Shiny Living Dex (111-120)

You know, what’s cool about finding shiny Pokémon is even after finding over 100 of them, I still run into interesting situations like this next one. It’s time for a redemption arc.

Number 111

Like Floette, Gastly was another Pokémon I didn’t have any luck with in outbreaks. However, on the day an outbreak with three ghost-type Pokémon appeared in outbreaks, I made it my mission to focus on the Gastly one until I found that shiny Pokémon. It thankfully didn’t take the entire night. Now Gastly shiny is a bit harder to notice in this game because of the lighting, but it has a blue haze surrounding its core instead of a purple one and its core is purple instead of black. Luckily I did some research beforehand so when I finally got one to spawn, I noticed it immediately. Here’s where the interesting thing come in. After I saved and encounter the shiny Gastly, I noticed something. Behind the Gastly I was encountering, there was another shiny Gastly. It seemed to have spawned behind me as I noticed the first one and I ended up noticing this one because of the camera change in battle. So, I got them both as part of a special BOGO deal. What luck!

Number 112

I went to another outbreak. This one spawned Mismagius and I needed it to complete the Misdreavus family line. Unfortunately, I spent so much time at the Gastly outbreak that the sun eventually rose and they all despawned. With nothing left to do but kill time, I did just that. Eventually, the sun set again and I waited for them to start spawning only for one of the first ones I see to be yellow-green instead of purple. Not a bad wait. Unfortunately, the other ghost hunt did not go as well. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Number 113

It was a new day, but more importantly, the Bronzor outbreak was back. There was no way I was going to miss this chance again. So, I went straight away to find it. However, things never go according to plan for me. Guess what I found? that’s right another pink shiny Pokémon. This was a personal favorite Pokémon of mine though so I was pretty excited to see it appear. Nothing heals the heart like a shiny pink Mareep.

Number 114

Even though I was happy with that surprise Mareep, I still wasn’t satisfied. After all, my original target was still Bronzor. So, I kept looking around the ruins for a floating green piece of metal while making sure it wouldn’t disguise itself as blades of grass. It didn’t come to that though as I eventually found and caught the little green guy.

Number 115

It was a new day and that meant new outbreaks. There were two I wanted to go to and I started with the Wingull outbreak. Then after two hours of nothing, I decided to go to the other outbreak and test my luck. I wanted to do the Wingull one first because this other outbreak was a Tadbulb outbreak and I was feeling less confident about that one. However, since I needed a break I went over and started knocking out any Tadbulb I could find. Before I got too deep into it, I just saw the shiny Tadbulb floating right by me. Honestly, it was probably there the whole time and I had just now noticed it. In my defense though, noticing the red tail in a swarm of orange ones can be a bit difficult. I do like the red though.

Number 116

I went back to the Wingull outbreak. I would like to say it didn’t take a long time after that to find the Wingull with green stripes. Unfortunately, that would be a lie. It took me over two hours after returning to the outbreak to find it. My goodness, that was a long hunt. At least I found it.

Number 117

Another day, another outbreak. This one was for Azumarill, the final evolution of Azurill. It didn’t have the best spawns, so I had to use a fairy boost sandwich to help speed things along. I was secretly hoping for a green mouse to show up (shiny Marill), but the yellow guy showed up first. Honestly, I’m just glad it didn’t last as long as that Wingull hunt.

Number 118

As you might have noticed by now, I was mainly using outbreaks to hunt for shiny Pokémon. It wasn’t because I forgot about the other hunts I was working on, but more because I had recently started a playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so my attention was split. So I decided to do outbreaks unless nothing popped up that I wanted to go for that day. However, this day was a dilemma. The two that spawned that I didn’t have and considered going for were Pyroar and Tynamo. I have already talked about the Tynamo hunt being miserable, but the Pyroar shiny wasn’t really amazing so I hesitated as to whether I should do it. It was just that its back goes from dark brown to light brown. Eventually, I just switched between the two outbreaks until I found one of the shiny forms. It probably isn’t surprising that I found the lion before the tiny eel.

Number 119

I didn’t give up looking for Tynamo though and went back to the outbreak. Then, I cleared the outbreak because it was too frustrating checking for them underwater. So, I decided to move back to my previous location and try a couple of electric boost sandwiches. The number of times I got baited on my first sandwich because of the weird lighting was too many to count. Even when I did find the shiny twenty minutes in, I thought it was the light tricking me again. Turns out I was wrong. Man, what a great time to be wrong. The blue color difference is noticeable, but in the water good luck spotting it.

Number 120

Realizing I was slacking on the Bounsweet hunt, I decided to head back to it. I had been in Phase Four for a long tie now and at this point, I wanted to either finish the hunt or move on to a new phase. There were still some new Pokémon I could find as well so the chances of me getting a repeat weren’t set in stone. And speaking of stone, I found myself staring at a shiny under the tree. It wasn’t the Bounsweet, but instead, a rock-type that pretends to be a sapling. It was a Bonsly. Although, I have to wonder how a shiny Bonsly could even fool anyone with its bright pink orbs on its head. It certainly didn’t fool me.

Alright, that’s another batch down. See you for the next batch and have a nice day!

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