Customizing Characters

Creating characters is a custom that has been carried on for quite a while. Customization options can be crazy. You can choose your character’s clothes is so many different ways. You can choose caps and crowns. Then go for a nice collared shirt or maybe a cardigan. You can cover your calves or craft a low cut. You can wear clogs or whatever is comfy. You can even choose your colors of your clothes along with their coordination. It is close to computerized cosplay. You can even change their complexion to another color if you so choose. The creation continues on as you collect consumables and craft clothes or combat items that can combine with your style whether it be close quarters, crafty and crouch heavy, or connecting shots a country mile away. You can create whoever you want and your creativity cannot be contained! Your character doesn’t even have to be a creature that is currently catalogued. Although, creating a character that can’t conform to the confines of the controller is currently not possible. Okay so creativity can be contained, but only because the coders didn’t code in creative controls for your sole customization. So create a character that you want with what you can create and be comfortable with when charting out a new cave or cove or cloud city. Creativity can be comforting, but the craziest part of customization isn’t colors or clothing or even controls. The character that you choose to create is a combination of chunks of code that you compiled into a singular constitution of your own choosing. Maybe you gave a cream colored complexion with cargo pants and a cardigan. Maybe you chose to have more cleavage on a callipygian character. Whatever the case, you choose how you want that character to be called by other characters and how they create a story of their own.

The only real con to customizing a character any way you choose is that they can’t be completely developed. They have to be a cardboard cutout so that they can be controlled without consequence. The story can’t have a character or creature that can’t be easily controlled since this is a character that came from your consciousness. In other words, the controlled player can’t be considered to be centered on any set of skills. Character creation is focused completely on cosmetics but not core values. The condition for creativity and customization is cliché. The game’s cutscenes are created with any character in mind to cooperate with the quest at hand. This can cause a chain reaction where the game can feel like a chore to complete objectives. There can be copies of the same kinds of tasks and a lack of connection with the other characters you come across while carrying on with the game. Every character other than your created one feels like copies created from basic code with no commands other than cry for help. The case I’m crafting here is that a custom character can’t be fully connected with a world filled with concrete core ideas since this conflicts with the concept of chaos that creativity and customization are characterized by in computer or console games. Consider the crux of the conflict as this: your character can’t conform to a concrete image because that is not what came to your cranium during their inception and later creation. You created them without constraints so how could they be constrained by conventional ideas. They can’t and if they attempt to conform the cacophony of chuckles will come soon after.

Let’s consider just the concept of naming your character. The character is maybe created with a crazy name or a cool name, but whatever the case the name is created to coincide with the customization that you have conferred onto it. The game can control how you conceived your character nor how consistent your character will act. Your can create your character’s own agenda. They can choose to be compassionate or chaotic, creepy or calming, crazy or composed and that is all in your control. The content of the game doesn’t matter so long as you create your own content and are content with what you create. Customization in most games is an optional choice, so making the conscious choice to commit to carry on with the cause is quite commendable. Maybe you choose to create a chain of combos on those who cross you until they can’t cry out anymore. Maybe you choose to collect every single collectible in every nook and cranny before completing any core quests the games tries to coax you into accepting. Maybe you could even create your own cult where you choose to set certain conditions to challenge yourself to never get cornered and crushed in any combat scenario so that you come out completely calm and collected without a care in the world and a considerable count of corpses from whatever creatures you quelled. Whatever the case, the care you put in is considerably more that what was originally coded into it, because it concerns your character’s unique charisma and constitution. Create and choose how you want to clear the game. The only incorrect choice is conceiving the idea that there is a correct one as far as I am concerned. Then again, I could just be crazy. No comment. Take care now.

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