Thoughts on the Terastal Phenomenon

Today they finally dropped some news on the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet games with new features being revealed as well as new Pokémon. Truth be told I am pretty excited for these games, but the thing I think I am the most excited about is strangely enough the new gimmick this generation presents us with, and I am not talking about the open world. I am talking about the fact that Pokémon in this region have the ability to Terastallize which manages to further boost their type and can make their moves stronger. The STAB ( same type attack bonus) moves have never been so important since now they can give you a greater edge in battle solely for being the same type. The thing that interests me the most about it is that the typing of the Pokémon can differ from its Tera type. That means that you could be battling a Pokémon and it could change types midway through the battle. It is very likely that you could get a serious edge if you play your cards right. If I’m being honest this gimmick feels like a mix between Z-moves and Gigantamax but with potentially a better balance and more possibilities to work off of and explore. I don’t know for sure how this mechanic will go, but it definitely looks cool. I just felt like I needed to talk about this real quick. I’m real excited for these games so I hope that November comes fast.

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