The Mario is Missing Cliché

I like Luigi as a character. I’m just coming out and saying it. Not everyone gets their own month on my blog you know. I realize that doesn’t mean a lot right now, but later on it will hopefully mean a lot more. The point is I think that he deserves some attention and soContinue reading “The Mario is Missing Cliché”

Thoughts on Luigi’s Mansions

Now let’s talk about the most famous game series Luigi has been a part of throughout the years. I say that knowing the series only has three games at the time of writing, but hopefully there may be more in the future. Let’s just talk about the games in the Luigi’s Mansion series that weContinue reading “Thoughts on Luigi’s Mansions”

Now Hear Me Out: Paper Luigi

Now about a year ago when I first started this blog, I spent some time talking about the Paper Mario series and how the games differ from each other. Now I want to spend some talking about a man who did not get very much screentime in those games. That’s right, it’s Paper Luigi. ItContinue reading “Now Hear Me Out: Paper Luigi”

Thoughts on Luigi Memes

You know how I made that random Luigi reference in that last post. Total coincidence if I’m being honest. But hey, it’s a Luigi month! Frankly speaking, the man in green doesn’t get the respect that he truly deserves. So this month we will be looking at some of his highlights. So I thought thatContinue reading “Thoughts on Luigi Memes”