pink shiny I had the least interest in finding here, but I can’t stay mad after seeing this little one. She’s adorable.

Number 190

Now after that debacle, I thought that maybe a fighting boost sandwich would be the better way to go. After all, this way I wouldn’t spawn any Pachirisu when searching for Pawmo. Like the last plan, I once again made a critical error. I didn’t anticipate the Mankeys. Once I used that sandwich, they were coming out of nowhere and without remorse. I realized that this had suddenly blown out of proportion, especially when I found a green Mankey five minutes into the sandwich. I really underestimated this angry monkey. Well, at least I got a new shiny Pokémon right?

I’m not going to lie and say that the last sandwich I made was definitely a happy accident. But it wasn’t over yet. I had twenty-five minutes left on the sandwich and if I stayed there, I probably wouldn’t be able to avoid another shiny Mankey. So, I improvised as best I could. Find out what I did next time when we finally reach the halfway point of this adventure.

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