Hunt or be Hunted in Hard Difficulties

Hey there. I’m here again to harp on about having a hard time in hard mode. However, I’ve had it with hunting through halls that are heralded by haunting heads, horsemen and harbingers of heaven and hell. I have been through some heaping helpings of hurt in these past few hours and I can’t help but head into games heavier on hunting and hoarding. Having said that have I happened to show how I hunt in these hardcore hikes? No? Well how would you like to hear what happens? Not that having a hand in the matter was happening. Hunting is how I happen to help myself to herds of harmful creatures and they help feed my horrible hoarding habits. However, I happen to hate myself and hunt in the harder difficulties which can hurt when health is harder to hold on to and healing on the go is hell. So I hide and hide until I either heavily hide a harrowing about of traps or I help myself to hunting hoards by going head by head. However, I have to hope that I don’t become hunted myself since if the hoard hunts me down, then I have to hightail it and hide until they hopefully can’t hack me down. Hit points and health can be handled with health potions and herbs but that can only help so much if you can’t handle getting hit. I happen to be the hardheaded type that hurls myself headfirst in helpless hurdles without a hard hat. It can hurt being headstrong, but I can’t help myself.

Have you ever heard of Monster Hunter? I happened upon this series and have hunted in it every so often. My hoarding habits have been further heightened by honing my hammer and helping myself to a heaping of parts to help my hammer and headgear and heavy armor withstand the harm from harder and harder monsters. Health is high especially for higher level hunts where hitting them and hurting them must be handled with haste. After all, hunts tend to have an hour or so time limit so if the hunt isn’t handled well, then you have to head home with nothing. Half the time I am so headstrong I head into hunting with my hammer over my head while hopping of a cliff and half my health is gone after getting hit since the monster is higher level and my armor is hanging on by a thread since it has no upgrades. I am helplessly hasty aren’t I? So I head away to heal up and hunt it again until I have the victory. As it happens, hammer isn’t my best, but I’ll go in the Hub to hunt with the hammer because I have fun hunting hordes anyway. Even if I’m helpless and have no health potions and can’t hide, I will hammer away. Seriously though, Hub hoard hunts can be hell.

You might have heard that I am headstrong, but that is hardly true all the time. Hiding is a habit of mine since I happen to like higher leveled fights due to my hotheadedness. So I hype myself up for higher leveled hunts and when I don’t need to hasten myself to head out into hell itself, I hide in the hedges and hinder the enemy to have a breather and heal. I hate having to do this, but how else can I have a chance at hacking at such a high health bar without being humbled by it’s high level. Hit and run is how things get done here. That’s how it has to be until I have a habit of not heading into hell so often. Yes it’s hell because heaven isn’t allowed on hard mode. If I get humiliated in a hunt, I keep going until I am the head hunter and I happen to hack away all the hit points , then I can head home with my head held high and a heavy pouch packed with herbs I hoarded heading towards the target of the hunt. This is not happening just in Monster Hunter but any hunts that happen to be hard to handle are ones I have to handle. I hate having to hide away and heal due to my headstrong and hot blooded nature, but I hate having to give up the hunt and so I have to head into the hallowed halls of hell as often as I have to since it is a habit of mine to hunker down and handle things if I have to, no matter how I have to do it. I may have the high ground, I may hide and heal while being hawk-eyed and hushed, I may have to hammer down some hurt on those who have the chutzpah to hunt me. It’ hunt or be hunted and I will have the head of my hunt at the end of it all. Have a happy hunt everybody and here’s to being hunters and heroes.

Published by thatguy377

Nothing much to say. Just a guy who enjoys talking about games and has too much free time on his hands.

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