Inefficient Inventory and I

I am an ineffiecient individual. I can’t initiate a task unless I make it so its improbable that I don’t leave it incomplete. I don’t know if I invigorate myself by inviting impossible challenges, but I am the inverse of inefficent. Wait, I mean the inverse of the inverse. Well, now I am incompetent. Ideally, I am not irredeemable, but I usually initiate things on impulse so I need to impede it if I want to improve. I have initiated an investment in a new game initally released in 2017. It is called Horizon: Zero Dawn and it is an incredible game. It has stealth for inching into enemy territory and immobilizing them. You can infiltrate into enemy establishments to immobilize or incapacitate them to ignite campfires and acquire interesting items. Exploration is integral to the game and investing time inspecting areas for items can be intense and important to improvement of our iconic protagonist. It is quite invigorating to investigate areas for items and inadvertantly finding something interesting after getting incomparably injured and making it out within an inch of your life. Initating conflict is best done in an imperceptible state almost as if you were invisible. If you seize initiative and you can invite ire intentionally, then you can’t be considered inept or inefficient when dealing with those iron ingrates. Unless if you are an individual like me and have issues with the inventory. It is more of an issue with me and not an issue for the game to improve upon in future installments. Let me impart some insight into my inconsistent, inefficient, intellectually impaired mind.

The items in my inventory are in no way in order unless items in the game are indicated by a index. In some games items are indexed In numerous instances I inadvertantly invest time in investigating and identifying items which may be of insignificant importance. This is an illness I have that is incurable because I implicate myself in optional involvements at irregular intervals. That in itself is not an issue. The items I get from getting involved in even insignificant issues end up immobile in my inventory and inventory space isn’t infinite. I end up with innummerable instances of identical items and I don’t use them. If anything, all I can do is invest in better items that would introduce more issues in inventory management in the future. I invest all this effort into individual endeavors and I end up with items that are identical to items I got from investigating hoards of iron. Am I insane or is it that each instance of my inquistive nature acting on impulse ends up involving me in issues that invite my inventory’s imbalance to be impossible to improve upon? I am inclined to believe I invite this upon myself. Incidentally I am also indecisive which further invites issues when in my inventory since I can’t choose items I should keep in terms of importance aside from the colored index in the game. The instinct to hoard items of insignicant value is ingrained in me so I might find it impossible to improve in a short interval of time.

This issue isn’t an isolated incident for your information. It is a inevitability in any game that has infinitely respawning items and inventories that aren’t infinite. I can’t allow for inconsistencies in my individual actions. The idea of being anything othe than impractical and inefficient is impossible due to my impulse to inspect every inch of inhabited areas for items of potential importance. In Breath of the Wild I also implicated myself in incidents which I accumulated items in my inventory and ran into issues as well. Interestingly, I was less indecisive in these instances since it was impossible to ignore the importance of certain items in particular. Also, I could include more items into a slot due to increased item capacity. I have increased item inventory in as many ways as I could and I still feel it was inadequate. I know it is as issue I am partly because of my irresponsibly, but is it fair that each item stacks in inconsequential amounts? I mean, five is all the items I can input into the inventory space before it starts an identical stack. Maybe it is the inventory that is inefficient instead? I’m not inquiring about infinite space, but I just want my inventory items to be innumerable or if that’s impossible to at least input identical items in a slot that is not limited to an inconsequential number. It might be an imperfect idea but Ican improve on it in time. I am not insinuating that my irresponsibility to improve on my indecisiveness is irrelevant. I am just introducing a idea that might invigorate myself to improve in a more immediate fashion. That’s it. I’m ending it here before I actually go insane. I hope it was interesting and see you for the next item on the itinerary. No, I don’t know what it is.

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