Shiny Living Dex (141-150)

It’s time for the next installment of this series. Thankfully I had some good luck last week and got some more new friends to share with you.

Number 141

I decided to hunt with some sandwiches again. This time I went for one that boosted poison types. I went hunting by the lake, hoping to get the version exclusive Pokémon Gulpin. I would also be fine with Toxicroak or Swalot. I was riding around with the sandwich boost and I eventually found one towards the end of the sandwich. The strange thing was the blue Gulpin was by itself. I think I managed to turn around just before a group completely despawned and the shiny was the only one remaining. I will take it.

Number 142

The next day was outbreak day and we had some good ones to choose from. I don’t know exactly what happened with the outbreaks but they all paid out in less than thirty minutes. I just had some good luck that day. Anyway, the first one of the ones I found was a green Masquerain. I had originally planned to hunt this later, but I decided to take on the opportunity now.

Number 143

The next outbreak I went to was a Marill outbreak and this was the last one I needed to complete the line. It was in a bit of a weird spot and did take the longest of the three to show up, but I managed to find the green water mouse in the end. Then I immediately found another the next day as if the game wanted to mess with me. Go figure.

Number 144

The final one I hunted for was Gible. The outbreak was there so I figured I would give it a shot, but I honestly would have been fine hunting for it later. I figured I would spend a bit of time there to test my luck. It took less than five minutes for the yellow-bellied shark dragon to appear. What a weird day, but I got three new shiny Pokémon to show for it.

Number 145

The next day I decided I would focus on the starter Pokémon again. I had already started hatching a batch of eggs a couple days ago and I decided I should finish up the rest of them. Fortunately, this was a good batch as I finally managed to get the purple-eyed cat, which was the only starter line I hadn’t gotten anything from yet. I think this I one of the few times I did an audible gasp when finding a shiny Pokémon. Most of the time my reactions are internal so that should indicate how surprised I was to find a shiny Sprigatito.

Number 146

The same egg batch had another surprise in store as it also contained another pink crocodile which I evolved into its middle evolution form. The amazing thing was these two shiny Pokémon were only separated by six eggs. What a good batch, and with the addition of Crocalor I now have only four more shiny starters to go.

Number 147

Alright, make that three. I made a new batch and I managed to luck out by getting the third and final Quaxly I would need for the Shiny Dex. I immediately evolved it up to its final form: a shiny Quaquaval. It’s interesting how it kind of looks like the colors are more washed out on the shiny form, giving it a light purple body with light green feathers. Anyway, One line down, two to go.

Number 148

Now this one was one I was conflicted about for a while. You might remember that I mentioned that I found two shiny Grimers when I was searching for a shiny Ditto. The evolution of this Pokémon, Muk, cannot be found except in two circumstances. The first is in raid battles and the second is in outbreaks. I only said I would consider getting Pokémon that spawned in the wild for this challenge so I wasn’t going to use raids to find the shiny form. However, I was torn if I wanted to hunt for specific outbreaks of Pokémon to complete this challenge despite the odds of finding them being quite rare and annoying to hunt. With all that said, here is a big green pile of sludge for the Shiny Dex. I might have one less shiny Grimer, but I will live with it. At the end of the day, I do want to have some fun with this challenge.

Number 149

This Pokémon was another edition to my ever growing collection of pink shiny Pokémon. I happened to stumble across this Sneasel in a group with her friends when checking the Spiritomb spawns after finishing egg hatching for the day. I caught it with no trouble and finsihed checking the other spawns. My luck was pretty good that day.

Number 150

This last one was when I was experimenting with build for the Decidueye raid last weekend. I failed on my first build and so I reset the game to save resources. I remembered that there was a Bellibolt den somewhere that would be good for the upcoming raid, so I went hunting for it again. Only, I forgot exactly where it was and had to go searching dens I had already visited. Turns out that this time a yellow Shinx was waiting by one of the raid dens. She was an unexpected surprise, but a welcome one. Oh, and I did find the Bellibolt den I was looking for eventually. I used that Bellibolt to beat the raid too.

That’s it for this installment. See you next time for the next one of these. Hope you enjoyed and have a nice day!

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