Dungeon Diving

Dungeons can be described very differently depending on the design of the game you decided to devote yourself to doing. The differences can be divided through different factors so to derive what defines different dungeons we need to define the differences. The first we’ll dwell on is depth since dungeon dives can be deceptively deep. Some dungeons are defined by their level of depth and diving deeper gives you the rewards you deserve. The deeper you go, the more difficulties you deal with as dungeon enemies can deal serious damage. Typically the dungeons that you can dive deeper in deal out more difficult demons and dish out traps that are difficult to detect. Some of these dangerous devices can lead to instant death which is delightful to deal with in dungeons where death usually deems your descent worthless or you drop the rewards you desperately dived in for, causing them to disappear and be deemed lost in the depths of the dungeon. Anyway diving into dungeons that are of a decent depth drop decent stuff that are designed to better demonstrate your stats such as damage dealing, defensive strength as well as speed dexterity. Of course this dungeon is designed to drive you into its depths. After all, delving into the depths and not getting your dues despite everything would be disappointing and disheartening and so developers would normally design deeper dungeons with more deluxe drop rates to keep players diving in to discover more in the dungeon. Of course this is a dungeon designed with depth being what denotes the difficulty. Some dungeons don’t decide difficulty solely based on depth.

Some dungeons are designed to disrupt you rather than drag you to your demise. It is difficult to direct yourself in the right direction due to the deliberate design of the dungeon. Dungeons like these are designed to deceive you and direct you through destroying the deception and decorating yourself to do battle against the darkest depths of the dungeon. Each door has either a demonic creature or a devious riddle that you must dedicate yourself to decoding to move down through the next door. Doing this is the most direct way of defeating the dungeon and dungeons defeated in this way tend to disappear and or be deemed dead weight due to being destroyed. These dungeons are devices designed to develop your growth at a decent pace and diversify your skillset by delivering new items that directly diversify your arsenal of dangerous devices need to defeat the demons the game will definitely drown you in. They don’t require delving deep to defeat them, but rather deciding what direction is optimal and decoding the deceptive riddles are the deciding factors in defeating these dungeons. Of course defeating enemies is definitely required for every dungeon, but the difference is that one is delayed by depth while the others delayed by how adept you are at deciphering and discovering the direction the dungeon wants you to decide. Some dungeons aren’t designed in such a detail manner though. Some dungeons just want you to dive as deep as you can.

Some dungeons have details that let you designate different locations, but some are designed to be different during each attempt at diving deeper. The difference that decides the difficulty isn’t how deep it is or how deft you are at decoding riddles. The difference is how dexterous are you at dodging and do you have decent luck. Dealing with different dungeon layouts each time delivers a different level of difficulty since that difference usually decides the run. If you do know what you are doing and can diligently dodge the daring demons trying to devour you then you can depart downwards and develop yourself to defeat the devils at the depths. Typically games designed with these dungeons have different devices to allow you to develop different playstyles as you dive deeper. Discovery is the dominant factor deciding if you taste defeat and die after everything you’ve done or if you dive to the deepest depths and defeat the darkness dwelling into the depths without a do over. The more you discover, the more devices at your disposal which leads to diversifying the directions you can take which leads to a decrease in the death count. Typically dying is disheartening, but if you have drive and are determined to reach the depths than doing your best to dodge drastically reduces deaths so don’t give in no matter what dungeon you decide to dive into and keep diving to discover new directions as you devote yourself to digging up new details in new dungeons. That does it for today. Maybe one day I will divvy up my time and not decide to deliver these documents at the darkest hour. Goodbye.

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