Announcement #3

Been a while since I did one of these, but here we are again. First off I want to address to recent posts. The titles have not been in the same format at last year. I thought I would try to change things up this year. The topics were starting to feel a bit too constraining after the challenge last year so I wanted a bit more freedom. I may bring them back at some point, but not anytime soon. I will eventually reflect that in the about page if I don’t forget or get too lazy. The other thing to go over is the challenge for this year. There is one I promise. I just hasn’t shown up yet because it is something that will only happen once a month. I am trying not to overwork myself over a hobby after all. The theme is alliteration. There will be twelve posts with a letter used quite frequently throughout. It was an idea I had for a while so I thought it might be fun. The one for this month should be up shortly. I may also branch out a little from talking about videogames in the future. More on that at a later time though. Enjoy reading!

Published by thatguy377

Nothing much to say. Just a guy who enjoys talking about games and has too much free time on his hands.

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