Time Trial Troubles

Time trials are a taxing type of trial that tends to test how timely you can travel through to the end of the stage. These time trials typically tend to be tailored as types of tests to the player’s ability to travel through the terrain under a targeted time. They are tricky since trying them means traveling in a tidy manner under a tight timeframe so you can’t take your time and travel by trudging along. These tests are typically attempted by those who have triumphed over the tons of tasks the game has thrown at them and think to try something more taxing to test themselves further. Typically there are three tiers of times to try to trounce in order to take the trophy. Time is typically tightest when trying to take on the time that is the shortest. There are treachearous traps and tricks that you must try to trample on to triumph and take the trophy. The troublesome thing is that this is a trial with no time to take a break. Also, tripping up even temporarily trashes the attempt to the point that trying to continue is just throwing time away. You must know the terrain and trek through temples or up towers or whatever totally tired and typical setpieces they throw in that you take on to triumph and tell them to the faces that you can take on anything. Now they think they can treat this as a little treat tangentially tied to the main game and that it isn’t tied to the total completion so they can turn it into the most troublesome type of challenge they can track and test. That is the test they call a time trial. To be transparent, these typically are not tied to completion, theoretically speaking. They are tasks that can be treated as trivial. However, that is not always true.

There is one title of a trilogy that tricks you into trying these and then you take in that true completion is tied to your trophies in the time trials. This trilogy recently got a new title that took completion too far. That’s right, it’s the Crash Bandicoot games, where that tangerine troublemaker tripped up every time I tried to take him through the time trials and nearly brought me to tears. The timing on the traps and enemies must be timed to a tee or the whole attempt is trivialized and turns into wasted time. There are special crates that tamper with the timer and they must be thrashed to have a top time as you go through the trial. Also there is no time to trip up since that takes away time as well. It is pretty troublesome, especially in the latest title that has tons of types of levels to try and do time trials. The game is treated as already tougher than the original three and they still thought to make the player attempt all these time trials time and time again to achieve true completion for about tens seconds of a teaser at the end. They are totally trying to trip me up and take all my time for that. Typically, I enjoy tough platformers, but that is not the type of trial thas I consider to be tough. It is more tedious and trying time after time is taxing and takes too much time from me that I can’t think of completing the test as a triumph. Any trip up and the time taken up is trifling. This wouldn’t tend to take so much out of me if the time taken for the resets wasn’t typically in the first thirty seconds each time. Then it feels as though there is no telling how to take on the trial and that this is all trivial. Even though, this is not trivial when taking into account true completion. Typically most try not to think about it, but there are those who think to try anyway no matter how tough the trial ahead. They want to at least try to triumph over the total munber of trials the game throws at them.

Even if the game doesn’t tie time trials to any true ending they are still tedious to undertake since the attempts take so many tries before they start moving through in a timely manner. The timing of the enemies and traps have to be timed almost to a tee and the timing of your movements must match that timing that you set for yourself. that is the only option that can get you the trophy that you are trying to take. The number of attempts requires taking on the same trial tons of times and that can tire you out in no time. The thing is that you have to tough it out and power through since once the timing starts coming to you, then you can’t throw away the growth you’ve made and take on the time trial until you finish in the time you wanted to take. Truthfully, I tend to hate timed things in any game. There are times in games where you have a timer telling you your total time taken and to attempt special trials you must travel through in a certain amount of time or the trial cannot be taken. When the game is already taxing, trying to do it in time constraints is tiring and tricky, especially if the game tends to have ties to the gods of RNG. I’ve trained my techniques, took time to teach myself the terrain and the enemy types, I tried to get those gold trophies as many times as it took and now I’m tired of these tactics taking up so much of my time. Sometimes trying isn’t worth the trophy that you take home. That sound tongue tied but all theses Ts don’t really trip off the tongue. See you next time.

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