Glitchy Games

What is a good game? It’s a given that good games are granted as such by the gamers that play them, but what grants them our good graces. Some may say graphics, good game design and gimmicks or grounded characters with gradual growth as the game goes on. Whatever the game gives us, so long as it was given to us with good graces it shouldn’t be given up on by the general gaming community. So why do game developers gift us such glitchy pieces of garbage? Do certain games even get a green light before getting release? I can’t guess what goes on with these guys, but goodness why take such gambles with game releases. Don’t they want to garner some goodwill? Instead they release games with gaping holes in them that can give rise to some game-breaking glitches. Glitch can have good effects, but like I said, it’s a gamble to give out a game with glitches that can appear in gameplay. And yet these games are generated generally and generically all the time these days. It is as if games are just to generate some green for these game studios. Give me a break. Games can’t be good if they are simply generated. They have to give some gratification to those that engage in them. These days a good number of games have been given the same guns and gray gradients in levels from the last generation. It’s giving me a migraine. If you are going to give us something, give it when it is good and ready! Good golly gosh this all really grinds my gears. You know what else gets to me. DLC.

DLC is given when a game is still going strong but it garnering less engagement as time goes on. So to grip the gamers again they grant them more game. That is all good, except sometimes when they give us game experiences they could have given from the get-go. They give us a good portion of the game that they wanted to give and then give the rest later for more gravy. Grimy practice if I’m honest. It’s almost like they gouge out content from a game and then graft it back on later. Then they ask for more green as well as gratitude for giving us more game to guzzle. Isn’t that great? It is especially gratifying when the game is glitchy and bugs are glaring and given time they generously gloss over those with a patch like the game wasn’t just garbage to play. Game studios I guess feel like they can get away with greater gambles these days because we grant them the gray area to do so. Is it even a gamble if they keep generating great amounts of dosh from us gamers? Are we being taken for granted? Gaming has grown to be a gargantuan global form of engaging entertainment. Guys and gals gather through gaming online now more than ever. So game should be given the great regard they deserve to make them great. If you give them any gratitude for granting you a product with glaring issues, then you are gullible to the greed of some of these guys. They give no guarantees of high grade goods and expect you’ll give them gratitude and greenbacks just for giving you what generally is a game. Not necessarily a good game either. Look, I’m guilty as well of being gullible. I’m not angry though, I’m more glum and gloomy.

Glitches are so general these days. Games can’t go without them. That’s a given that isn’t going away. The game just has to be good enough that the glitches don’t get in the way of gameplay so that things can keep on going. Game developers just don’t give any goodwill nowadays. Granted, not all game developers are greedy and only focused on gains, but there are a great deal like that. When did games get generated and not designed? Glitches I think are greater in number because the games are generated in designs that give the same ideas. They give no guarantees or effort that the glitches will go away. Open world games get the greatest amount of glitches especially because of all the ground the game has to cover and generate each time you go to play. The graphics might be gorgeous, but given that games are more about gameplay that isn’t a excuse to give for the gaps in a game. I understand these are gripes that don’t give much ground to give up on game which such great amounts of gameplay. I just want a little generosity in giving games that feel like creations. I don’t need gathered globs of grey garbage from games that have been the general trend for a generation. I’m good. I’m greedy for a little more. I might not get it now, but I guess that I can give some more time. That’s the goal at least. Good night gamers.

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