Working Towards a Shiny Living Dex

How do I talk myself into these things? I mentioned previously how I have been spending a lot of time hunting for shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Violet. Well, since I spent so much time on it, I figured I would attempt something that I have never tried to do in any previous game in the series. I decided that I would try and collect every possible shiny Pokémon in the game. Now, for those of you who are unaware… this will not be a difficult task. There are 400 total Pokémon in the game. Of those Pokémon, only eight of them cannot be found in their shiny forms through any in-game method. That means if I am to try and accomplish this, I need to find 392 unique shiny Pokémon. Now what I mean by unique is simple. I want to have at least 392 Pokémon for each spot on the Pokédex so that if I ever wanted to transfer them to a different game, I could do so and still have the same shiny record as before. Why do I want to make things more difficult for myself? I wish I knew the answer to that, but it gets worse.

You see, I also have another rule in place that makes it so I must get the shiny Pokémon organically if that is a possible option. That sounds confusing, so I will give you an example.

Five shiny Pokémon are hovering next to Miraidon as it sleeps. All of them are shiny, but not all of them are needed for my goals. I just ended up with a few repeat shiny Pokémon on this journey is all.

You’ll notice in the image above that I have five Pokémon in this shot other than my ride Pokémon Miraidon. Four of these Pokémon are shiny Hoppip and one is a shiny Jumpluff. You may not know, but Hoppip and Jumpluff are part of the same evolutionary line. Hoppip is the starting evolution, then it evolves into Skiploom, and then finally it becomes a Jumpluff. Now you might be wondering why someone who is going for every shiny in the game doesn’t have the middle evolution. There is a simple answer. It’s because I haven’t caught one yet. I have given myself a limited evolution clause that doesn’t allow me to evolve any Pokémon for the Pokédex so long as they can be found organically in the wild. So either I rely on an outbreak of Skiploom or I find it randomly in the wild. Now some Pokémon do not naturally roam in the game, so those get a pass. Unless I decide to subject myself to more whims of the RNG overlords. We’ll see how far down the rabbit hole I go. Who knows if I haven’t already reached the bottom?

One more thing. There is another goal I have and it is to attempt to get the alternate form of each Pokémon. This probably won’t be done until after it is finished, but I do want to eventually have a version of the alternate versions of certain Pokémon as well. I probably won’t go as far as doing alternate male and female versions, but I do want things like the different Lycanroc forms and the different forms for Maushold and Dudunsparce among other things. I have made some progress with this, but I won’t sweat it too much for now.

Above are all four forms of the Pokémon Deerling that I got because I could. Still need to find all four of its evolutions, but that will be for another time.

Again, this will be done pretty casually so I will post updates every now and then. The only reason I decided to post this is I figured that I should stop lying to myself by saying I am not going to catch them. The last thing I need to figure out is trying to get the version exclusives. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it though. In the meantime, it’s back to the hunt! Wish me luck, because I am going to need it. Not just because of this, either. I also have a Steam backlog staring at me, and it is high time I try and tackle it before buying more games again. I have no idea where to begin on that, and I am honestly more worried about that than the shiny hunting. Oh well. See you next week!

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