Papers, Please Problems

Hey people. This post is on Papers, Please a game where you play as a person who approves passports and permits for permission to pass through. The purpose is to provide pharmaceutics and perishables to you and your family. The pay you procure is dependent on you approving passports and permit properly and posthaste. Your pay is per person after all. The problems I provide are personal problems that I had due to my propensity to power through in panic and pass people with problematic papers, causing my pay to plummet. I am a professional at panicking under pressure. My playthroughs typically proved to be either too passive so that I played into poverty or I provided myself a private and permanent post up in prison. I am pretty positive I was put in the penitentiary every pathway in which it was possible. I’m not proud of that people. This is why I prefaced this by saying personal problems. The point is, I will provide insights into my previous playthroughs so you don’t end on my paths. The primary purpose for you should be putting your all into peacefully performing until the proper point in time. So, properly pay attention to every piece of paper provided. The most problematic point for me was people’s genders. That piece of info provided me with so many pink pieces of paper I lost a pretty sizable portion of income from just that part of the passport. It was quite painful. Once I couldn’t pay the penalty after procuring plentiful amounts and that ended that playthrough.

My first time in prison was pretty easy to pass by. You see, previously you are given some proletariat propaganda from a person whose passport you pass through properly. This person wants the power to prevail against the powers that be in this place. The problem was I was not prepared on my first playthrough. I was preoccupied with putting food out for the family. Then one day the police provided me the option to provide them pieces of evidence pointing to the EZIC group I had previously met him in passing. So my poor, proactive self passed the piece of propaganda to the police and I was put in prison promptly despite my passive playthrough thus far. Point of this is providing the police with paper trails to follow doesn’t protect you. It put me in a perilous predicament that put another end to my playthroughs. I probably should paused to ponder about the potential problems I could put myself in, although I didn’t think of prison as a possible option. Patience wore out on post prison playthroughs which let to the possession of plentiful pink slips. Simply put, I was panicking and pressuring myself to make up past progress. It went poorly.

Games like Papers, Please are problematic for me because I push myself and pass on important particulars in panic. I prefer playing through at my own pace. Any time I am put under pressure though, I end up paralyzed and my performance plummets. It is probably a point in its favor that passport inspection can produce such pressure despite the fact you are playing pretend. When my partner and progeny pass on because I couldn’t prepare them properly, I feel pain and guilt from failing to protect them. In my pursuit to pursue perfection at my post, when I pass a problematic person and see the color pink, I get depressed if it propels me into debt I can’t pay. Putting up with prison isn’t my preference. Please be prepared if you want to play this game. Pay close attention, prepare funds to power through to the path you want to take. Don’t be partial if you want to profit. Plan ahead and pave the way to prosperity. Perhaps I being paranoid about all this, but people’s patterns can’t be predicted. Personally, I posted this to put my past behind me. Papers, Please reminds me of some personal problems I have and my gaming preferences. I procrastinate and panic and try to pull things together, but it’s never proper preparation. I need to properly plan ahead so as to not panic which would also help with platformers and puzzles. Again, that’s a personal problem, but for now at least I won’t be put in prison. I will still be prudent in participating in police protocols though. Although that’s probably persisting paranoia.

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