Update on Metroid Dread

I want to start by saying this real quick. Every now and then I might add one of these just to add in address some things that either I didn’t think of the first time around, stuff I forgot to include or things such as DLC that I feel deserves some mention. Just something to be aware of going forward. Since this kind of thing is more of an addendum, I won’t make them too long so I can at least try and stay on topic for once. With all that being said, now let’s get to the real talk.

Now if you missed it in the previous post on Metroid Dread, just know these two things. One is that I really enjoyed playing the game and the other is that it is pretty hard. Not to say it is Dark Souls‘ level of difficulty, but it can be pretty challenging, especially since some encounters can kill you in one hit. Recently they introduced an update to address this by adding in two new modes: Rookie Mode and Dread Mode. I won’t say much about Rookie mode because it makes the game really easy, but it is probably the best way to acclimate to speedruns and bosses before trying things out in the later modes. The real fun part is Dread Mode where you get to die in one hit to any attack. Now that probably doesn’t sound like fun to many of you, but hear me out a bit. Now the game only counts attack as one-hit kills. That means that environmental damage doesn’t count so don’t worry about not having the proper suit equipped. Also ironically enough, EMMI zones are you friends. They give you checkpoints when you enter and exit them and you only have to deal with one enemy. The only ones that are any sort of threat are the last couple since they can actually attack you, but so long as you have enough practice they aren’t too big a deal. Especially remember to not attempt this if you have not mastered the counter or how to shinespark. Also don’t forget to practice the useful flash shift and slide maneuvers as well since they can greatly help with later boss fights. Especially try out the hard mode boss fights since they are the same health wise. I know since I unlocked hard mode pictures after beating Dread Mode. One more thing, and this should go without saying, but try and save whenever you can. I will say when I completed this I died 399 times over the course of the run, but still managed to do it in under four in game hours. Hopefully you can do better. That’s all I got, it was just a quick update. Best of Luck!

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