Tainted Eden and The Luck of The Draw

Yeah, this time I won’t pretend this isn’t a post about The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Lately I have spent most of my time trying to finally finish the Repentance DLC that came out a while back and I have almost finished it at this point. Currently I am missing three items on the collection page as well as three completion marks for a certain character. Once I achieve all that, I won’t have to play with game for a while. I might do some runs for fun, but I will at least have everything unlocked. Now the one character who I have yet to finish is Tainted Eden. The reason for this is because his unlocks are not exactly desirable for completion. One of them is his Delirium unlock which causes secret rooms and I AM ERROR rooms to potentially have glitched items that have random effects. The other is the Beast unlock that gives the item TMTRAINER which causes ALL future items to be random. So since these could potentially destroy any run I decided that it would probably be better if I did these unlocks last, since that way it would be a lot easier to finish my completion page without those variables interfering. So far it seems to be working. However, the main reason was because of Tainted Eden’s unique mechanic. You see Eden himself was always meant to be randomized in terms of stats and starting items, but his Tainted counterpart takes it a step further. Now, things are even more random because every item that you pick up will be rerolled into something else once you get hit. That means that your run could change at any time and you just have to adjust.

That isn’t to say there are no rules to it. Unless you reroll into Chaos, all the items you reroll will be from the item room you originally got the item from meaning that it will keep taking from the same pool each time. That can make taking from certain pools more dangerous than others since certain items can potential ruin a run. For instance, I did a run with Mega Satan that I failed after twelve attempts because I kept getting unlucky with rerolls. So I would like to give some advice for using Tainted Eden. The first thing is that you should not go for curse rooms. While some of the items can be useful, there are also some that can really destroy a run. This also goes for red chests since they have a similar item pool. You see, Cursed Eye makes completion marks a bit harder to deal with since you may have to restart boss fights without any of your health. In fact, it completely removed me from an attempt at Boss Rush and I had to try again later. Another thing is rerolling into Dead Cat where you are one hit away from death is quite painful to struggle through. Yeah, that happened. It is usually better to go for angel rooms over devil rooms since you can reroll into Holy Mantle which can be very useful for surviving rooms without losing health. They also allow you to not have to give up health which is a very important aspect since health items can be rerolled away at any time. Sacrifice rooms may be advised if you have the health to spare. Also see if you can get Birthright if you can, since that can tone down some of the randomness.

The biggest thing you need to worry about is trying not to get hit so as to not get an unfavorable synergy, so finding items that can help with that are an option. Items with flight are especially useful. Don’t take the Sword of Damocles if you can, because you will not last. I learned that one the hard way. However, what might be one of the best things is getting an active item from the shop. You see, active items will reroll into active items from the same item pool, meaning that you could reroll into Glowing Hourglass allowing for potentially infinite retries if you handle it properly. You will reset back to your previous build and try again. If you get hit again, you can reroll again over and over again. Just make sure that the item is charged otherwise it will not work. It is kind of like a pseudo-Birthright kind of thing that allows you to keep your previous build. The most important thing to remember is that soul hearts cannot be rerolled so keep some of them as a life saving measure to make sure you don’t rely too much on red hearts. Now, I will keep plugging away at this game until I finish it. I don’t necessarily expect anyone else to do that, but maybe this will be useful to somebody. Part of this is mainly to help me focus my thoughts before my next attempts, so let’s hope something good comes out of it. Now, at this rate if things go well you will probably hear about it from me at some point. For now, let’s jump back into it at try to find some control to the madness. I will get through this, because there is no way that I am stopping at 99% completion. NOT. A. CHANCE.

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