Sci-Fi Zelda

So before we begin today I just want to say a couple things about the new Saints Row. It isn’t very good as everyone is aware and that is because we once again have a reboot with absolutely no substance behind it. You see, I haven’t talked about reboots at length, because I don’t feel it is worth the effort. It’s pretty simple. A good reboot/remake takes some of the more refined game elements of the modern video game genre and incorporates them into an older franchise so that it true to the games roots and adapts it to a more modern setting. Other reboots/remakes are simply cash grabs, and pretty obvious ones at that. It is like they are not even trying anymore. Although, to go easy on Volition for a moment here, I kind of understand their desperation. After all, they managed to peak nearly ten years ago with Saints Row IV and have since done nothing remarkable. They kept turning their GTA clone into something more and eventually they reached the final frontier, space, and couldn’t figure out where to go from there. They probably had trouble incorporating the gang into space bounty hunters. It’s a shame since I would’ve totally paid money for that. That only delays the issue though. It is seriously such a challenge to have a series go to space and then come back from it successfully. You might be wondering what all this has to do with Zelda. Well, I wanted to highlight there is a potential danger of this in any series. Although, Nintendo has for the most part handled sci-fi elements in their games rather well.

There are already multiple Nintendo franchises with sci-fi elements. The Star Fox and Metroid series both involve fighting enemies in space and have firmly established themselves as part of the Sci-Fi genre. In fact, thinking about it, there are very few that feel as though they still to a fantasy setting. The only two that feel strictly fantasy-like off the top of my head are The Legend of Zelda and the Fire Emblem series. Although these other series that already have sci-fi elements such as Pikmin and Mother started out with that as an established part of the series. It is a lot harder to introduce it into a series that has not dealt with it before. To be fair, Mario has done it, but Mario could just about make a comeback from anything so it is a little unfair to compare him. There are honestly a lot of risk with trying to take The Legend of Zelda series into space. After all who knows how Link would fair in such an environment? Not to mention Nintendo tends not to take big risks with certain characters like Link. That may be why the closest Nintendo has ever come to doing that was when that kid with a mask decided to bring space to him. To be honest, I wouldn’t be so hung up about this, if they didn’t keep teasing us with it. At first, it was pretty standard magic items as well as sword fights. You know, typical fantasy stuff. But then it had to slowly start incorporating more and more cool technology into the fold. Especially in the latest release of DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are teasing us with all this lost technology to the point where I want it so bad.

Look, they have this whole storyline about them finding all this lost technology and putting it to use, but we never see what happens when that time period thrived. We know it did at some point, but the question is when? It is clear that the Zelda franchise allows for technological advancements due to the Future Timeline where they have technology such as ships and trains. I know it is possible to develop them further. I just want to see it in at least one game. They had hints of it in that sandy area in Skyward Sword as well which made exploring the dungeons more interesting. That was the beginning of the timeline and yet there was still technology that could be used at some point in time more advanced then what the game had to offer. Listen, I know we already had some sci-fi elements in the latest game, but can we maybe get a little more. Look, it’s time I admit that truthfully the whole reason I came up with this post is because I want to see Link wielding a lightsaber. Obviously it wouldn’t be called a lightsaber because of copyright and all that, but it would still look pretty cool in my opinion. I have been getting a taste of cool stuff from the series and so I just want to see things taken a step further with him wielding a cool new blade. Is that too much to ask? Probably, but a man can dream. Besides if they could get Sora in Smash Bros. successfully, then they can do anything they put their minds to if they try. Money probably helps with that too.

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